Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ Screen Replacement Cost

The flagship phones from the house of Samsung, the Galaxy S9 and the S9+ out there without any doubts have to be the best phones out there. Not only are the two phones fast and beautiful, but they are also equipped with the best camera systems there is. What’s more? Both the Samsung Galaxy S9 and the S9+ have the best displays on any phone. Period.

But what happens when you break these beauties? I will straight up tell you that the repair cost of the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ display replacement isn’t going to be cheap. Thankfully though, since the S9 and the S9+ use the same panel that was used on the Galaxy S8 and the S8+, the pricing isn’t all that different.


Official prices of screen replacement as per Samsung

Samsung Galaxy S9 Screen Replacement cost 

The cost of changing the display panel of the Samsung Galaxy S9 model no. SM-G960F is $250 as per Samsung official website. However, keep in mind that the cost mentioned here doesn’t include the labor charge that will incur during the replacement of the display.


Thankfully though, the price is the max retail price. If you look around, you will definitely find a place that will repair your Galaxy S9 for a lot less money. The Samsung Galaxy S9 being the smaller variant in the S9 series costs less to replace. It’s surprising to see Samsung charge $30 more for the S9 when compared to the S8 even though they use identical panels underneath.

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While taking in your Samsung Galaxy S9 for repair, make sure that you backup all your data and if the touchscreen is still functioning as it should, have the phone formatted to its factory settings. That way, you won’t have to worry about your personal data breach.

Samsung Galaxy S9+ Screen Replacement cost 

If you thought Samsung Galaxy s9 screen replacement was expensive, you will be disappointed to know that you will have to shell out an additional $50 to repair the Samsung Galaxy S9+. The Samsung Galaxy S9+ uses a larger 6.2-inch display which is the reason for the glass being a little more expensive. Yes, it makes little sense to consumers but it is what it is.

If it is only the front glass and not the digitizer that has broken, you can buy this replacement kit for only $35 from Amazon. 

The price of Samsung Galaxy S9+ Screen Replacement is $300 which is a little too hard to swallow. And the fact that the cost here doesn’t cover the labor charge is a bummer.

Things to keep in mind during Screen Replacement of a phone


  • Don’t go and grab Chinese screen replacement or digitizer replacement. They will stop working after a few months.
  • Always contact the manufacturer in case the phone breaks. Only the authorized service center can bring the phone back to its earlier state.
  • Make sure that the seals are properly closed so that the phone is still IP certified after the replacement process.
  • Check if your phone still has insurance or is under accidental warranty period.

Samsung Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S9+ both are excellent phones but as with any other phone, they are prone to damage in case of a drop. As such, we highly recommend users to put on a case on the phone. Also, a full coverage screen protector is recommended to avoid such mishaps.

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