New Google Search Console Beta live, Minimalistic design

Google has just rolled out the new Google Search Console Beta 2018. The access to the Google Search Console Beta was given to few of the beta testers but is now live for the public. There are a lot of changes in the new Beta Google Search Console. Let’s check all of them out! 


There you have it, our stats 😉

First things first, the new Google Search Console Beta for 2018 is a lot minimalistic and is very clean. There’s less clutter and finding things is much easier in this version of Search Console. Also, the graphs giving details about the website performance is easier to understand and operate.

Note: The Beta version of the new Google Search Console isn’t fully functional and doesn’t have all the features. You can always switch back to the old version by clicking the “Go to Old version button”

Here are some of the features that you will find new in the new Google Search Console beta:

Search Data Depth

The search analytics has been one of the most important features for content creators and developers making tracking of website’s traffic a lot easier.
The new Performance Tool is a lot easier to use while integrating more features. You can now monitor click, impressions as well as your average ranking position in the Google Search engine. What’s more? All the data is backed up for as long as 16 months.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) feature

google-search-console-beta-2018Another highlight of the new Google Search Console Beta has to be “report” on the AMP pages. Google has been pushing AMP for quite a while now and it only makes sense for Google to add AMP data on the Search Console.

Do note that, however, this feature isn’t available as of now and will make its way in the next build. Stay tuned for that.

Google Indexing Reportgoogle-search-console-sitemap-index-techxchina

And here’s an important feature that all of you may be interested in! The Google Indexing report on the new Google Search Console is far superior. 

The new Console shows Sitemap error, included pages as well as excluded pages. It also shows the valid web pages which are indexed in the Google Search Engine.

What’s more? The new Search Console shows what’s your average ranking on the Google Search Engine.

When is the new Google Search Console rolling out to everyone?new-google-search-console-bela-techxchina

The new Search Console is available as beta right now and is rolled out to users on a batch basis. As a beta user myself, I find that the new console is much better but a lot of the features found on the old Google Search engine is still missing. Thankfully though, you can revert back to the old version whenever you require additional features not found on the beta version.

The new Google Search Console should roll out to all the users by the end of 2018 when Google releases the stable and full version of the Google Console.

New Google Search Console to make SEO life easier?

Definitely! The new Google Search Console may not have all the features as of now but what’s here is what all the website developers had requested for quite a while now.

The new Google Search Console makes things much more transparent letting the users know what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong. You can also check out the pages that are ranked in the google search engine and their rank.

However, note that the Google Search Console Beta works well on laptops but some functionality is missing on the mobile version of the Search Console.

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  1. Nice read. Written really well. I have joined the beta version and liking it so far

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