10 Best Motorola Moto G6 Cases [Updated]

You are here for the Best Motorola Moto G6 Cases and Covers, right? Well, we happen to have the most exquisite list of cases for the Moto G6 from across the Internet. So, without wasting your time, let’s dive right into the list of Best Motorola Moto G6 Cases you can get right now.

1) KuGi Moto G6 Premium Case- 6th Generation

On the top of the list, we have the Kugi Moto G6 Premium Case cover. KuGi is a reputed brand when it comes to manufacturing high-quality phone cases and covers. This one is no different. This Motorola Moto G6 is specifically made for the phone and works as intended.

The phone case comes in 4 colour options which include Black, Red, Gray and Navy. I personally think that the phone case looks the best in Navy color option.

Check out this KuGi Moto G6 Premium Case here>>

2) TopACE Moto G6 Transparent Case- 6th Generationbest-motorola-moto-g6-cases-transparent-case

Transparent phone cases are my thing. As a person who likes to carry a phone without any case on, transparent cases are as close as it gets to not having on a phone case.

This Motorola Moto G6 Transparent phone case by TopACE is really well constructed and isn’t very flimsy. Even though it is a transparent case, this has some thickness to it. So, in case of a drop or an impact, the thickness will definitely come in handy.

Be warned though it won’t be able to endure impacts from heights. So, make sure you are applying a screen protector if you are thinking of getting this case.

View this Moto G6 Transparent Case here>>

3) Dretal Carbon Fiber Motorola Moto G6 2018 Casedretal-best-motorola-moto-g6-premium-case

The Dretal Carbon Fiber Moto G6 2018 Case is made from anti-Scratch TPU rubber and not out of Carbon Fiber as the company claims it is. With that out of the way, this Dretal Moto G6 Case is a well-built case and is available in 5 Colour options which include Gray, Black, Red, Mint, and Navy.

If you are someone who likes fancy cases and accessories, you should definitely check out this case in Mint colour option. The top and the bottom portion is embossed with carbon-fiber like material which the middle section of the case features a brushed finish.

And the best thing about this phone case has to be its price. As of now, you can grab this Moto G6 phone case cover for under $8. 

Check out this Moto G6 case here>>

4) Zeking Ultra-Slim Motorola Moto G6 Slim Casebest-motorola-moto-g6-cases-transparent

This is another transparent case for the Motorola Moto G6. What sets this transparent case apart from the one mentioned above is the build of the cases. This one is a little thinner but has air bubbles on all the four sides. So, in case of an impact, which is mostly on the sides, the phone has a higher chance of surviving thanks to the air bubbles on the side.

Another thing that sets this ZeKing case apart is its price. You can get this Moto G6 Transparent Case for under $5 as of right now.

Get this Moto G6 Slim Case Cover here>>

5) Moto G6 PU Leather Flip Cover Casebest-motorola-moto-g6-flip-case-cover

Flip covers aren’t as popular as they once were. But that doesn’t mean that no one likes this case covers anymore. I know a few of my friends who still rock the flip cover case because of its versatility and extra protection.

This Motorola Moto G6 PU Leather Flip Cover Case is slim and doesn’t add much bulk to the phone. It is available in Gray-Black color (as shown above) and also in Gold color option.

The case is made from a high-quality PU leather (synthesized leather) which protects the phone from scratches and bumps. You can get this phone case for Moto G6 for under $15.

View this Moto G6 Flip Case Cover here>>

6) Flexible TPU Moto G6 Silicone Coverbest-motorola-moto-g6-leather-case-rugged

If a designer phone case is what you are looking for, this Flexible Moto G6 Case is the one to go for.

The design pattern on the case reminds me of the housing of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. It’s exactly the same. However, at the bottom of the case, you will find a metallic finish which looks really good in person.

This Moto G6 phone case is available in 5 colour options and I think it looks best in Brown Colour option. You can have this phone for under $10.

Get this Premium Moto G6 Case here>>

7) TopACE Motorola Moto G6 2018 Flexible TPU Casebest-motorola-moto-g6-cases-soft-TPU-case

This is another cool case worth mentioning on this list of Best Motorola Moto G6 Cases. Made by TopACE, this case is available in Black and Blue colour and comes under $10. This is also a slim case that doesn’t add much bulk to the phone.

Made from Silicone TPU, the case can save the Moto G6 from scratches and dents. However, if you decide to get this phone case, make sure to get a tempered glass screen protector for the phone too.

Check out this Moto G6 Flexible Case here>>

8) Slim Matte Moto G6 Case cimo-best-motorola-moto-g6-premium-case

Nobody likes carrying around a bulky phone. And when the phone is slim, we definitely don’t want to make the phone bulky by sticking in a thick case, do we? Well, if you are like me who likes carrying around a slim phone, this Moto G6 Slim Case is the way to go.

Made by Cimo, this Moto G6 case is available in three colour options: Matte Black, Matte Smoke and Matte Pink. I definitely like the Matte Smoke phone case thanks to its minimalistic design. But being completely honest, I have to admit that the Matte Pink is quite a looker too.

On the front, the Motorola Moto G6 phone case has raised bezels to protect the display from shattering in case of an impact. This case is definitely my favorite on this list of Best Motorola Moto G6 Cases and Covers.

View this Slim Motorola Moto G6 Case here>>

9) Bovon Motorola Moto G6 Screen Protector best-motorola-moto-g6-tempered-glass-screen-protector

Sure, this ain’t a phone case cover but is certainly what I would recommend my readers to buy first. Bovon Motorola Moto G6 Screen Protector costs under $5 and comes in a pack of two. I highly commend my readers to buy the glass screen protector no matter you put on a phone case or not.

Why? The answer is simple. In case of a phone drop, replacing the screen protector for the Moto G6 will cost you $5. But if your phone doesn’t have one and it’s the screen which hits the concrete, be prepared to shell out $100 at least for your screen repair.

Putting on a tempered glass screen protector is a no-brainer. This Motorola Moto G6 Screen Protector can be easily installed by oneself right at home.

Get this Motorola Moto G6 Screen Protector here>>

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The Verdict: Best Motorola Moto G6 Cases

So there you have it. This was our list of  Best Motorola Moto G6 Cases and Covers. The phone has just come out on the market and we are sure that there will be many more cases that will be better in terms of design and priced more competitively in the future.

As such, we will make sure to update this list with more better and beautiful cases out there. The Moto G6 is a solid phone but also faces tough competition from the most recent Chinese Smartphones if not better. Till then, stay tuned and thanks for going through this article.

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