OnePlus is certainly an underdog in the smartphone world. The Chinese company has very less market share, but it is loved by its customers! And why wouldn’t they? You don’t get a name like “Flagship Killer” for nothing, while there are more expensive phones out there! OnePlus has been doing great in the market since OnePlus One, and now, here we are looking at the brand new OnePlus 5T. And even if the OnePlus One is a great phone to this day, we are leaps and bounds ahead with the OnePlus 5T today! And with its release, OnePlus has caught up to the latest smartphone trends. OnePlus is still a flagship killer, so, if you’re gonna get it, here are 8 Best OnePlus 5T Cases to cover your phone

The  OnePlus 5T now has an edge-to-edge display. As I said, it’s caught up with the latest smartphone trends, which is the full-view display everyone’s swooning over. However, there are no major changes in the device’s design. You get a bigger screen and the fingerprint sensor’s on the back now, but that’s just about it. Now, on the phone of the same size, you get a 6.01″ Optic AMOLED Full HD (2160 x 1080) screen with the 18:9 aspect ration. Yes, OnePlus is still in Full HD, and that’s one of the drawbacks of this phone, the other one being its lack of Water & Splash Resistance.

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The OnePlus 5T feature dual cameras but no more telephone lens. Instead, the double lens setup (16+20) MP is used to get better Low-light pictures. Apart from that, the 5T is pretty much the same, with 6 GB / 8 GB RAM and 64 GB / 128 GB storage. The chipset is still Snapdragon 835, and it’s still good. Anyways, let us talk about the 8 Best OnePlus 5T Cases to cover your phone now.

1) Wellci Soft Silicon Luxury Brushed Case for OnePlus 5T

8-best-oneplus-5t-cases-to-cover-your-phoneFirst up on 8 Best OnePlus 5T Cases to cover your phone, we have this luxury silicone soft case for your OnePlus 5T. It is made up of premium TPU material, which is known for its shock absorbing capabilities that effectively protects your phone. This case can easily protect your phone against shocks, bumps, and drops. Also, with its carbon fiber pattern and stylish wire-drawing design make for great style too. In addition, it features heat dissipation mechanism designed into it as well. Furthermore, it has good grip and the luxurious good touch feeling as well.

You can choose from three other colors among which, the Black and the Navy stand out. You can get this case for as less as $8 for now.

Check out this luxury carbon fiber design soft case here>>

2) Avidet Anti-Scratch Hard Back Case Cover for OnePlus 5T

8-best-oneplus-5t-cases-to-cover-your-phoneNext up on 8 Best OnePlus 5T Cases to cover your phone, here we have an ultra-thin hardback cover case to cover your OnePlus 5T. If you like hard cases, then, this one is pretty good. It is made out of premium PC material which resists impacts upon drops and bumps quite effectively. Also, it features micro-dot pattern on the back making it soft enough and easy to grip, as well as making it anti-scratch too. With this hard case, you can easily protect your phone against everyday bumps, scratches, dust, fingerprints, and grind.

There are four colors available to choose from, and the white and black cases are the best looking among them. For now, this case is available for just $8.

Take a look at this hard anti-scratch case here>>

3) TopAce Extremely Light Super Slim Shell Cover for OnePlus 5T

8-best-oneplus-5t-cases-to-cover-your-phonePhone cases are a must have, no matter whether your phone is corned with Gorilla Glass or something like that. And if you’re worried about that little bulk your phone case gives you, then, feast your new eyes on this! A super slim and extremely light shell cover for your OnePlus 5T. It is made out of a high-quality material of PC mold, that makes sure the device is protected and from scratches and everyday bumps. It is a perfect combination of style and durability. Its super slim form factor makes it seem as if you don’t have a case on your phone. Also, it has the smooth touch feeling, just like your phone without the case. That’s certainly pleasing, isn’t it?

This case is also available in four different colors and no doubt, the black looks the best! You can have this case for around $9.

Have a look at this extremely light and slim case here>>

4) Mustaner Dual Layer Protective Armor Cover for OnePlus 5T

8-best-oneplus-5t-cases-to-cover-your-phoneNow, if you’re looking for some heavy duty protection, then its only natural that you go dual layers. So, that’s exactly what we have on this list of 8 Best OnePlus 5T Cases to cover your phone. With a dual layers construction of soft TPU on the inside and hard PC shell on the outside, this armor case can protect your phone effectively from drops, impacts, and scratches. With stylish armor-ish design, it even looks tough! Also, it has a built-in kickstand for easy hands-free experience and face-timing.

This case is now available for as less as $9 on discount.

Get this armor dual layer OnePlus 5T case here>>

5) Riffue Slim Retro Leather Flip Case for OnePlus 5T

8-best-oneplus-5t-cases-to-cover-your-phoneNext up on 8 Best OnePlus 5T Cases to cover your phone, here we have a leather case that adds a class on top of durability. Nothing says classy other than leather, and so, we have just this case for that. It is made out of premium PU leather, which is durable and scratch resistant. It can protect your phone from scratches, bumps, and small impacts easily. The flip cover also keeps your screen safe from such scuffs. The retro denim pattern adds more style to it instead of your plain leather design.

You can choose from three different colors for less than $10, and that is pretty good bargain for a classy case such as this.

View this retro leather flip case here>>

6) Vigeer Crystal Clear Drop Cushion Soft Case for OnePlus 5T

8-best-oneplus-5t-cases-to-cover-your-phoneMaybe you don’t want to hide your phone’s looks and not when your phone looks as premium as the OnePlus 5T. So, this crystal clear case gives your phone the protection it needs without compromising your phone’s design. It is made out of TPU mold, which makes it lightweight and super shock absorbent. That also gives it its super slim form factor and its flexibility. With this case, you are well protected against most impacts, while also enhancing the look of your phone.

For now, you can get this crystal clear case for less than $8.

So, check it out right here>>

7) Riffue Slim Thin Fit Shell Hard Case Cover for OnePlus 3T

8-best-oneplus-5t-cases-to-cover-your-phoneNow, on 8 Best OnePlus 5T Cases to cover your phone, we have one super smooth looking matte case for you. It is made out of premium PC material which is scratch-resistant and wear-resisting. So, it can keep your phone in pretty good shape for your everyday wear-n-tear. It can also protect your phone against impacts and drops easily and effectively too. The matte texture gives you a good rip and reduces the fingerprint smudges as well.

You can choose from four different colors for as less as $8.

Take a look at this super matte hard case here>>

8) SunRemex Luxury Leather Grain Anti-Scratch Case for OnePlus 5T

8-best-oneplus-5t-cases-to-cover-your-phoneLast but not the least on 8 Best OnePlus 5T Cases to cover your phone. we have this classy leather looking soft case for your phone. This case has TPU construction, which protects your phone against drops, impacts, and scratches easily with shock absorption. Its Luxury leather grain texture makes for cool visual as well as good grip too.

You can have this case in other cool looking colors as well. For now, it is available for less than $8.

View this leather grain case here>>, these were the 8 Best OnePlus 5T Cases to cover your phone. We will be sure to update this list once more and better cases become available. Thanks for reading and stick with us for more such news and information.


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