Saturday, March 24, 2018
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Does Nokia 2 make sense in the United States

Let’s check the facts first. Over 90% of the Americans have their phones on contract. It’s the service provider who provides the phone to the people and people use the phones that way.

8 Best OnePlus 5T Cases to cover your phone

OnePlus is certainly an underdog in the smartphone world. The Chinese company has very less market share, but it is loved by its customers! And why wouldn’t they? You don’t get a name like “Flagship Killer” for nothing, while there are more expensive phones out there! OnePlus has been doing great in the market since OnePlus One, and now, here we are looking at the brand new OnePlus 5T. And even if the OnePlus One is a great phone to this day, we are leaps and bounds ahead with the OnePlus 5T today! And with its release, OnePlus has caught up to the latest smartphone trends. OnePlus is still a flagship killer, so, if you’re gonna get it, here are 8 Best OnePlus 5T Cases to cover your phone

6 Best Internal SSD Deals Black Friday 2017

There are a lot of SSDs out there and in recent years, all brands are making one. There’s good SSDs out there but also ones that really are not worth the money.

10 Best OnePlus 5T Cases that JUST stand out!

The OnePlus 5T is finally official and there’s a lot to talk about this phone. First off, this has to be the best phone under $500. The phone undoubtedly looks really good but trust me, you really don’t want to drop it. If you have no insurance that covers hardware, phone cases are the way to go. Let’s check out the Best OnePlus 5T cases that stand out from the crowd!

Watch the OnePlus 5T Live event here!

OnePlus 5T Live event is now ‘live’ and you can watch it on YouTube or simply watch it down below!

But the thing is almost everything about the phone is already leaked. We know the ins and outs of the phone. Let’s hope there will be something surprising for us in store. So, be sure to watch the OnePlus 5T live event.

OnePlus 5T Five Official Cases Leaked, includes Bamboo Case

There’s very little that we don’t know about the OnePlus 5T now. We know in what ways the OnePlus 5T will be different from the OnePlus 5 and we know the pricing of the OnePlus 5T as well. Today, all the OnePlus 5T Five Official Cases of the 5t have been leaked as well. 

Best Razer Phone Cases and Accessories 2017

It’s been an interesting year! 2017 brought in new design phones from Samsung and Apple. But the biggest surprise to me is the fact that Razer is now officially making phones! And the best part of that is they are making high0end gaming phones. With the Razer Phone out for purchase, let’s check out the Best Razer Phone Cases and Accessories. 

OnePlus 5T comes with metal back; No Wireless Charging

OnePlus 5T is almost here and there’s a lot of leaked info about the new phone. We know the specs that it will pack in as well as the choice of materials that the phone will use. OnePlus 5T has a lot going for it and the fact that you can grab one for under $500 makes it quite a deal!

10 Best ZTE Overture 3 Cases worth every penny!

Bought the ZTE Overture 3 from the Cricket Wireless and looking for a new case for the phone? Well, you have come to the right price! In this article, we cover the 10 Best ZTE Overture 3 that is worth your hard earned money!

5 Best Cases and Screen Protector for ZTE Axon M

Of all the phone releases of 2017, the ZTE Axon M is the most interesting one. It may not be the most streamlined smartphone nor may be the most powerful one but it surely is my personal favorite. I have cool and quirky stuffs and in the smartphone world, the Axon M gets the highest marks. Since there’s screen on both sides of the phone, a two sided screen protector is a must. However, here are 5 Best Cases and Screen Protector for ZTE Axon M.