How to enable Dark Mode in macOS Mojave

At WWDC 2018, Apple released Dark Mode for their new Mac OS- Mojave. Since the release, most of the Mac users are quite excited about the new feature. Well, at least I know I was. That is because it was the first time for Mac OS to receive such feature.

how-to-macos-mojave-dark-modePreviously, Apple had an option that enabled its user to change the menu bar to a darker theme. But now the entire theme is dark, meaning, all the application which comes pre-installed with Mac could utilize the dark theme for a better overall experience.

What is Dark Mode in macOS Mojave?

According to Apple, “Dark Mode is a feature that gives a spectacular new look that would assist you to focus on your work. The fine colors and fine points of your content take center screen as toolbars and menus recede into the background.”

That’s not all, the best is always saved for last: Dark Mode works with built-in apps that come with your Mac, and third-party apps can adopt it, too.

How to enable Dark Mode on your macOS Mojave

  1. Click on the Apple Logo on the Menu Barenable-dark-mode-macos-mojave

  2. Go to System Preferencesenable-dark-mode-macos-mojave-1

  3. Select the General Icon

  4. In the Appearance section, you will see two options: Light Theme and Dark Theme. Select the Dark Theme and you have activated the Dark Mode on your MacBook or an iMac. enable-dark-mode-macos-mojave-3

NOTE: If you ever change your mind and want the light theme back, you can easily revert back by selecting the light theme option in the Appearance section.

Reasons to use the Dark Theme on the macOS

  • Eye fatigue can be reduced.
  • Easy to focus on one task as the entire background would be darker.

Reasons to avoid the Dark Theme on the macOS

  • Doesn’t support most of the apps (at the time of the writing)
  • Light bleed evident
  • Anyone who has undergone Lasik or ReLEx Smile surgery may feel slight strain due to light burst from the fonts.
  • Some fonts may not be clear and crispy because of the size and color of text.


When I first heard about the dark mode, I was certainly excited. And when I activated the feature, I immediately noticed how it looked and felt to the eyes. Trust me, it felt great. Until, of course, I realized most of the applications that I used- mostly Viber Desktop and Google Chrome- weren’t updated with support for the dark theme.

Also, it wasn’t entirely a dark theme kind of experience. Let’s take Safari, for instance, almost all of the web page had a white background. It seemed as if there was no tweak with any of the features compared with the Mac OS High Sierra as only the tabs section was dark. It would have been great to see white text with a dark background the one that we see in Science fiction movies.

Having said that, it’s still a great step that Apple took to redesign the entire theme. But at the moment I am quite skeptical about using it on a daily basis because of it being in the early stage of development. Hopefully, Apple will improvise the software when it launches it publicly in the final public release of the Mac OS Mojave. But for now, I do not recommend getting the beta Mac OS version exclusively for the Dark Mode.

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