Let’s get the elephant out of the room first. Yes, you can use any standard 20mm band/strap on the 42mm Galaxy Watch and 22mm band on the 46mm Galaxy Watch. It also means that any of the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier band will work with the 46mm Galaxy Watch. Not to mention, you can use a regular 20/22 Analog Watch strap on the new watch.

However, before you go and pull off your old watch’s band, just know there are really good looking bands out there. And the best part is you can find most of them for really cheap. We have lined up the Best Samsung Galaxy Watch Replacement Bands which you should certainly check out.

Also, if you are bored with the stock band that Samsung provides and want something that suits your style and taste, then you came to the right place. We will not only be showcasing bands for the 42mm Galaxy Watch but also for the 46mm Galaxy Watch.

There are plenty of watch straps you can find as of today. These are our top five picks for both 46mm and 42mm Galaxy Watch.

5 Best Samsung Galaxy Watch Replacement Band for 42mm Galaxy Watch

1. Barton Ballistic Nylon Straps


If you are on a hunt for some fashionable band for your fancy new Samsung Galaxy Watch,  then this is worth trying. They offer a huge selection of color to best suit your needs. In fact, you can choose from 27 different straps. These are the Ballistic nylon strap.

Barton has straps ranging from 18mm to 24mm to fit thousands of watch models. No doubt it would be a perfect fit for the new Galaxy watch. All of these watch bands are Lightweight, yet robust.

Barton bands are usually softer than other nylon watch bands that you can easily find. Also, these watches have a tighter weave which makes them more durable. Almost all of the watch bands these days are waterproof, except for some leather ones which wear out when exposed to rain for an extensive period of time.

So, this watch a band is no exception. The company uses a laser cut technology to eliminate fraying and uses ultrasonic welding to combine two pieces of nylon into a one resilient piece giving it a cleaner look than stitching. And, they certainly look great on the Galaxy Watch.

Get the Barton Ballistic Nylon Strap here>>

2.Barton Quick Releasebarton-quick-release

This band will not let you down. The Premium Classic looking watch band would cost you $24 each. There are 12 options available to compliment your wardrobe. It looks fantastic and installation is easier than most of the other brands. If you are getting the smaller 42mm Galaxy Watch, you should not miss this one out. It is not only well priced but it also looks and feels premium.

The band is very comfortable, quality is great, the packaging is excellent. The loop that holds the extra band in place doesn’t slip around which can be an annoying thing. The leather in the band is of very good quality and doesn’t tend to tear for a very long period of time.

Barton offers a special discount if you purchase multiple bands. With this, you can get a discount as well as many bands to use according to your mood. It’s fabricated from hand-selected leather and 316 stainless steel to meet your standards.

View the Barton Quick Release Strap here>>

3.amBand Premium Stainless Steel Bracelet StrapamBand-premium-solid-stainless-steel-bracelet-strap

This is one of the easiest to install. You get a lot more than just a bracelet for the price! Its easy to size with the included link tool, the thoughtfully included pin tool for removal of the old strap makes installing very simple with the included fingernail-release spring bar design.

The finish and quality of the links, and especially the two button clasp, are high grade. It feels great on the wrist, easy on/off the clasp, and looks great! It’s an absolutely outstanding watch band. Uniform finish, tight tolerances, sizing pins remove and install properly, all tools supplied including new tie bars.

The band itself is fantastic and is comfortable even though you have a big wrist it fits quite nicely. This watch band will best compliment your Galaxy watch.

Get this Stainless Steel Bracelet Strap here>>

4.KADES Gear Sport Bandkades-gear-sport-band

These sports bands are made from fluoroelastomer, which is a fluorocarbon-based synthetic rubber. They generally have wide chemical resistance. So, the rubber can easily withstand your sweat. This band looks similar to the Nike band that Apple watch has.

