8 Best Outdoors Battery Operated Christmas Lights


hristmas lights are what makes or breaks Christmas decoration. While setting up lights indoors is easy, putting them outside can be a bit of a hassle. Instead of using multiple extension cords to plug the lights inside, you’d be better off with battery operated ones.

With outdoors battery operated Christmas lights, you will not have to worry about tangled wires, that’s for sure.

Pop in a new battery and these handy lights will help you brighten up your decoration in a matter of minutes! Not only that, you will have a clutter and wire-free decoration. Here are  8 Best Outdoors Battery Operated Christmas Lights we can across.

Our Top Pick

The Totobay Star Shaped String Lights makes it to the top of our pick because it is perfect for outdoor usage – being solar-powered, and water-resistant as well.

The lights are flexible enough to be twisted into various shapes according to your necessity. Also, the inclusion of a hanging buckle and ground stake gives it more convenience. Furthermore, a pack of 120 LED bulbs for less than $20 makes it a great value for money! With all of this, we think it is the best battery operated Christmas light you can buy today.

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Best Outdoors Battery Operated Christmas Lights

1) Aloveco Multi-Colored Fairy String Lights

8 best battery operated christmas lights aloveco

If you are looking for a unique way for lighting your home in Christmas, check out the Multi-colored String lights. These ball lights are highly suitable for outside usage. Rated IP65, they are dust and water resistant which basically protects them from light rain and moisture.

There are 40 LED bulbs on a 14.8 ft. string, which is enough for decorating your gardens, patio, or simply your Christmas tree. And if one just isn’t enough, you can always get a pack of 2.

The lights have 8 operating modes which can be controlled with the included controller. You can choose between dimming, fading, flash, steady lighting, or a combination of all depending on your mood. These are powered by 2 AA size batteries.

One important feature worth mentioning is that the company uses high-quality ABS bulbs that have a lifetime of over 50000 hours! The copper wire and bulbs are durable enough to last you for years if handled carefully. You can get it in various multi-color and lighting modes to choose from as well.

2) PXB Hanging Starburst Lights (Warm White)

8 best battery operated christmas lights pxbRated the best indoor Christmas light last year, PXB has come out with a new version of the light that is IP67 water-resistant. And since it now has that rating, it becomes an excellent choice if you are looking for Christmas light for outdoor usage.

The Hanging Starburst Lights are tiny LED lights that are attached on a copper line. Each line contains 5 bulbs on them, and there are a total of 200 bulbs in a set. You are free to bend these lines into whatever shape you want. Also, you can combine them to create wonderful and unique designs. For example, a bouquet or spirals, even.

They have 10 brightness levels and 8 glowing modes which are controllable by using the included wireless remote. In addition, there’s a timer function which lets you choose when to the bulbs light up and when they turn off. This feature is especially handy if you are running the light on non-rechargeable batteries.

You can also get this Christmas light in various colors, for under $20. With this light, you will love the fact that you can make various designs by twisting and turning the copper lines.

3) Echosari Outdoors Globe String Lights

8 best battery operated christmas lights echosariThis Christmas light has a combination of 50 LED bulbs on a 16 ft. string. As with other lights on this list, it too is IP65 water-resistant.

There are about 4 inches of distance between the bulbs which makes for a convenient assortment of bulbs for decoration. Similar to other bulbs, there are 8 modes of lighting, that can be controlled by a wireless remote. The auto timer feature makes it here as well.

With this feature, you will not have to worry about not cutting power every morning. It is a handy feature especially when the lights are running out of batteries. The remote is also pretty simple to operate, but it does come with instructions nonetheless. The set is powered by 3 AA sized batteries.

This particular light is warm white-colored, but you can also choose from cool white or multicolor options. The light is priced really competitive and is probably the best reason to grab it over the competition.

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4) RECESKY C6 Strawberry Mini String Lights

8 best battery operated christmas lights receskyRecesky has been in the light business for quite a while now. They are known to make high-quality lights and bulbs that are guaranteed to last for years.

These multi-color lights in strawberry shapes make for a cool festive decoration for Christmas. A set of these contains 30 LED string lights on a 12.8 ft. wiring, with a controller attached right to the wire. While we don’t like the design of the controller, we really can’t complain given the low asking price.

The texture on the bulbs also helps to reflect light from the surrounding, making for a flushed glow. The bulbs are Red, Yellow, Blue, and Green, and just like others, have 8 different modes of lighting.

The whole set is also IP65 Water resistant, but be careful not to soak them. The smart timer on it makes the lights glow for 6 hours and rest 18 hours, so, no worries about turning them on and off.

These are powered by 3 AA 4.5-volt batteries, which are brighter than most other string lights.

5) Hopesooky 3D Jack-O-Lantern Decoration Lights

8 best battery operated christmas lights hopesooky

Now technically, these are meant for Halloween. You know, their Jack-O-Lantern designs give it away, right? But, if you’re bored of your regular Christmas bulbs, why not use these, huh? They’ll give your decoration a unique touch, and it’s also a good way to re-use your Halloween decorative lights.

This set contains 30 LED bulbs shaped as Jack-O-Lanterns, in an 11 ft. string. That may not be as long as some others, but it will get the job done well enough too. Also, there are only two modes as they are meant to create a spooky scenario. And similar to other decoration lights, these are powered by 3 AA sized batteries.

This one is Warm White-colored, but there are other color options to choose from as well. But go for them only if you want a different kind of Christmas!

