GitLab Server Down 500 Internal Server Error

GitLab, one of the best application for software development has its server down at the moment. The GitLab Server Down has affected millions of programmers and developers all at once.

gitlab-server-downGitLab is one of the best-integrated product that modern software development. It is used to connect all the users to one place helping develops and coders to manage and control the workflow. It making programming on a larger scale a much easier job. It is a single application which lets user convert their ideas into production in no time.

GitLab Server down is not a common thing that happens rarely. The GitLab Server is down for almost an hour and it is frustrating to users who paid a premium to use the features.

Update: The GitLab server is up again. Looks like the server was down to add features to the application. After the website went live up, the website clearly mentions (at the top) that there is an update to the application. GitLab is now at 10.3 and brings a hot of new features.

Some of the new features worth mentioning are:

  • Static Application Security Testing
  • Browser Performance Testing
  • Build and ship feature


It isn’t very often that we see GitLab server being down. But when we do, it is really frustrating. Let’s hope that GitLab upgrades its server to improve its uptime.

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