Does Mi Band 3 charger work on the Mi Band 4?

I will cut to the chase. Unfortunately, the Mi Band 3 charger isn’t compatible with the Mi Band 4. And it was to be expected. The Mi Band 4 is larger than the Mi Band 3 and hence it doesn’t fit inside the charging cradle which was specifically made for the fitness tracker.

mi-band-3-charger-work-mi-band-4However, you shouldn’t be too worried in case you have lost your Mi Band 4 charger. You can get a genuine charging cable for as low as $5 at Aliexpress. And in case you have got a Mi Band 3 charger laying around and hoping to get it charge the Mi Band 4 somehow, you are out of luck. Mi Band 3 comes with charging pins on the side whereas the Mi Band 4 charging pin is located at the back. Thanks to this change, you really can’t get the Mi Band 3 charger to work with the Mi band 4.

Where can you buy a genuine Mi Band 4 charger?

If you have lost your Mi Band 4 charger and are looking for a new charging cradle for the Mi Band 4, the two best places for you to get a replacement charger is Aliexpress and You will see that Aliexpress usually has products for lower price but you will have to bare in mind that it can take 20-30 days for the seller to ship the charging cradle for your Band 4.

If you live in the US, Amazon is going to be a better bet since you will have easier time getting a replacement in case you receive a defective unit and also the shipping time is going to be much faster.

If you are living anywhere else where you can buy Mi Band 4 charging cradle officially, it’s best for you to buy the Mi Band 4 charger from Aliexpress. Just note that shipping can take around 20 days.

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