10 Best Mi Band 3 Replacement Straps

The Xiaomi Mi Band 3 is undoubtedly the best fitness tracker you can buy for under $30. And it’s no surprise it’s selling like hotcakes.

The band comes with a soft silicone band in the box which is good but not everyone wants to stick with plain silicone strap. If you are one of such people, here are the Best Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Replacement Straps and Bands that are worth a shot. 

1) Colorful Silicone Replacement Band for Mi Band 3


This is the colorful Mi Band 3 strap specially designed with women in mind. You can get this band in handful color option and design option. I am pretty sure if you are looking for a gunky strap for your Mi Band 3, one of these will be your next purchase.

Priced at under $5, you really can’t go wrong with this Mi Band 3 strap. It has got a texture similar to that of the stock band and the finish of it is good. But keep in mind that, different designs have different prices.

So, make sure to check the varying prices of the different models of this strap.

View this Silicone Band here>>

2) Strap smart Mi Band 3 Sports Band


Best for Sports Usage

If you are a runner or if you use the Mi Band 3 for fitness purpose, this will undoubtedly be one of the best Mi Band 3 Replacement Straps for you. Just like the strap above it, you can get this one too for under $5. However, we have seen a fluctuation of the price of this particular band quite a bit. One time it was priced as high as $12. So, we advise you to check the price before making a purchase.

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This sports Mi Band 3 strap is available in a multitude of colors including Deep Red, Tello color, Blue color, and Purple color.

This special feature of this strap is the breathable band feature. It is n unisex strap for the Mi Band 3. Just make sure to choose the color of your choice before checkout.

In my opinion, the strap looks the best in Red color option. But of course, check the other color options before making your purchase decision.

Get this Sports Strap here>>

3) Staron Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Stainless Steel Replacement Strap


The head unit of the Mi Band 3 looks elegant but the band, not so much. If you are looking for a premium strap for your new smartwatch, the Staron Stainless Steel Replacement Strap is the one you should go for.

This strap works great when you have to attend a party or need to have a classy look. Also, if you need to attend a business meeting with your suit and tie on, it’s a good idea to swap to this stainless steel strap. When you want to work out, you can easily swap back to the rubber band that the Mi Band 3 originally comes in.

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Installing and removing this stainless steel strap is also really easy. You can swap out the original band with this one in a matter of seconds. You can get this band in either silver, black or gold color option.

View this Stainless Steel Strap here>>

4) Staron Metal Case Cover for Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Braceletxiaomi-mi-band-3-leather-replacement-bands

This is one of my favorite Mi Band 3 Replacement Straps and the one I recommend to those who are looking to up the look and feel of their fitness tracker.

You can get this leather Mi Band 3 strap in 4 colors. However, as you would expect, your Mi band 3 will no longer be 50m water-resistant when you have this strap one. It’s made from synthetic leather which will wear out when exposed to water for a long period of time. Exposing the band to the light rain won’t be much of an issue, though.

The strap looks quite good and much better than what it looks like in the pictures. There’s a soft cushioning on the inner part of the strap when makes wearing it for an extended period quite comfortable. You can get one of these for under $5.

View this Leather Mi Band 3 Strap here>>

5) DingTool Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Replacement Band


If you regret buying the Mi Band 3 in Black color, this is exactly what you should get. The DingTool Mi Band 3 replacement band looks and feels identical to the OEM band that comes in the box. But of course, you can get it in more than 10 color options!

You can, of course, buy it in Black color, in case the something went wrong with the one that came in the box. And then there are other colors like Green, Red, Orange, Blue, Purple, Pink and White. You can even buy them in a set and save a lot of money.

Get the bundle price here>>

6) Replacement Stainless Steel Wristband Band Strap For Xiaomi Mi Band 3mi-band-3-stainless-steel-replacement-band

Of all the Mi Band 3 Replacement Straps, this one has to be one of the most expensive ones. But the fit and finish of this strap is far superior to any of the other straps mentioned in this list.

The stainless steel strap has got some heft to it and reminds of me the genuine Casio Edifice watch strap that came with the watch. The weight itself is alone worth the price you are paying.

