Obi MV1 stuck in bootloop, Android is starting [FIX]

Obi MV1 is a fine low-end Android smartphone. Having used it for months, I really can’t say it’s great. Sure, the design of the Obi MV1 turns head but that’s about it. Whatever be, let’s come to the point. So, you have your Obi MV1 stuck in bootloop, right? Here’s how you fix it!


So, suddenly, for no reason, if your Obi MV1 has given up on you, don’t worry. You are not alone. Even better, you can get the phone fixed at your home! How to do it? This is the guide I recommend you to follow. Before that, here’s a bad news. All the files and photos that you have in the phone will be destroyed if you don’t have a backup of them in a Micro-SD card or in the cloud.


After completing the process

Follow the steps to fix the Obi MV1 stuck in a boot loop (No computer required):

  • Take out the battery of the phone to completely power down the phone.
  • Put the battery back on the phone again.
  • Press the power button and volume down simultaneously for 3-4 seconds.
  • You will now be in the recovery screen.
  • 1st, clear the cache partition. (You can navigate it menu using volume buttons and power button)
  • Then, select wipe data/factory reset (Your phone will be formatted and you will lose all your files by doing so) 
  • After it is done. Restart your Obi MV1.
  • You can setup the phone as a brand new phone.

Note: You need to know the Google account used before resetting the phone. You will be asked the Email credentials you used before setting up the phone. 

Update 1: There’s a bug in the Facebook app (latest version) which causes the phone to crash and restart the bootloop. So, we highly recommend you not to install the latest version of Facebook.


Say no to latest version of Facebook if you own the Obi MV1

Update 2: Also, LiveScore app seems to trigger the same issue. If you know of any other app that causes the same problem, do let us know down below!

Do share if this article was helpful. Let’s others know about this issue and fix too. Hopefully, your Obi MV1 stuck in bootloop problem if fixed with this tutorial. Do comment and share this article. Will help me a lot too. Thanks for reading!

Dipesh is a geek from the heart. He loves gadgets and is trying out new phones every week. For him, life is either technology or it's nothing!

  1. Hello! So, I have a Obi MV1 and there’s more and more apps that cause this issue. First Facebook, then Spotify, now Unified Remote… And maybe more, I can’t keep track. Is there a new solution? I have to reset my phone every week because of the automatic updates.

    • After i reset my phone open it back do like normally like putting info language but after it reaches to homepage of the phone it goes to restart and only shows android is getting ready

    • There really is no solution to that… you will have to live with it. OBI isn’t pushing any updates that’s for sure… 🙁

  2. The Three app also causes this issue. It’s infuriating, makes the phone unusable. Shame there is no alternative firmware to fix the problem:-(

  3. Whatsapp causes the same problem. I’m getting tired of this phone.

  4. The apps of playstore isnt compatible, go to apps excusive to obi mv1

  5. Same problem with the whatsapp, any solutions…

  6. Gracias! Me sirvio! Esperamos que sea estable.

  7. Hi My phone won’t turn on, How to flash

  8. If you want the solution call at +9779841255392

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