Is the Logitech MX Master 3 Good for Gaming?

The Logitech MX Master 3 is a very capable mouse. It’s probably the best productivity mouse you can buy right now. It’s a versatile mouse too. You can use it for most applications. But it the Logitech MX Master 3 for gaming? Unfortunately, the MX Master 3 isn’t a very good mouse for gaming. And here’s why.



The MX Master 3 wasn’t designed with Gamers in Mind

Let’s be real here. The Logitech MX Master 3 wasn’t designed for gaming- not even remotely. It is nor a wired mouse nor does it have a fast gaming performance wireless connectivity.

The MX Master 3 is designed for productivity and it does so really well. The mouse has a good ergonomic design which is suitable for extended computer usage.

Plain and simple- if you are looking for a mouse that is good for FPS gaming and other competitive gaming, the MX Master 3 isn’t the mouse to get.

If you are looking for a productivity mouse and do light gaming, you should be fine.  But if you play games like CS: Go, you will struggle to keep up with your opponents. But if your game doesn’t demand fast mouse movements, you should be just fine with the mouse.

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Neither Bluetooth nor USB Receiver helps with Gaming Performance

Times have passed and there are some wireless mice that are actually good for gaming. Unfortunately, the MX Master 3 isn’t one of them.

It’s no surprise that Bluetooth isn’t a good option for connecting a mouse to your PC if you want good performance. And it’s exactly the case with the Master 3. There’s a Bluetooth lag that is quite noticeable even while playing games like PUBG PC.

And if you are wondering if the USB receiver that is supplied in the box will help, it really doesn’t. It’s got a better performance when comparing to Bluetooth connection but it still isn’t up to the mark compared to a gaming mouse from Razer, SteelSeries or even gaming mouse from Logitech itself.

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MX Master 3 has unusual Mouse Acceleration Speed

You won’t know about this if you haven’t used the MX Master 3 in-person. This is something that you can’t find in the specification sheet of the product. This is an issue that was prevalent in the MX Master 2/2s and it’s been carried out on the Master 3 too. You can read about it on Reddit.

What happens is- when you quickly accelerate the mouse- the mouse just cannot keep up with your motion. You may not even notice this if you aren’t used to using a gaming mouse. But as for me- I use the G502 as my gaming mouse and the difference is really noticeable.

I feel that the issue has something to do with the Darkfield high precision sensor technology but then again, it could be the Logitech Options software. Whatever be the case, as of the time of this writing, the issue is prevalent and I doubt the issue will be ever fixed.

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How to make the MX Master 3 good for gaming?

Unfortunately, there is very little you can do to make your MX Master 3 good for gaming. Sure, you can change the mouse sensitivity on the Logitech Options. But apart from that, there’s not much you can do to make the mouse better for gaming.

Like I had stated earlier, you can use the USB receiver supplied on the package instead of using Bluetooth to make your gaming experience better. That is all you can do if you have already bought the mouse.

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Should you buy the MX Master 3 with Gaming in mind?

This is a straight no! The MX Master 3 is a fancy mouse and a lot of productivity-related features. But for gaming, you are better off with other Logitech mouse such as the Logitech G502. That is a mouse that is dedicated to gamers. And it has all the fancy Gaming mouse perk such as LED lights and whatnot.

So, if you were planning to get the MX Master 3 for gaming, you should check out another gaming mouse. The Master 3 just won’t cut it.

There you go. Now you know. Is MX Master 3 good for gaming? It clearly isn’t.

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  1. My old Logitech Performance MX is 10x more capable for gaming than any of the recent MX Master mice including the 2S and the 3. Logitech’s old software, SetPoint, allowed to set cursor speed AND mouse acceleration. The new software Logitech Options does not. With my old Performance MX I can do short precision moves and quick flicks across multi-monitor. The MX 3 is not good for gaming or movement of varying degree at all. Sadly, Logitech does not care about this one bit. For the money, get a G903 or whatever other gaming mouse you fancy.

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