Will the Mi Band 3 band fit the Mi Band 4?

If you have a spare Mi Band 3 band with you and were hoping to use it with the Mi Band 4, here’s a bad news. The Band 3 band won’t fit the Mi Band 4. The dimension of the Mi Band 4 is different from that of Mi Band 4 and your existing Mi Band 3 bands won’t fit on the Mi Band 4. They will be too small as the Mi Band 4 is larger than the Mi Band 3 from every dimension.

mi-band-3-replacement-band-not-fit-mi-band-4Thankfully though, you really shouldn’t be disappointed about the incompatibility of the Mi Band 3 band with the Mi Band 4. It’s because you can get replacement bands from 3rd party manufacturers for as low as $3. And I have seen Mi Band 4 replacement bundle (containing 4 different color replacement straps for the Mi Band 4) for as little as $10.

So, even if you mess up your Mi Band 4 original band, you really shouldn’t be all that worried. The Mi Band 4 is relatively new and there may not be much options at Amazon. Wait for a few months and you will be able to find all kinds of bands with different designs for the Mi Band 4.

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