7 Best Portable SSD Deals Black Friday 2019 [UPDATED]

With Black Friday around the corner, you knew you had to wait for a good deal on the Solid State Drives (SSD), didn’t you? Well, you made a really good decision if you really waited for the Holiday Season to come by before you made a purchase decision. Now, stay with me as we check out the 7 Best Portable SSD Deals Black Friday 2019.

It’s 2019 and people still ask me why my disk size is so small both on my computers and on my hard-disk (that’s what they call my SSD). If you happen to be one of them and don’t know the difference between the two, don’t worry, I will have it explained to you in minutes.

Hard-disks are large and bulky and the problem with them is that they are mechanical. Just like in CDs, there’s a disk rotating all the time inside a hard disk. As such, it is more prone to failure and is much much slower when compared to Solid State Drives. What’s more? They are inefficient and consume more battery on your laptop than you would think!

Solid State Drive or SSD, in short, is a more advanced form of a media storage device. Unlike the Hard disks which are slow, clunky and mechanical, SSDs are flash storage devices just like your pen drive and Micro-SD/ SD Card. The advantage of having an SSD is significant. They are light, portable and can be extremely fast. While hard-disk read/write speeds cap out at 100-150MB/s, Solid State Drives can reach speeds over 2GB/second.

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The downside of buying an SSD, you ask? Well, there’s two. They are expensive and will come in sizes that are significantly smaller when compared to traditional hard-disks. But the speed of the SSDs really makes up for that. So, let’s not waste any time and check out the 7 Best Portable SSD Deals Black Friday 2019.

1) Samsung T5 Portable SSD – 500GBbest-portable-ssd-deals-black-friday-2017

If you are looking for the best of the best, the Samsung T5 Portable SSD is the way to go. Samsung is one of the few companies which came up with SSDs to the consumer markets and are also among the most innovative brands when it comes to SSDs.

Not all SSDs are created equal. There are too many technologies that are using in the making of the SSDs and Samsung is at the forefront of all of it.

There’s two Samsung SSDs that you will find on the market today:

  • Samsung T3 Portable SSD (of various sizes)
  • Samsung T5 Portable SSD (of various sizes)

Don’t be confused by them. The T3 is the 2019 model which reaches speeds up to 450MB/s. The T5, which is the 2018 model reaches speed up to 550MB/s. Mind you, unlike many consumer electronics, buying a newer model SSD doesn’t always mean you are getting a faster drive.

As you can clearly see, the older T5 is both cheaper and faster. And the best thing is, you can get the T5 for significantly less price this Black Friday 2019.

Samsung T5 Portable SSD Portable Hard Disk is available in 4 sizes which includes:

  • 250GB
  • 500GB
  • 1TB
  • 2GB

We strongly recommend you to get the 500GB model of the Samsung T5 SSD. It’s really well priced and you can get huge Black Friday Deals on this model. So, this has to be the Best Portable SSD Deal for Black Friday 2019, at least for now.

View this Samsung T5 Portable SSD here>>

2) WD 512GB My Passport SSD Portable Diskbest-portable-ssd-deals-black-friday-2017

WD or Western Digital, as people know makes really good SSDs. I will be completely honest with you. Having used both the WD My Passport SSD and Samsung T5 SSD side-by-side, the Samsung is definitely a better SSD. But for an average consumer who is just looking for a fast SSD and nothing much, the WD My Passport is also a solid contender.

The WD My Passport Portable SSD is available in 3 storage options:

  • 256GB
  • 512GB
  • 1TB

There are two main reasons on why you would want to pick up the Western Digital Portable SSD over the Samsung T5 SSD- Price and SSD Size. The WD My Passport portable SSD is tiny! And it’s also priced lower than the Samsung counterpart. As such, you may want to head out on the link below and check out this portable SSD.

Check out the latest price of WD Solid State Drive Here>>

3) PNY Elite 240GB Portable Solid State Drivebest-portable-ssd-deals-black-friday-2017

Not having used any disk expect from Samsung, SanDisk, Toshiba, I was surprised when I many my first PNY SD Card for my Panasonic G6 Mirrorless Camera. The SD card I had bought was rated for 90MB/s but it consistently got speeds excess to 100MB/s. And when I looked if I had got a really good copy on Google, I was surprised to find out that I wasn’t only one. Also, PNY has one of the highest customer satisfaction when it comes to NAND flash drives.

That’s how my journey to PNY storage disk started. You don’t hear them that often doesn’t mean that they are not great. The PNY Elite 240GB SSD is the one to go for if you are looking to enter the Solid State Drive market without breaking the bank. The PNY Elite series of SSDs are available in 3 configurations: 250GB, 500GB and 1TB configurations.