So, this band would give you the same look and feel. On top of that the band is surprisingly soft and at the same time, it is strong as well. For a clean fit, they have innovated a mechanism called pin and tuck. It comes with a one-year warranty. It will certainly look good on the Galaxy Watch.

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If you are planning to use your new wearable extensively for fitness, this has to be the best Samsung Galaxy Watch replacement band, hands down.

This band reduces weight along with improved ventilation with a row of compression-molded perforations. Hence, it can be a match for athletes. According to consumers, it also fits best for the people with a smaller wrist. We along with many of the customers admire its design and build quality. It’s no less than perfect.

Get this Sport Band for the Galaxy Watch here>>

5.Barton Elite Silicone Watch Bandsbarton-eite-silicone-watch-band

The strap is very soft, flexible, and comfortable, as only silicone straps can be. But, the Barton outshines the rest, because it is so thin. This makes it much more comfortable than the bulky ones from companies like Seiko.

Also, the two-tone look is fantastic, and the special keeper that holds the tail of the strap in place is brilliant. It also cleans up easily. Silicone makes this watch totally waterproof, mainly used on diver type watches. So, if you are a diver then we definitely recommend you to try this watch band. Because of the silicone, the strap will last a few years.

One of the staffs still uses this strap on his Gear S3 Frontier and it looks darn good. The dual tone finish is something worth mentioning.

Buckle is smooth and has a sheen without being super shiny (which I like). The strap also has a loop with a raised nub which slots into the end of the strap. The locking capability of the second loop keeps the band in place, unlike other bands where the loops scoot off the band or too high up near the buckle and the band flaps away.

It’s very comfortable and lightweight but also pretty rugged enough to sleep with and shower with. You have 18 different color options to choose from. So, you can have one that matches your activity. If you have $20 lying around then, it surely is worth it.

View this Barton Elite Silicon Strap here>>

5 Best Samsung Galaxy Watch Replacement Band for 46mm Galaxy Watch

1.KADES Soft Silicone Band kades-soft-silicone-band

This watch band is made from the high-grade fluoroelastomer, which makes the band durable, strong, and surprisingly soft. You can leave the band on when you’re in the shower, pool, or even a hot tub.

Anyone who is looking to use the Galaxy Watch for fitness, this strap is going to be a good buy.

Because of its waterproofing with the help of silicone, it will not have an odor like the leather band do after gets wet because of the silicone used. Besides, it is easy to clean. Many people compliment the style of the bands as they are comfortable to wear, and have breathable holes that’s good for when you are doing a workout.

Along with that the color options the company provides as well. The band connects the watch with a quick-release pin, which by the way, you can change easily according to different occasions that you are a part of.

And the best part, you do not need any extra tools.so, to put on the watch you don’t need more than a few seconds. For less than $10, you can buy this which I think is a pretty good deal considering what you get.

Get this Kades Soft Silicone Band here>>

2.Fullmosa Band 

This watch band is well made and very comfortable. The magnet works great, even though it is tight around the wrist it doesn’t hurt, rather it feels comfortable. The magnets ensure that the band doesn’t fall out of the hand and provides a great fit. It’s also not bulky like the other stainless steel bands out in the market. At around $15, I think its worth a try.

This also happens to be my personal choice in this list of Best Samsung Galaxy Watch Replacement Band. It looks good, easy on the eyes and it doesn’t cost all that much.

The company gives you four color options which look absolutely stunning. There are four color options available to fit any occasion. All of the items are shipped only after they pass rigorous quality control procedures.

So, you don’t need to worry about the defective pieces. Even if you get a defected piece the company promises to replace it immediately to bring a smile back to your face. Also, the watch band fits the Galaxy watch perfectly.

View this stainless steel band for Galaxy Watch here>>

3.CAGOS Bandcagos-band

The packaging is spot on for what you’d expect of this was a high dollar accessory even though the price is great. If you are going to buy this watch then it’s your lucky day. It’s not only 55% with a price tag of $20.74 but you also save 5% if you have a coupon. The product also comes with a lifetime warranty. The finish is nice and does not appear to be painted on.

