Is the 2020 Motorola Moto G Power worth the money?

Motorola is playing smart. Instead of focusing on flagship phones where the competition is too fierce, the company is instead focusing on mid-range phones. Just yesterday, the company unveiled the Motorola G Power and the Motorola G Stylus. In this article, we will be checking if the Motorola Moto G Power is worth the money. So, let’s get to it.

Is the Motorola Moto G Power worth the money?

For $250, I personally think that the Motorola Moto G Power is certainly worth the money. The phone has got a good processor, comes with 4 GB of RAM and features a competent triple-cameras at the back.

The Display and Design

There’s no question about it. The Moto G Power is one of the best looking phones you can get for $250. It has got a design that is similar to the flagship phones of 2020. There is a punch-hole on the left side of the display and the bezels are minimalistic. This is one of those phones that looks good without any cases. However, given the thin bezels, it’s best to put on a phone case on the Moto G Power.

The Moto G Power features a 1080p+ IPS panel. The screen refresh rate is set at 60Hz. It will be another year before we see 90Hz display on mid-range phones. Although the display is sharp, it would be great if the company implemented an OLED panel instead of an IPS one. 



The Moto G Power comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 SoC which is a really good mid-range SoC from Qualcomm. The Adreno 610 GPU in the phone is also capable of playing any modern game. Games like Call of Duty Mobile and Fortnite play on the G Power without any issue.

The 4GB of RAM is also sufficient thanks to the memory-optimized Motorola skin on top of Android 10. There’s minimal bloat and the user experience overall is great. 

Cameras on the Moto G Power 2020

One department where most mid-range phones fail to impress is in the camera department. How does the Moto G Power perform? 

The phone has 3 cameras on the back: 16MP f/1.7 wide, 8MP f/2.2 ultra-wide and 2MP f/2.2 Macro. While a 3 camera setup sounds great on paper, the performance of the phone is just decent. The primary 16Mp camera is good but the other two cameras fail to impress. 

The phone is capable of shooting 4K videos too but the stabilization isn’t all that great. The Moto G Power heavily depends on EIS for stabilizing the footage which doesn’t work all that well.

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The front camera, however, is really good. It is a 16MP snapper that produces good selfies in both sunlight and in low-lit scenarios. One thing that is great about the camera is that it doesn’t over-sharpen nor does it over-smoothen the image.

Overall, the camera performance of this phone is just decent. It’s good but we expected more out of this phone. 

The Battery Life on the Moto G Power is excellent

The highlight of the Moto G Power is the 5000mAh battery. The phone also has an extra-efficient SoC and a frugal IPS panel. Combine these three and you have a recipe for a phone that easily lasts two days. Even if you use the phone heavily, you will have a hard time killing this phone in a day. 

The battery life on the Moto G Power is just exceptional. There no two ways about it. 

Should you buy the Moto G Power for $250?

At $250, the Moto G Power is certainly worth the money. If I were to buy a mid-range phone at under $300, I would have the Motorola Moto G Power at the top of the list. 

If battery life, display quality, and performance is your priority, you won’t go wrong with the Moto G Power. However, if camera performance is what you are after, I recommend you look elsewhere. 

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