However, I wouldn’t go with the silver stainless strap as pictured above. Rather, I would choose the Blackstrap which goes really well with the Mi Band 3.

Check out this strap here>>

7) Ounice TPU Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Strapdesigner-mi-band-3-replacement-band-girls

This is yet another strap for the Mi Band 3 designed for the women. You can get this strap in various color and design options. It’s just as easy to install as the default band and is just as durable.

This Mi Band 3 is water-resistant and works well during workouts. For around $2, you really cannot go wrong with this one. If you don’t like this design of the band, there are a lot of other designs you can choose from. I wish some of the designs would be made for men but unfortunately, that’s not the case.

8) Kanzd Fashion Silicone Mi Band 3 Wristbandmi-band-3-soft-silicone-replacement-band

This Kanzd Silicone Wristband is by far my favorite Mi Band 3 Replacement Straps for several reasons. It looks subtle and doesn’t scream ‘fancy’. However, it looks much better than the default strap the Mi Band 3 comes in.

mi-band-3-replacement-strap-color-optionsYou will also love the fact that you can get this strap in a whopping 13 color options. Even better, as of now, this strap is priced at just $0.99. You can just go ahead and buy multiple colors of the strap and change them you feel like. The texture of the band is also quite unique.

I have shown this strap to a lot of the people and almost everyone liked the look of it. The strap is also easy to install and remove. You can wear this one for a long time without any fatigue or irritation to the skin.

View this Mi Band 3 colorful strap here>>

9) Becoler Replacement Band For Xiaomi Mi Band 3


The face of this strap is what separates this replacement band from the others. The band features a metallic head where the head-unit of the Mi Band 3 is placed. The other part of the strap is made from faux leather.

Do keep in mind that the strap part itself is not water-resistant. So make sure that you avoid the rain while using the Mi Band 3 with this strap on.

You can get this leather Mi Band 3 strap in Blue, Black, White, and Brown in color. Personally, I would go with the brown color option.

Check this leather band here>>

10) Xiaomi Band 3 Braided Bracelet Strap mi-band-3-unique-replacement-band

I will be honest here. This Mi Band 3 replacement band isn’t going to be for everyone. It looks like something hippies would wear and the target audience for this replacement band is undoubtedly small. But truth be told, this is one band I really happen to love!

Of all the Mi Band 3 Replacement Straps in this article, you will find this to be the most unique one. It’s going to be a good choice for those who are traveling and going to different countries. It’s something that most foreigners seem to wear.

If you want to look cool and different from the crowd, you should try this one, no doubt. Unfortunately, you can get this one only in Black color.

View this Bracelet here>>

Verdict: Which Mi Band 3 Replacement Band should you buy?

The reason why there are a variety of bands for the Mi Band 3 is the fact that people have different taste. The band I like may not be something you will love too and vice versa.

However, if you ask me, I personally think that the Mi Band 3 Sports Band (No.2 on the list) is the best. It is priced really well and the design of it quite unique. Also, the breathable band means that you won’t have sweaty writes after your workout. The color options that you get is also quite nice.

Frequently asked questions about the Mi Band 3

1) How easy/difficult is it to remove the strap from the Mi Band 3?

I will be honest here. Removing and re-installing the Mi Band 3 isn’t easy. The first time I tried it, I was sure to break the band. But with time and patience, I have learned that the band is quite durable and should last a really long time.

2) Does the Mi Band 3 fall off from the strap just like on the Mi Band 2?

Thankfully with the Mi Band 3, Xiaomi has fixed the issue where the Mi Band would fall off the strap. So, if you are planning to get an additional strap for your Mi Band 3 due to the fear of it falling off, you really don’t need to. The stock strap that comes with the Mi Band 3 is already good enough.

The Mi Band 3 uses a new design which makes sure that the Mi Band 3 doesn’t fall off without the user consent.

3) Where can I buy genuine first-part Mi Band 3 Band?

Unfortunately, you can’t. Xiaomi doesn’t directly sell its Mi Band 3 straps so there’s no way you can buy it from them.

No matter where you buy your replacement band, it’s going to be a third-party one. And that’s that.

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