Best USB Type-C Cable: UGreen USB-C Cable Review

If you are in the market looking for a good USB Type-C Cable, the UGreen USB-C Cable should be under your radar. In fact, after testing a plethora of cable ranging from Anker to OnePlus to RAVPower, we found the UGreen is the Best USB Type-C cable you can buy without breaking the bank.


I got the UGreen USB C Cable from the manufacturer’s AliExpress store and the USB-C Cable was priced really well. It was the first thing that caught my attention. I had been a big fan of Anker products in the past and they had been my cable of choice for years. But with time, I understood that I could get cables and phone accessories for a lot less without sacrificing quality.

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The UGreen USB-C Cable is made from reinforced PVC with 24K Gold plated connector. As you would expect, the cable is Fast-Charge capable. It is compatible with most of the Android phones including Samsung flagships, Huawei flagships, Xiaomi flagships and works well even with OnePlus phones.

ugreen-usb-c-cable-reviewNot only that, you can use the cable to charge MacBook Pro 13 and MacBook Pro 15. Other laptops like Huawei MateBook X and MateBook E can be charged quickly using this cable when paired to a compatible charger.

Is UGreen USB-C Cable Durable?

Inside the PVugreen-usb-c-cable-interiorsC jacket, you will find an aluminum foil, a ground wire, and tinned copper core. With so much of protection to the core, you can expect the cable to last quite a while. Ant

In fact, the manufacturer claims that the cable is able to withstand 10000+ bends and also promises that the 24K gold connector doesn’t fall off. And after having used the cable for over 2-months now, I can say with confidence that their statement isn’t misleading in any way.

Another reason why I consider the UGreen cable to be the best USB Type-C Cable in the market right now is the fact that it comes in different sizes. You can choose between 25cm, 0.5m, 1m and 2m of cable length.

How good are UGreen products?

I got two of these cables for $5.12 and both of them work like a charm even today. I just wish that I had bought 1m long cable. The 0.5m cable is just too short. But if you are buying it for a car charger, it will be of perfect length.


I have tried the USB C Cable in Xiaomi Mi 5, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Samsung Galaxy S9+, Xiaomi Mi A1, OnePlus 5T and the MacBook Pro 15-inch with Retina Display 2017. It worked without any issues in all the devices.

UGreen USB C Cable aliexpress price

UGreen products all kinds of accessories for phones, laptops, and tablets. They offer products such as:

  1. Portable Chargers (Power Banks)
  2. MFi Certified Lightning Cables
  3. High-Quality USB-C Cables
  4. Wireless Chargers
  5. Car Chargers
  6. Wall Chargers
  7. Phone Holders
  8. Docking Stations
  9. USB Hubs
  10. USB-C Accessories
  11. Car Mounts
  12. HDMI Cables

UGreen is a large consumer electronics brand that sells a lot more than just the aforementioned accessories. You can visit their Official Online Store to see all the products they offer.

If you haven’t already, you should definitely try out the products from UGreen. Do you have any prior experience with UGreen products? We think UGreen makes one of the best USB Type-C cables out there. What do you think? Do let us know down below in our comments section.

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