As a part of Black Friday 2019 deal, you can get one of these for under $100 (the 1TB model). Hit the link below to get the most recent pricing.

View this Compact PNY SSD here>>

4) SanDisk Extreme 500 Portable SSD 480GBbest-portable-ssd-deals-black-friday-2017

The SanDisk Extreme 500 Portable SSD is rugged, light and secure. If you are looking for these characteristics in your next portable disk, this has to be it. The SanDiskPortablel Extreme 500 portable SSD is the one that I personally own and use it all the time.

The features of this SSD that makes it stand out from the crowd are:

  • It is rugged and can withstand drops with ease.
  • The SSD is secure and comes with SanDisk Secure Access Software
  • The disk has read speeds of over 400MB/s which is plentiful
  • Can be handled roughly without having to worry about it failing
  • Very compact

So, these are some of the features that really make it a good option this Black Friday 2019. There are also deals that are popping out for this SanDisk SSD. Be sure to check this SSD out when you check for the Best Portable SSD Deals Black Friday 2019.

Check out the SanDisk Portable SSD here>>

5) LaCie Rugged Thunderbolt 500GB SSD Portable


Let’s get some of the things out of the way first. LaCie is a premium brand which usually makes Apple products. As such, don’t expect the prices on them to go as low as other SSDs.

LaCie Rugged Thunderbolt 500GB Portable SSD usually runs for around $330. But as of now, you can get one for as low as $250. That’s quite a bit of saving even though the prices aren’t as low as other similarly specced 500GB SSDs.

The thing about LaCie is that they have exceptional customer support. In fact, when you purchase one of these portable LaCie Rugged SSD, you will be entitled with 3yrs of support from the company!

And when it comes to reliability, LaCie comes in Number 1. Also, this portable SSD can be plugged into either USB 3.1/3.0 ports as well as in Thunderbolt ports. That’s a nice touch right there. LaCie Rugged SSD is rated for speeds up to 387MB/s. Samsung and SanDisk have better transfer speeds though, mind you.

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However, if reliability and protection of your data is your primary concern, you really can’t go wrong with the LaCie Rugged Portable SSD drive.

View the LaCie Rugged SSD Pricing here>>

6) ADATA 256GB Ultra-Slim External Solid State Drive


You may have heard that Solid State Drives have a shorter lifespan than regular hard-disks. While it was true for old SSDs, it isn’t that true anymore. And if you are still worried that your brand new SSD may fail, I have got good news for you. Get the ADATA Ultra-Slim External SSD and you will be provided with a 3-yr warranty. 

ADATA External Portable SSD is available in 3 sizes:

  • 256GB
  • 512GB
  • 1TB

These new SSDs are 3D NAND Flash and have read speeds up to 440MB/s. The Adata SSD is also slim at just 9.6mm. While this disk isn’t fancy and doesn’t have any special features, it does what it says it does and that’s what really matters in my honest opinion. If you are short on budget, get this SSD from this list of 7 Best Portable SSD Deals Black Friday.

The thing that I really like about the ADATA Slim-Storage SSD is the fact that it costs less money than rest of the drives in this list of 7 Best Portable SSD Deals Black Friday. Do check out the most recent pricing of the Adata SSD by clicking the link down below.

Check out the Adata SSD here>>

7) SanDisk Extreme 900 Portable SSD 1.92TB


So, I saved the best for the last. If you want the greatest of the SSD, this one has to be it. Mind you, get this only if you have a deep pocket! The SanDisk Extreme 900 Portable SSD 1.92~2GB will cost you more than a basic laptop itself!

There are some standout features on this SanDisk Extreme 900 SSD. For instance, the name Extreme 900 comes from its read/write speed of up to 850MB/s. That’s one of the fastest SSDs we have ever encountered.

Also, like most of the SanDisk SSDs, this one too comes with SanDisk Security app which will protect your data from being stolen. Also, it’s really good of the company to ship this Solid State Drive with regular USB cable alongside USB-C Cable which will come handy if you own any of the latest laptops including the MacBooks which have nothing but USB-C ports.

View the SanDisk Extreme Portable External SSD here>>

So, there you go. These are the 7 Best Portable SSD Deals Black Friday 2019. There are new deals coming for computer peripherals all the time. We will make sure to update this article and keep things relevant. As soon as we encounter a new deal, we will make sure to update this article 7 Best Portable SSD Deals Black Friday 2019 for sure.

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  1. “We strongly recommend you to get the 500GB model of the Samsung T5 SSD. It’s really well priced and you can get huge Black Friday Deals on this model. So, this has to be the Best Portable SSD Deal for Black Friday 2019, at least for now.”

    Best SSD to get right now for sure.

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