Even though the clasp does not have the backup hinged second latch it does have a positive pin latch that is released via depressing two buttons making the band very secure. The quick release strap pins appear to be of good quality and are easy to use.

View this premium metal band for Galaxy Watch here>>

4.LDFAS Galaxy Watch 46mm Band ldfas-galaxy-watch-46mm-band

The natural wood on this watch gives you a premium and stylish look. The wooden band has the perfect size to fit the new Galaxy Watch. The band uses block which can be removed and installed as per your wish.

Its also extremely easy to remove or install the block as you can remove it with any sim card ejector tool which comes with the phone. The wooden watch would cost you $30.The only downside to the watch is that it is offered in only one color option which happens to be G05-Silver Steel+Red Sandalwood.

There is no difference between each piece of wood as it is all natural. The best part is that it is waterproof which means you can take it with you to the pool and no polishing is required. Watch band will get only better over time.

View this block strap for Galaxy Watch here>>

5.Authentic Hamilton Khaki X-Wind Black Leather Band Strap

The most premium on our list if the Hamilton Khaki. It will cost you over $150. Just be surprised though as it is made from genuine leather. If you are someone who wants to look authentic this will definitely compliment your style as well as your personality. There’s no doubt that it will fit the new galaxy watch perfectly fine.

At this price, only a handful of people would buy this. And this would make the product more rare to find. If you want to stand out from the crowd, then this band is definitely for you. The stitching lock mechanism on this watch band is absolutely amazing with two coupons making sure that the fit is perfect. Also, the stitching of the watch looks gorgeous along with the golden thread that surrounds the watch.

Get the most expensive strap for the Galaxy Watch here>>

FAQ about Samsung Galaxy Watch Replacement Bands

So, here are some frequently asked question on the internet about the new Galaxy Watch as of today. We have answered some of them here. We hope that its helpful to you.

1) Can you change the Galaxy Watch Strap at home?

This is one of the most popular questions asked on the Internet.

The answer to that is a YES. It’s one of the easiest things after wearing a watch. This process usually takes less than a minute. For this just detach your old band then attach new the one that you prefer. It’s that easy and simple.

2) Will Samsung Gear S3 Frontier strap work on Galaxy Watch?

Yes, it will but unfortunately only on the 46mm Galaxy Watch. Almost all of the manufacturers are producing bands for the Gear S3 like. The one that we love the most V_moro with Milanese Loop Mesh too will fit perfectly. So, if you have a strap that worked with s3 Frontier lying around then no doubt that it would fit the best.

3) Will Samsung Gear S2 Classic strap work on Galaxy Watch?

Yes, it will but sadly only on the 42mm Galaxy Watch. The two-year-old Galaxy s2 is one of the most popular watches for Samsung with the introduction of a rotating bezel that revolutionized the way we interact with smartwatches. Its popularity and unique design had caught most of the potential consumer’s eye.

So, a lot of manufacturers including Barton designed some straps for the Gear s2 like the FanTEK, Henoda watch band and a lot more. All of these bands would definitely suit most people’s style. Also, the price of these replacement bands has dropped significantly. So, you can buy the Gear S2 bands for as low as $10. So, it’s clever to get an s2 band that fits the Galaxy Watch.

4) Will the Samsung Galaxy Watch work on the iPhone?

Yes! It works well on all the iPhones 5 and up. But not 100% of the features will be available on the iPhones. As with the Gear S3 Frontier, you will miss out on a few features.

As you would expect, the new Samsung wearable works on all Android phones including the recently launched Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and works just as well on the Galaxy Tab S4.

So, there you go. This was our Best Samsung Galaxy Watch Replacement Band: Buying Guide. Hope the post was useful. Which band are you planning to get for your Galaxy Watch? Let us know in the comments section down below.


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