Does the Mi Band 4 has GPS built-in?

I will answer the answer you are here for right away. No, the Mi Band 4 doesn’t have built-in GPS on-board. Just like the Mi Band 2 and the Mi Band 3, the Mi Band 4 doesn’t have GPS built into the fitness tracker. However, you can connect your Mi Band 4 to your smartphone and use the GPS on the phone to track your run.

xiaomi-mi-band-4-gps-built-inIf you are looking for a fitness tracker with GPS, you can check out the newly launched Xiaomi Smart Watch 2 or the Health Watch with ECG sensor. Alternatively, you can also check out the latest fitness tracker from Samsung like the Galaxy Gear Sport or the now-old Gear S3 Frontier. You can also check out Garmin and Fitbit fitness trackers. Most of the fitness trackers they produce have GPS built-in.

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How to get GPS location accuracy on your MI Band 4 using your smartphone

If you are tight on budget and still wish to have GPS feature, you can get the Mi Band 4 and still enjoy the GPS tracking features. For this to work, you will need to have the Mi Band 4, an Android/iOS device with GPS built-in and the Mi Fit official app from Xiaomi. You can then pair your Mi Band 4 to your phone. When you start the run using your phone, the Mi Band 4 will sync with your phone and you will then be able to use the phone GPS for your running tracking.

After your run is over, the app will accurately show the path you took up as well as the distance travelled and your pace. Sure, it’s no fun taking the phone along with you in a run. But, hey, if you really want the GPS, you can have it this one. One thing I love about feature is that the Band 4 and the Mi Fit app syncs up perfectly without any manual input from the user.

All-in-all, the Mi Band 4 is an excellent device with solid set of features. Sure, the Mi band 4 doesn’t have the GPS module in it but at the asking price of $30, we really didn’t expect this fitness tracker to pack-in this feature. Apart from GPS, the Mi Band 4 has an accelorometer, Gyrosensor, a color OLED display and a mic. I personally think that the Mi Band 4 is one of the best fitness trackers for the price.

What’s your option on the Mi Band 4 and its lack of GPS module? Are you disappointed or are you fine with the fact that it doesn’t feature the GPS? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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