VKWorld Mix Plus 5.5 Inch Smartphone Review

If you’re following the current smartphone trend, then you’ll notice Chinese phones coming out like crazy in the market. Are they trying to take over the world or something? Well, whatever it may be, here’s another Chinese phone at a budget price for you to feast your eyes on! The VKWorld Mix Plus. Yes, the name is weird, typical of Chinese phone brands (I guess), but what’s in the name anyway? So, this one is also a bezel-less phone, but I’ll give you a heads up, not every bezel-less phone will win your interest. This phone didn’t certainly get mine, but it might get yours. So, here’s VKWorld Mix Plus 5.5 Inch Smartphone Review

vkworld-mix-plus-5.5-inch-smartphone-reviewThis phone is bezel-less and also has some pretty good features and is almost so tempting at the budget price you’re getting it for. But it is far from perfect and so, here we have a detailed review of this phone. Keep on reading VKWorld Mix Plus 5.5 Inch Smartphone Review.

VKWorld Mix Plus: Design

vkworld-mix-plus-5.5-inch-smartphone-reviewThe first thing to discuss on VKWorld Mix Plus 5.5 Inch Smartphone Review is the design. The design of the phone looks pretty great. You have an end-to-end bezel-less display on the front and the camera and fingerprint sensor at the back. The body is constructed out of plastic with metal frame, but both the front and back have Gorilla Glass 2.5. The finishing on the back is very mirror-like, and it can even act as a mirror, but it is the strongest fingerprint magnet you’ll ever get your hands on. The phone is light, a little thick perhaps, but its size is comfortable enough.

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Here comes the weird part. This phone features the thinnest bezels yet, but at what cost? Well, the front camera is at the bottom, and the proximity sensor is compromised and also, the speakers at the top are very small. Every time you want a selfie, you have to hold the phone upside down! For me, that alone is a downer. Sure, you can take it as something unique, but for me, its a no-no.

VKWorld Mix Plus: Display

vkworld-mix-plus-5.5-inch-smartphone-reviewNext up, on VKWorld Mix Plus 5.5 Inch Smartphone Review, llet’sdiscuss display. Yes, with the bezel-less hype, the main thing about the phone is the display. This phone features a 5.5″ On-Cell IPS LCD HD display with (1440 x 720) resolution. It also boasts and almost 90% screen to body ratio. The On-Cell display is great; it is bright and sharp and shows vibrant colors. The problem, with these budget bezel-less phones, however, is that they’re never FHD, which is a bummer. Now, the 720-p display is good too, but if you’re getting a bezel-less phone, I think a Full-HD display is mandatory. But then again, these are budget phones, so, it’s alright. And also, watching movies and stuff is fun on this bezel-less big screen.

VKWorld Mix Plus: Camera

vkworld-mix-plus-5.5-inch-smartphone-reviewThe camera on the VKWorld Mix Plus is as you’d expect in a budget phone such as this. Most phones are going Dual Camera setup, but VKWorld’s pretty confident with their single camera, it seems. It features a 13 MP sensor as the main camera with some features similar to the Depth-Effect on the iPhone. It has Phase Detection Autofocus and LED Flash, which takes pretty good pictures with appropriate lighting. But without good lighting, the camera is not very good. It has some beautification features in it though, so, human subjects in the camera can come out great! The front camera is a 5 MP sensor, but being located at the bottom, get ready for some weird-angle selfies!

VKWorld Mix Plus: Battery and Storage

Next up on VKWorld Mix Plus 5.5 Inch Smartphone Review, is the battery and memory. The VKWorld Mix Plus packs a 2850 mAh of battery, which is below today’s standards. I mean, most phones hit the 3000 mAh mark, but this one decided not to. However, the battery will almost get you through a single day, as I found myself searching for the charger frantically at the end of the day. And it has no Quick Charge or Fast Charging features, so, the battery life is just average.

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It comes with 32 GB of internal storage, which might be enough. But its expandable with a microSD card, so, no worries in this department.

VKWorld Mix Plus: Platform and OS

vkworld-mix-plus-5.5-inch-smartphone-reviewThe VKWorld Mix Plus runs on a Quad-Core 1.3 GHz MediaTek MT6737 chipset supported by 3 GB RAM. That is a bit above average, and I cannot complain about the performance, however. I played some heavy games like Asphalt (Asphalt is my go-to game to check phone performance) on it, which took time to load, but ran pretty good. But a heads up, it’s not a good idea to have apps cluttered on the background on this one.

It has Android 7.0 Nougat on board and because of its stock Android, its just great! I really liked that this phone decided to go with stock Android. At least that helps the performance of the phone.

VKWorld Mix Plus: Conclusion

Let me start by saying this phone costs a $110, so, well, no high expectations of the phone. It has some good enough features. It is great to look at and comfortable to hold. A super-fast fingerprint sensor is on board, on a cheap phone such as this. A bezel-less display, which is supposed to be the highlight of this phone, but that’s about it. I can find as many faults as good things. I mean, a reversed front camera, which makes for weird-angle selfies? A mediocre chip, that can handle heavy games but only without multi-tasking. Also, the battery is small.

The price can be a good selling point for the phone, but this is a phone that doesn’t stand out at all. It will get lost among other plain budget phones around. I cannot give you a good reason to spend a $110 on this phone, really. I’m not saying this is a bad phone, but, it is just average. Personally, I’d add $40 and get the UMIDIGI S2 instead.

So, this was the VKWorld Mix Plus 5.5 Inch Smartphone Review. Hope you found it helpful. Did we miss out any aspect of the phone here? Please do let us know what you think. Thank you for reading and stick with us for more such news and info.

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