Is the Logitech MX Keys Keyboard Worth the Money?

The Logitech MX Keys is a companion keyboard to the MX Master 3. And just like the Master 3, the MX Keys too is priced at $99. When you can get a keyboard and mouse combo for $20 (from Logitech itself), does it really make sense to get the Logitech MX Keys keyboard at $99? More importantly, is the Logitech MX Keys worth the money? Let’s find out!



How good is the Logitech MX Keys Keyboard?

There’s no question- the MX Keys is one of the best feeling keyboards out there. Made out of brushed-aluminum, the MX Keys feels just as premium as the Apple Keyboard.

The design of the MX Keys is minimal. There’s no fancy labeling or weird key layouts. It’s plain and simple- just as one would expect from an expensive solidly built keyboard. When it comes to the design and aesthetics, the MX Keys doesn’t disappoint.

The MX Keys is a full-size keyboard with 108 keys in total. The keys are also well-spaced and the travel is sufficient. 

I will be honest here- the travel could be better. Logitech calls the typing experience on this keyboard to be “laptop typing” experience and it’s exactly that. It doesn’t offer crazy key travel like a few of the desktop keyboards from brands like Steelseries and Razer.

The keys on the MX Keys Keyboard have just 1.8mm of travel, similar to what you will find in many laptop keyboards. However, for most people, the key travel should be sufficient. I, personally, quickly got used to it.

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Should you Buy the Logitech MX Keys for $99?

If you are buying the MX Keys for work, go ahead and buy it at the full retail price. You won’t regret it. After all, it’s a tool that you will use to make money. However, if you already have a keyboard and are interested in the MX Keys just because it looks fancy, I suggest you not buy it.

The Logitech MX Keys is an expensive keyboard. There are no two ways about it. If money not a concern, sure, go ahead and buy it. But if you are having to decide whether the Logitech MX Keys is worth the money, I would suggest you hold off the purchase. Logitech mice and keyboards are known to go on sale frequently. So, you want mant to wait for sale events.

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When (and if) will the MX Keys go on sale?


Now, this is a good question. So when can you expect the MX Keys Keyboard to go on sale? Well, since the keyboard is a recently launched model, it’s not going to go on a huge sale. Since Black Friday is approaching near, you can expect the MX Keys to go on sale during the Fall season. Black Friday and Cyber Monday is when Logitech accessories go on sale the most. And we are sure that the same will happen this year as well.

You can expect to get the MX Keys keyboard for as low as $80. That’s 20% off the retail price of $100. If you aren’t in a hurry at all, wait for a year or so. We have seen Logitech accessories go on sale for half the retail price. At $50, getting this keyboard would be a really good deal!

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Best Logitech MX Keys alternatives?

Here are some of the alternatives I recommend you check out before buying the MX Keys:

  1. Apple Magic Keyboard with Num Pad
  2. Logitech G513 Mechanical Keyboard
  3. Corsair K57 RGB Wireless Gaming Keyboard (My pick of the pack)
  4. Logitech G613 Wireless Gaming Keyboard 

If you are to pick a wireless keyboard for less and want a keyboard that offers good travel, I recommend you check the Logitech G613.

However, if it were my money, I would go with the Corsair K57 Gaming keyboard. It’s not only good for gaming but also an excellent choice for typists.

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Verdict: Is the Logitech MX Keys Worth the Money

With backlit keys, 5-month battery life and USB Type-C port for charging, the Logitech MX Keys is one of the best wireless keyboards you can buy today. The keys too are of high-quality and you can quickly get used to the 1.9mm vertical travel. The typing experience is really pleasant and the keyboard is good to look at.

The MX Keys is a really good companion to the MX Master 3. And, personally, I think the keyboard is very much worth the money. Especially if you use your keyboard for productivity purposes and have to use it all days.

The Logitech Keyboards, when handled with care, can last for years without breaking down. The MX Keys too looks and feels solid. And I am certain that it will work just fine for many years.

If you need to use a keyboard all day and are looking for a no-compromise Keyboard, I think the Logitech MX Keys is very much worth the money. I would put down my $99 to get this keyboard. And if you are getting the MX Master 3, I highly recommend you to get this mouse. These two work together really well.

Also, if you are hesitant about buying a keyboard for $100, I suggest you wait for Black Friday. It’s common for Logitech accessories to go on sale during the period. Since the MX Keys is a new keyboard, don’t expect crazy sale on the keyboard. Expect $10 or so off from the retail price of $100.

There you go. That was my take on whether the MX Keys is really worth or money or not. Are you willing to buy the keyboard for $99? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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  1. I just picked the MX Keys Keyboard and am completely in agreeing with the posted article. Although I have stumbled across this page after I have bought the keyboard, I am very happy with the product overall. Consider other keyboard manufacturers have simply not able to co-habit all the features in one environment, such as illumination, multiple device access, full sized keyboard, bluetooth and unifying receiver, the price is substantiated but fairly on the higher end. I think the keyboard is a well priced product at 70-80USD. Having bought this in Canada, I did feel the dollar crunch. One feedback is that I was hoping for the keyboard to work with my PS4 pro just to justify the price tag. Oddly enough the product is being detected but not being paired, so I am not on the fence about the product. I mean if I wanted a keyboard with bluetooth functionality that works with PS4 PRO then I could just simply buy a $30-$30 board. I hope I am doing something wrong in connecting it but I feel I am not. On line with Techsupport to see if there is anything that is left unexplored. If the PS4 Pro connects it fits the bill and I am keeping it. If not, this baby will have to be returned unfortunately

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