GeekBuying Website Review: Legit, Safe or Scam?

Let’s start by clearing the question most of you are here for. Is a scam? No, it is not. Is legit and is it safe to buy from GeekBuying? Yes, it’s totally safe and you can go ahead and place your order. 

I have been using GeekBuying for over three years now and not even once have I been cheated. But it is not to say that all my experiences have been good. There were instances where I had to wait for 2 months to get an order but there was also a time I got the order right at my doorstep in less than 10 days. Let’s find all about the shopping experience at GeekBuying in this in-depth review.

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Product Catalogue

Let’s start with the most important thing first. How many products does GeekBuying have? Well, tons. GeekBuying is an online electronic store featuring a lot of cool gadgets including smartphones, tablets, laptops, drones, vacuum cleaners, phone accessories, TV setup boxes, and PCs.

But the list doesn’t end there. You will also find smart accessories like Smart Watches, Smart Door Bells, Smart bulbs and lights, VR headsets, car accessories and more at GeekBuying.

So, if you are looking for anything technology related, you will most probably get it at GeekBuying. And yes, like most of the Chinese Online Electronics Websites, you will find that the site mostly offers Chinese products with most of them being Xiaomi products.

All-in-all, the range of products that GeekBuying offers is impressive. What’s also nice about GeekBuying is the fact that the products are updated frequently with new gadgets added almost every day.

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User Interface

The user interface of GeekBuying is good but nothing to write home about. Navigating through the website is easy but you sill struggle finding the cheapest price for a specific product (and I am sure that GeekBuying did this on purpose).

For instance: The other day I bought a OnePlus 7 at GeekBuying for $559.99 only later to find out that, if I have dug deeper, I could get the phone for $539.99. Sigh! So, if you are buying at GeekBuying, make you check all the different shipping options and package options before you head to check out.


On the Home Page, you are greeted with the best deals and promotions. There’s a slider that gets updated on a regular basis and great for finding the best deals on products.

The good thing is that Geekbuying is experimenting with new UI elements all the time. So, next time you check the website, it may be completely different than what you are seeing right now.

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Shipping Time

Okay, I am sure people are concerned about the shipping time. Let me be honest here. Shipping Time at GeekBuying isn’t all that great. I have used the GeekBuying to shop for consumer electronics for over three years now.

80% of the time, it took less than 20 days for the order to reach my doorsteps. The other 20% experience hasn’t been all that great.

In fact, my last order which I placed on the 11th of October, 2019 has not yet shipped (It is the November, for reference)! When I talked to customer support, I was informed that GeekBuying couldn’t ship the order to my country. I was in fact mailed saying the same. But I seem to have missed the mail. Okay, it may have been my mistake but the website didn’t update any status and still says, “Payment Confirmed (Processing)”. How inconvenient is that!

But there has never been one instance where I was sent a wrong product or the product didn’t reach me. So, if you have questioned whether GeekBuying is a scam or not? You can put it out of the way. Geekbuying doesn’t and has no intention of sending fake products.

If in case, the right product doesn’t reach you, try contacting the customer support. They may not be great when you say that you got a wrong product but if you provide some evidence, they will send you the right product immediately.

My friend had an experience where Geekbuying sent him a wrong product. He immediately reached back to Geekbuying with photos of what he got. Geekbuying, without any hesitation, sent the correct order the next day. Even better, the company didn’t ask him to send back the product that wasn’t intended for him.

I have talked to people who think the GeekBuying website is not legit and have heard people say it is not safe. Some even go ahead and claim GeekBuying steals personal information and credit card details from the users. Trust me, none of it is true.

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Customer Support and Live Chat

The customer support on GeekBuying is good if not exceptional. When something goes wrong with an order, most of the time, the customer support is good with providing the support. The after-sales support is not bad either.geekbuying-website-customer-support-live-chat

For instance, when GeekBuying took over a month to get the product (a Xiaomi phone) to me, I was kind of mad. I talked with the chat rep about how I was mad. To compensate, the rep provided me a $2 discount on the product. Nothing earth-shattering but good to see an initiative from the GeekBuying part.

GeekBuying doesn’t offer 24-hour Live Chat service. You can have online chat with a representative only on Mon – Fri. 9:00-18:30 / 20:30-3:30 GMT+8. If you have to communicate with the team during the off-hours, using the old way of contacting through E-Mail works.

