My Power Portable Power Bank Review

My Power is a portable power bank brand that you may not have heard before. The brand currently sells its products in Asian countries like Nepal, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. My Power is doing particularly well in the Nepalese smartphone accessory market. The company is selling power banks both in offline and through online channels. The portable chargers from the brand are available through Daraz.

my-power-power-bank-portable-chargerWhere are My Power Portable Powerbanks made?

You guessed it. My Power portable power banks are made in China and all the products they have in offer currently have one year warranty.

While the housing of the power bank isn’t as premium as I would have liked, the battery seems to hold charge as marketed. When compared with Mi 10000mAh battery power bank, both seemed to charge my Galaxy S10 before dying out. In terms of build quality, UGreen, Anker and Xiaomi power banks are definitively superior.

What size power bank is offered by My Power?

There’s a lot of choices for you if you decide to get a My Power portable charger. You can get a 5000mAh battery pack all the way to 20000mAh.

There are also different types of power banks with the same battery capacity. For example, you can get a 1000mAh My Power portable charger with USB C port or get the same 10000mAh power bank with Micro-USB cable. There’s also one variant which shows your battery percentage digitally.

If I were you, I would pick up the 10000mAh battery pack with USBB-C port and Qualcomm fast charging. It’s well priced and doesn’t pack in gimmicky features like an LCD screen that rockets the price for no real value addition.

Is My Power Powerbanks worth the money?


Unfortunately, I think it’s a better decision to go with other brands. Sure, My Power power banks are good but the power banks from the competitors are definitely better. The company also doesn’t reveal who makes the batteries for them. I assume they use generic batteries which definitely won’t last as long as the proper banks from UGreen and Anker.

If you can, it’s going to be a better decision for you to buy a Xiaomi power bank which can be had for the same price if not for slightly less price.

Where can I buy My Power power bank at the cheapest price?

If you are from Nepal, just go to Mahabaudha where you will be able to get the My Power Bank for the cheapest rate. I have seen shops at Newroad, Pako charge twice as much for the same power bank.

If you do a little research inside Mahaboudha, you will be able to get a 10000mAh My Power bank for as little as Rs. 1500.

Again, I think it’s a better move if you buy power banks from brands like Anker and UGreen. I am saying this especially because portable chargers are used to charge really expensive phones and tablets. You really don’t want to mess up your device by using a charger that is of low-quality.

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