M-Horse Pure 1 4G Phone Review

The bezel-less display trend is catching up like wildfire. Since Xiaomi started it with its Mi Mix, many smartphones have adopted this design, including the big flagships like Samsung Galaxy S8, Huawei Mate 10, etc. But most of these are either flagships or similar high-end phones and can be quite expensive. But Chinese manufacturers are giving the smartphone market bezel-less phones at quite affordable prices. There are a few others, and joining them is the new M-Horse Pure 1. Yes, the name of the phone is quite unusual, but leave it to the Chinese to their brands’ names like these, right? Anyways, this here is a new budget bezel-less phone with decent specs and it costs only around $120. What does it offer besides its bezel-less display? Let’s find out on M-Horse Pure 1 4G Phone Review

m-horse-pure-1-4g-phone-reviewThe M-Horse Pure 1 4G phone has the looks of a premium phone and feels like one too. With its bezel-less display, super-slim form, premium metal body and curved edges, it couldn’t look any less premium. But what else does it give you for a price of $120? Read on M-Horse Pure 1 4G Phone Review where we talk about all the important aspect of this phone.

1) Design

m-horse-pure-1-4g-phone-reviewFirst up on M-Horse Pure 1 4G Phone Review, let’s talk about the design of this phone. This phone has all the premium looks, right off the bat. With a sleek full-aluminum body, its ultra-light and feels premium. The glossy surface adds to its looks as well, and all its colors accentuate the glossy look too.

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The phone is only 8.5 mm thick, which means its very slim too. The front is a bezel-less screen. The top part has dual selfie cameras, speaker, and a proximity sensor. The back part features a dual camera setup with flash and a fingerprint sensor on either side. Also, its power button and volume rockers are located on the left side of the phone, which is unusual.

Now, the phone looks and feels premium, yes. But what sets me off is both the buttons being located on the right side and how the fingerprint scanner is placed. We’ve noticed how awkward it is on the Samsung Galaxy S8 phones, and now, here, too. The power button should have been on the right, at least!

2) Display

m-horse-pure-1-4g-phone-reviewNext on M-Horse Pure 1 4G Phone Review, let’s discuss its display. The screen is a 5.7″ IPS LCD HD display (1440 x 720). With the bezel-less display, it has the 18:9 aspect ratio like all other bezel-less displays and an 86% screen-to-body ratio. It has a pixel density of 282 PPI. The colors look sharp enough and everything appears quite vividly on the screen. The phone is bezel-less, yes, but for that to have a full effect, it must have a higher resolution.

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The HD resolution of this phone doesn’t quite do the bezel-less display justice. A resolution of 1440 x 720 is pretty great for smaller phones, but for a bezel-less 5.7″ screen, its not that great. And with the small PPI, you can see the pixels too, if you look closely at your screen. However,  watching movies and gaming is good enough and that’s more than what you can ask on a phone for this price.

3) Camera

m-horse-pure-1-4g-phone-reviewThe cameras on the M-Horse Pure 1 4G appear pretty decent. Just like most trending smartphones nowadays, this phone, too, features a Dual Camera setup on the back. The Dual-Camera setup packs a Sony 8 MP and a 2 MP sensor with f/2.0 apertures. The specs don’t lie. You won’t get anything high-end here. I say the cameras are pretty decent as compared to the price of this phone. The Sony lenses might be something good, but it performs poorly in low light. But it is good enough in an appropriate lighting condition.


Something unique about the camera on this phone is that it has a dual camera setup even in the front camera! How cool does that sound? You have a 5 MP + 2 MP lenses on the front. So, now great Portrait Mode is available even for your selfie. In addition, with the beauty effects in the cameras automatically make for fantastic selfies.

4) OS and Platform

Next on M-Horse Pure 1 4G Phone Review, we have the hardware, under the hood. The M-Horse Pure 1 4G runs on a Quad-Core 1.3 GHz MediaTek MT6737T SoC supported by 3 GB RAM. The chip is pretty mediocre but combined with the RAM, it should perform well. Daily operations are fast enough, but I can’t say the same about hard gaming. Plus, don’t leave too many apps open in the background!

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This phone runs on Android 7.0 Nougat, which seems outdated, but its still relevant. You don’t get much bloatware, and it tries to give you a close Android experience, which is nice.

5) Battery and Storage

Another impressive aspect about the M-Horse Pure 1 4G is its huge battery. It has got a huge battery of Li-Po 4380 mAh which can last up to more than a full day, even for heavy users. The company boasts about 420 hours of standby time, 48 hours of 4G talk time, 16 hours of video playback and 14 hours of gaming. Whether it does that or not, remains to be seen.

This phone comes with 32 GB internal storage which can be said to be a standard storage space these days. But no need to worry about memory space, though. You can expand your storage with a microSD card upto 128 GB. And that’s a lot more than enough, isn’t it?


Now on M-Horse Pure 1 4G Phone Review, its time to give the verdict. As you can see, this budget phone has quite good specs on paper. For $123, you’re getting a premium metal body with glossy design, a large bezel-less display, Dual camera setup on front and back, a huge battery and average processing power. Plus, you get some additional features like Dynamic wallpaper everyday, some Gesture features, etc. However, some downsides are the low-res display, mediocre SoC and some design issues, which bugs me, but not necessarily you guys. How it performs in your hands, is a question you have to answer yourself. But it will cost you only about $120 to find out.

All in all, if you’re on a budget, then this phone can be a great buy. However, be warned though, this phone is for those who want to risk thier purchase and want to try something new. M-Horse isn’t very well known for manufacturing smartphones as they are just entering the market. If that is a concern to you, we suggest you to look elsewhere, if not, get this phone with your eyes closed.

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