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Deals and Discounts

GeekBuying isn’t as aggressive as websites like GearBest and Banggood when it comes to giving discounts and discount coupons to customers. The company barely sends out any E-Mail discounts and coupon codes are a rare sight as well

The Home Page is where the company puts out discounts. GeekBuying has various occasions in which the electronics in the store are sold for a really low price. For example, the company just this month celebrated ‘GeekBuying Anniversary Sale’ where you could grab a lot of electronic products including smartphones and drones for a really low price.

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Warranty and Insurance

Most of the products available at GeekBuying come with 1-year limited warranty. But here’s the deal: If you are buying any product from a Chinese online store, you can take it as a grain of salt.

While companies like GeekBuying, GearBest, and honor warranty on products, you will have a really hard time shipping the product back to the online store.

If it’s a low-cost item like a data cable or a flag light, chances are the company will send you a replacement for free. But if you are talking about smartphones, drones, and vacuums, if they break, there’s really not much you can do.

You can add insurance to your order for $2 which is a really good price. But the funny part is, be it a $1 purchase or a $500 purchase, the insurance cost stays the same. Also, one time when I forgot to add insurance to the order, the GeekBuying support member was kind enough to add insurance to my order for free. 

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While shopping in a Chinese online store many people (including me) fear of being thrown off communication after the payment is done. Luckily, GeekBuying is not one of those websites.

When you try and contact the representative at GeekBuying, there’s also going to be someone on the other side of the line. So, it’s good to know that.

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Shipment Methods

This is where things get interesting. If this is your first time buying from a Chinese Online Store, you will be surprised to learn that most of the websites offer Free Worldwide Shipping. Yes, you heard it right. So, even if you buy a product worth $10 or lower, you are eligible to get free shipping.geekbuying-shipping-time

But beware, since the shipping is free, GeekBuying uses slow mail services which leads to slower shipment time. However, if you want the product to be shipped fast, you can use the following shipping methods:

  • DHL
  • EMS
  • Registered Airmail
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Payment Methods

GeekBuying gives a lot of payment options to customers. You can pay using one of these to make a payment:

  • PayPal
  • Visa/ Master Card/ American Express/ Discover Card
  • Western Union
  • Wire Transfer

The easiest way to pay on GeekBuying is by using Paypal. Another solid option has to be using Master Cards. Transferring money using Wire Transfer and using Western Union is quite a hassle and something I wouldn’t recommend trying. It can be difficult to keep track of such payment. And in case anything goes wrong, getting a refund will be just as difficult.

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GeekBuying Website Review: The Conclusion

GeekBuying is one of the largest consumer electronics Online stores in China. Hence, there is no doubt whether GeekBuying Website is a scam or legit. It is safe to buy from GeekBuying and is 100% secure.

However, if you are buying from GeekBuying, make sure you know exactly what you are buying. Make a wrong order, there is little you can do. Once the product you just purchased gets shipped, there’s nothing you will be able to do other than endorse it.

I personally like GeekBuying and it is my go-to website for buying Chinese phones and accessories. The price of the products is also really reasonable at GeekBuying. So, if you are looking to buy anything from China, GeekBuying is definitely worth a look.

Dipesh is a geek from the heart. He loves gadgets and is trying out new phones every week. For him, life is either technology or it's nothing!

  1. I personally think GearBest is a better website to shop for Chinese phones and accessories. Haven’t tried geekbuying before.

  2. Well they scammed me for $181.
    Refuse to replace of refund a camera that arrived Dead.

    I would not trust this company!

  3. If you are thinking about buying something in do yourself a favour and shop anywhere else!
    I made the horrible mistake of buying an electric bike from them because it was a bunch of pounds cheaper than in other, most well-known, retailers. The bike arrived pretty fast, in less than a week it was in my hands and it seemed to work perfectly. Just what I wanted for my daily commute.
    Less than a week later im cycling home when the electric motor stops working, never to come back to life again. I message the Geekbuying asking for how to proceed and nothing, silence. After insisting they answer me just with copypasted questions, asking me to send pictures and videos, and no matter how many I send they just keep asking the same stuff over and over with not a single intention of provide a solution.

    Its been almost 3 weeks and they are not answering any messages, they havent provided me with any return policy, with any technical solutions, NOTHING! they ghosted me and Im stuck with a 500 pounds useless bike.

    Its a scam. Geekbuying is a scam, avoid them at all costs

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