6) Totobay Star Shaped Solar String Lights

8 best battery operated christmas lights totbayHere is yet another star-shaped Christmas light which looks spectacular in person. While it may look similar to the light featured in the No.2 of this list, it clearly isn’t. Instead of being powered by a regular battery, this one is solar powered! Totobay Star Shaped Solar String Lights is one of the best outdoors battery operated Christmas lights you can get this Christmas.


While you won’t have to deal with the hassle of recharging or replacing the battery, make sure that the solar panel is nicely exposed to the sun for proper charging of the battery. In case, the battery for the lights has insufficient juice, the lights will blink indicating the battery is dying. It is also recommended that you charge the battery to full, the first time.

With the solar discussion out of the way, let’s start by saying, the lights are beautiful. If you’ve ever wanted to decorate your garden or patio with a chandelier, this is as close as you’ll get. In addition, this flexible wiring enables you to shape these lights into whatever you want. For example, a flower, or simple spirals as well.

These are also IP67 water-resistant and come with a hanging buckle and ground stake so that you can conveniently hang them wherever you want.

This set of warm light star-shaped decoration lights comes for the price of less than $20. For that price, you get about 120 LED bulbs in 2 strings. A pretty sweet deal, right?

7) Cylapex Micro LED Starry String Lights

8 best battery operated christmas lights cylapex

Micro LED bulbs are quite small in size, but they do make for great decorations on the table. While they might not be suitable for hanging around the garden, they go great on your garden furniture or your fences.

Each package has 6 strands of wire, each with 20 micro LEDs on them. Also, the flexible copper wire allows you to shape those lights into whatever type of decoration you want. You can make a ball out of it, or just mesh it up into a jar just like in the image above.

The LED string lights are waterproof, consumes less power and have good heat dissipation as well. Furthermore, the battery for each one lasts approximately 24 hours which should be good for 3 days or so.

You can choose from a wide assortment of colors and lighting arrangements. What’s your take on this Christmas light? Do let the TechxChina community down below.

8) Vivii Flameless LED Tealight Candle Decoration Lights

8-best-battery-operated christmas-lights-viviiLast but not the least, in this list of 8 Best Outdoors Battery Operated Christmas Lights, we have the Vivii Flameless LED decoration lights.

This is a generous pack of 36 candle-shaped lights. Now, if you’ve ever wanted a candlelit decoration for your festivities, this is the next best thing you can have. Each “candle” is the size of a tea light candle, and are battery operated. These give out the appearance of a real candle and also give off a flickering effect for a more realistic appearance.

In addition, these candles are highly energy efficient and the company claims that they can last up to 100 hours with one battery – a CR2032 Lithium-Ion Cell. Furthermore, these bulbs have an estimated life of over 20000 hours.

You can get this pack of 36 fake candles for as less as $16. They will work great not only for Christmas but any other festival you can think of.

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Battery Powered Christmas Lights Buying Guide

The first thing you need to know while buying Christmas lights is whether you need an incandescent light or an LED light. Incandescent lights are cheaper, but LEDs are more durable and energy-efficient. Also, all the lights in the list are LED lights. When light is battery powered, LED light is the way to go. So, let’s talk about LED lights first.

Once you know you need LED lights, decide on what kind of lights you need to decorate. A micro LED string light is better if you need to decorate a smaller area. But if you need to decorate a relatively larger area with adequate spacing, get Mini LED lights.

And if you want fancy stuff, you can also consider 3D shaped bulbs or something like those fake candles too. The length of the wiring also depends on what area you want to decorate. So, it’s a good idea to measure your patio or garden before purchasing them.

Almost all kinds of these lights will come with various glowing effects, and if you don’t want any, you can turn them off manually. So, there’s no need to worry about that. And depending on your other Christmas decorations, you have to pick out multi-colored or single colored bulbs. Pick one that suits the color and surrounding of your Christmas decoration. Finally, these lights can come really cheap, so, there’s no need to worry about pricing. But like with anything, it’s always a good idea to look out for good deals.

Note: If you want to get the Christmas lights at the cheapest price, buying just before Christmas arrives is not a good option. Buying beforehand is what you should do as sellers sell them for cheap due to low demand in other months. 

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FAQs on Outdoor Christmas Lights

  • Are Outdoors Christmas Lights waterproof?

Yes and no. Since they are designed for outdoor usage, they are water-resistant. But they can only withstand light rain and splashes. Don’t soak them or leave them out in the heavy rains. And if any Outdoor light is not waterproof, it might not be an outdoor light at all.

  • How long to Christmas Lights last before needing a battery replacement?

It depends on the type of bulbs and the number of bulbs in a set. Also, the required voltage is also another factor that determines how long a battery lasts. Most of the times, the specification of the product is clearly detailed in the packaging.

  • At what voltage do Christmas Lights run?

Mostly, these decoration lights use normal AA batteries, whose voltage is at 1.5 V. Three of these together makes 4.5 volts. So, it’s safe to say that Christmas lights run at about 4.5 volts. But there are some brighter lights that can take up to three 3.5 volts battery. Also, the number of bulbs in the setup determines the voltage the lights run on.

  • Can you connect two Christmas light together?

Again, this one too depends on the type of lights you get. For example, if you get yourself flexible wired mini lights which can be twisted into various shapes, you can easily do that. But it’s not so easy with regular ones. However, you can manually connect them by slicing the insulators on the wires and connect them to the primary one. But, this has safety hazards, so, we recommend you get the ones that most suit your needs.

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