Umidigi G Review: SKIP this phone!

Are you looking out for the Umidigi G and planning to have it as your new phone? The phone has got really goods specs on paper but how does it fare in real-life usage? Let’s find out in this Umidigi G Review article.


umidigi-g-reviewI had my review unit of the Umidigi G in Black color. however, officially Umidigi G is available in Black and Gold color. The phone looks like any other Android smartphone at this price range. The phone is supposedly made from Aluminum with Polycarbonate coating on top but it feels more like plastic casing to me. Otherwise, there’s hardly anything to complain. There’s nothing ‘wow’ in the design of the phone. The phone looks generic and no one will be able to tell which phone this is even if the person who is looking at the phone is next to you.

There’s a fingerprint scanner at the front with the power button and the volume rocker on the left of the phone. From the back, the Umidigi G looks more or less like an iPhone 7. Instead of the Apple logo, there’s Umigdigi logo on it. Also, since we are talking about fingerprint scanner here, let me tell you, it doesn’t work all that great. Even if you have just a bit of oil on your finger, be ready to know that you won’t be able to unlock the phone.

There’s the Micro-USB port on the top (unusual for 2017) and no, the company didn’t skip out on 3.5mm headphone jack. It’s still there at the top. The left side of the phone is completely empty. Since this phone has a sealed battery compartment, there’s no removable back cover. Also, the camera doesn’t product much unlike the iPhone 7.


The display of the Umidigi G is good. There are no two ways about it. What you are getting with this phone is a really good 720p HD IPS panel which is protected by Gorilla Glass 4.

If you don’t like the default color profile of the display, you can easily tweak it in the settings menu. It’s a really neat touch. Also, the viewing angle of the phone is better than most of the other phones of this class. The maximum brightness could be higher, though. In the direct sunlight, I was barely able to see what was going on the screen. No, it’s not like you can’t see anything that is written on the screen but the fact that you really have to focus to see what’s going on on the screen is a downer.

The display size on the Umidigi G is adequate for a phone with a screen resolution of 1280*720p. Anything larger would anyways result to a pixelated display and a horrible user experience.


Next on the Umidigi G review article, we have the performance of the Umidigi G. Here is a benchmark chart which shows how the smartphone performs in different benchmarking tests.

umidigi-g-review-performanceUmidigi G is powered by MediaTek 6737 Quad-Core SoC clocked @1.3GHz. There’s also 2GB of RAM onboard which is plentiful to keep all the apps running in the background. The phone was able to run all the apps I threw at it including Temple Run 2 and GTA San Andreas. Running basic apps like Facebook and Twitter was no problem to the phone at all.

To my surprise, Umidigi G was able to play Temple Run 2 at high settings. The game ran on the phone at a respectable frame rate and I had nothing to complain about the graphics quality either.

While Temple Run 2 ran extremely well on the Umidigi G,


umidigi-g-review-softwareThe software of the Umidigi G is what surprised me. The phone runs on Android 7.0 Nougat and has a user interface which is stock Android like. The security patch level is also quite recent.

The thing that I really love about the software of the phone is the excellent set of features that are available in the settings. For one, you can boost the performance of the phone while using intensive apps by restricting the background app usage. Also, you can tweak the display of the phone quite a bit. There are advanced features like dynamic contrast boost and color temperature setup which I really didn’t expect in a phone of this class.

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Since there is no skip on top of Android 7.0, the software on the Umidigi G feels quite nice. The software on the Umidigi G has to be one of the best parts in this Umidigi G Review. Below I have posted a grid of screenshots that I took from the Umidigi G smartphone. So, here you go:

Since Umidigi doesn’t do custom skins, the company could easily push software updates. After all, it wouldn’t take much of an effort, would it? However, seeing the past track record of Umidigi, don’t expect software updates on their phone.


umidigi-g-review-cameraOkay, I won’t beat around the bush for long with this one. The cameras on the Umidigi G aren’t all that great. The rear camera is good enough only when the lighting is adequate. Both the front and the rear camera perform significantly poor in a low-lit environment.

The front 2MP camera takes really grainy photos and the photos out of it are simply unacceptable. The 8MP rear camera takes good photos outdoors and that’s all there’s to say about the camera on the Umidigi G.


It is where the Umidigi G really shines. The phone has hybrid dual SIM slot and both the slots are 4G capable. You can also swap one of the SIM for storage expansion. The phone supports up to 256GB of Micro-SD card. There are a plethora of sensors like the Gyro-Sensor, Proximity Sensor and GPS.

During my time of testing, the phone held on to the mobile network really well. Be warned though, using two SIMs simultaneously impacts the battery endurance quite a bit.

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umidigi-g-review-batteryNext on the Umidigi G review, we have the battery endurance of the phone. And the result isn’t all that great. The battery life on the Umidigi G is average at best. The 2000mAh battery on a phone with 5-inch doesn’t sound enough and it clearly isn’t. The phone will last a day if you are a moderate user but for someone who uses their phone all the time, consider carrying the phone charger at college or work. I was able to drain 8% of phone’s battery in just 5 minutes of gameplay.

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Umidigi G Review: Conclusion

umidigi-g-review-conclusionThere are over 250 smartphone manufacturers around the global. And Umidigi competes in the market with all the other 249 smartphone manufacturers. The competition is tough especially when a phone falls in a segment. A Recent study shows that 70% of the people buy smartphones under $150. Umidigi G is a good phone but I feel that there are better phones out there at the same price range. Revising the price of the phone will certainly make it a viable option. If you can get this phone for under $80, get it, else skip this one!

Hopefully, this Umidigi G review helped to make your purchasing decision. If you think that this content was helpful, do share this content. We are a newly established website and could use some love. You can follow us on Facebook as well.

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