10 Best Moto Z3 Play Cases

Looking for the best Moto Z3 Play Cases? Well, you have come to the right place. This article features the best Moto Z3 Play Cases including rugged cases, transparent cases as well as slim cases for the phone. Without wasting your time, let’s dive straight into the list.

1) Moto Z3 Play Crystal Clear Hard Case


The type of case that I love for my phones is undoubtedly transparent cases. These cases are great because you can protect your phone without having to sacrifice the design of the phone.

So, first on this article, we have this crystal clear hard case for the Moto Z3 Play. This case, made out of premium PC material is highly resistant to drops, scratches and scuffs. Also, dual colours on the bumper and backplate add to better looks.

Also, the reason why this case is a no-brainer is the fact that it comes with a free tempered glass screen protector. There’s really no reason why you should not skip the rest of the list of best Moto Z3 Play cases list and get this one right away.

Check out the pricing of the case here>>

2) C&U Moto Z3 Play Super Frosted Slim Case10-best-moto-z3-play-cases

A combination of both PC and TPU, that offers the best protection but keeps it slim. This frosted case it has a PC backplate with a TPU bumper, giving you all the necessary protection at all the right places! The frosted cover means good grip and high resistance to dust and fingerprints as well.

You can also choose from three different colours for less than $8.

Take a look at this super frosted slim case here>>

3) Poetic Carbon Fiber Slim Moto Z3 Play Case

10-best-moto-z3-play-casesIf you are looking to buy a phone case for its looks, the Poetic Carbon Fiber Finish case has to be it. The design of the case is one of the best. It looks good without overdoing and looking too funky.

This one is a premium TPU case that is a great protection for your phone against any kind of shock. But it does have a great design and grip, with its carbon fibre texture and ultra slim fit.

This case is available in more than one colour which you can check by clicking the link below. You can get it for less than $10 as of now

Get the case from Poetic Official website>>

4) Otterbox Moto Z3 Play Commuter Series Case

Otterbox cases need no introduction. They are known for building tank-like cases. Let me also tell you, these cases don’t come cheap. The Otterbox Moto Z3 Play Commuter Series case costs $40.

For that much money, you get a dual-layer case which will protect the phone from almost any drop. It’s made from really high-quality materials and feels premium in hand.

You can get the Otterbox Moto Z3 Play case in four different colours  But the bright coloured blue case is what really grabs the attention.

5) Dux Ducis Ultra Slim Leather Flip Moto Z3 Play Case

10-best-moto-z3-play-casesIf you want to give your phone some class, then, we have an ultra slim leather case for you. This has to be one of the best clean looking cases in this list of Best Moto Z3 Play Cases that costs under $10.

This is made out of synthetic PU leather with soft inner linings so as not to scratch your screen. The material is durable against most scratches and light drops. In addition, includes a card slot and flip cover can be used as a kickstand for media watching.

This case is available with Deep Blue colour as default, but this Gray (which is an option) looks better.

Get the slim classy leather flip case for $10 here>>

6) LK Ultra Slim Rubber Soft Clear Moto Z3 Play Case


This is another clear case for the Moto Z3 Play which is definitely worth a look. The case is slim and adds little to no bulk to the phone. But mind you, this case doesn’t offer extreme protection to the phone. A tempered glass screen protector is highly recommended.

The reasons why you may want to grab a transparent case is as follows:

  • A clear case that doesn’t hide the metallic stylish body
  • The rubber silicone case protects your phone by absorbing shock
  • The case adds no weight to the phone whatsoever
  • It makes the back scratch-resistant and good as new even after years

You can also get this case in a non-transparent version which goes for sale for as low as $8.

Check out this clear soft and flexible case here>>

7) Wellci Outback Light Rugged Moto Z3 Play Case

10-best-moto-z3-play-casesThis Wellci Outback rugged case that offers you premium protection without adding too much bulk to the phone. This case has TPU construction with rugged body design so as to give you a higher level of protection without the weight of dual layers.

With dotted texture, the case is also quite grippy and comfortable to hold. It is available in three different colors for as low as $10.

Take a look at this slim yet rugged case here>>

8) Incipio Moto Z3 Play Back Plateincipio-motorola-moto-z3-play-back-plate

Incipio is one of the older case manufacturers which is well known for making quality phone and tablet cases. This one for the Moto Z3 Play is no different.

With this Incipio case, what you get is a hard backplate which is available with different patterns and designs which adds to the design of the phone.

It is also one of the slimmest cases in the list adding very little bulk to the phone. However, this is the best case if you are looking to add protection to the phone.

Get this Incipio Moto Z3 Play from their official website>>

9) Innens Hybrid Heavy Duty Moto Z3 Play Case

10-best-moto-z3-play-casesIf you don’t mind a bit of weight and that bulkiness for some heavy protection, then, this one is for you. With two layers of silicone on the inside and hard PC on the outside with considerable thickness, it can protect your Moto Z3 Play against most kind of impacts.

Also, it features a 180-degree rotating belt-clip swivel for easy carry, which can also act as a kickstand for convenience. You can choose from among five different colors for less than $10.

Have a look at this heavy-duty case here>>

10) LK Luxury Leather Wallet Moto Z3 Play Case

10-best-moto-z3-play-casesFlip phone cases may be out of fashion but if you are anything like me, you will still want to get one of these. With PU leather construction, it can protect your phone well against scratches and scuffs. It also includes 3 card slots and a cash pocket as well.

The flip cover can also act as a kickstand for easy media watching. In addition, it has a magnetic lock and a strap for easy carrying as well.

Unfortunately, you can’t use Moto Mods with this case in place. So, if that is important to you, you may want to look at some other case.

There are  3 different colours for you to choose from and you can get it for less than $10 as of now.

Get this luxury wallet leather case for Moto Z3 Here>>

The Verdict: Best Moto Z3 Play you can buy today

The Moto Z3 Play may just be the best mid-range smartphone you can get today. It’s also one of the few phones to let users add modular components. Thanks to the Moto Mods, you can add additional hardware to the phone.

All the cases in this list are compatible with the moto-mods. The case that I recommend if you own or plan to get the Moto Z3 Play has to be the first case in this list. It comes under $10 and also includes screen protector for free. It’s the one I recommend to most of the readers here.

But if you are looking for a rugged case for your new phone, the WellCi case (the 7th case on the list) is a solid option.

So, these were the 10 Best Moto Z3 Play Cases. Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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    Gajurikihi Sirenuwa June 27, 2018 at 12:26 pm

    I am looking for a metal case for the Moto Z3 Play. Any recommendations? Thank you.

  2. Does anyone make a case for the Moto Z3 Play that allows you to use it with the standard Moto power mod attached? I like the extended battery life. I’d prefer not to sacrifice it so I was hoping someone made a case for it.

  3. Is there a case for the Moto Z3 Play that allows the use of the battery Mod with in the case with the pfone?



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