Vernee M5 Review: Best Phone Under $150

What do you expect on a smartphone that would cost you something under $150? I wouldn’t expect anything more than something with a decent camera and average hardware. Or something that’s compact and fast but with shitty camera or speakers or such. But what I got for $120 (on sale) from Vernee is unbeatable! Yeah, I know, most of us haven’t even heard of Vernee. But, yes, it exists and its offering phones with great specs at cheap prices. Well, it’s not certainly a flagship killer, but it does have what you can’t get for a $150 anywhere else. So, what is this phone? Read on Vernee M5 Review: Best Phone Under $150.

Now you might be thinking you can’t get much with that. After all, most budget phones cost that much! But wait till you read Vernee M5 Review: Best Phone Under $150. You’ll be somewhat surprised. What do you get for a budget phone of $150? Let us find out in Vernee M5 Review: Best Phone Under $150.

Vernee M5: Design

vernee-m5-review-best-phone-under-$150Budget phones have plastic bodies. But the Vernee M5 has a Frosted Metal texture which means that its plastic body has been designed to look and feel like premium metal. It doesn’t only look like metal, but it does feel that way on your hands too. The frosted plastic also makes it very light. To add to the lightness, this phone is super slim! Only 6.9mm thick, and with curved edges, it just looks brilliant! There are no physical buttons on the front of the body, only on the right side. Also, this budget phone comes with a fingerprint sensor at the back, which unlocks your phone as fast as any other flagships out there!

Vernee M5: Display

vernee-m5-review-best-phone-under-$150Next on Vernee M5 Review: Best Phone Under $150, let’s discuss the screen and display. The front of the Vernee M5 is incorporated with 2.5 D glass. Even in this big-screen era, this phone has a 5.2″ IPS LCD 720p – HD screen, which is great for comfort and one-hand usage. The display is where most budget phones compromise, and this one’s no different, but with about 282 PPI, its pretty good enough for watching movies and gaming, and I honestly, didn’t find much difference between this and some other mid-rangers. Without any physical buttons on the front body, the screen also has to make a place for buttons as well, which is the only part I didn’t like about this.

Vernee M5: Camera

vernee-m5-review-best-phone-under-$150Here’s the next thing, we are concerned about it budget phones: Camera. But with the Vernee M5, it’s not a big of a deal. This one features a 13 MP single camera setup at the back, with f/2.0 aperture and Fast Focusing feature. This camera is pretty good in daylight, and its fast focus does really help when you have only seconds to take pictures! In the night, you will need some appropriate lighting conditions, but I can’t complain for the price I got it for. Also, you can launch the camera app with a double-click on the power button as well.

The front camera is an 8 MP shooter with a built-in Beauty Effect feature that makes your selfies come out great. I’m not much of a selfie person, but even I have to admit that you will definitely like your selfies. For the price, the cameras are actually a sweet package.

Vernee M5: Platform and OS

Next up on Vernee M5 Review: Best Phone Under $150, let’s talk hardware and software. The Vernee M5 surprisingly has a 4 GB RAM to support its 1.5 GHz octa-core MTK 6750 SoC. The processor is a mid-tier but the high RAM makes it work smooth and you can expect high-performance from the phone. I play a lot of games on my phones, and I am a big fan of Asphalt, and you all know how demanding it is. So far, I have had no problems while playing it. Yes, it does take time to load, but once it does, it works very smooth without any lags or glitches. Also, besides gaming, other operations are fast too. You can multitask pretty well with it while opening apps is quite fast too.

The software is Android 7.0 Nougat, which gives you a pure Android experience. Without any skins or bloatware, you can experience one of the best original Android after the likes of Google Pixel and Nexus devices. Sure, you have some added features, but they won’t compromise your pure Android experience at all.

Vernee M5: Battery and Memory

vernee-m5-review-best-phone-under-$150The Vernee M5 has a big 3300 mAh battery. Normally, you won’t get a battery like this on budget phones, except for those which focus solely on battery. And with the Vernee M5, this battery will last you for up to a day and a half, in normal usage. It boasts 240 hours of standby and 13 hours of video playback, but I have yet to test that out. For me, under normal usage, it makes it up to a day and a half easily. Also, you have a fast charging feature in this one too – 60% in 30 minutes! That’s quite good for a budget smartphone, isn’t it?

Also, you have a 64 GB internal storage on this phone with an expandable option of up to 128 GB. So, you can take all the photos you need or game all you want, it is more than enough. I haven’t even had to put in an SD card on my phone yet!

Vernee M5: Conclusion

For me,  the Vernee M5 has been a great budget smartphone. However, it is only great in the budget smartphone section, as it cannot really compete with mid-tier smartphones in all aspects. However,  this is the best budget phone I have used so far. It compromises on the display and doesn’t have a metal body, but that’s about it. After you get through that, everything else is near perfect. You do get a value of your $150 with this phone. And I highly recommend this phone for anyone with a limited budget.

So, this has been Vernee M5 Review: Best Phone Under $150. Hope you liked it, and if anyone of you has got it, please feel free to add what you like and dislike about this phone. Thank you for reading and stick with us for more such news and information.

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