10 Best Laptop Bag Deals Black Friday 2019

With 100s of Bag Packs to choose from, at times, it gets really confusing while deciding which one to go for. Look, almost all branded laptop bags are going to be of high quality but the real question is which one of them is the best for you. And we will answer your question with this article 10 Best Laptop Bag Deals Black Friday 2019.

Laptop bags are supposed to carry your laptop along with other items. The bags mentioned below also make sure that they provide excellent protection to the laptop without having to carry an extra sleeve for the laptop. So, let’s check out the Best Laptop Bag Deals Black Friday 2019 which includes the bags which you can get at unbelievable prices.

1) InCase Icon Packbest-laptop-bag-deals-black-friday-2017

InCase bags are always on top of my list whenever I am in search of a new bag. And here it is, again, at the top of my list. This InCase Icon Pack is the company’s latest offering and comes in three colors: Red, Gray, and Black.

InCase Icon is one of the best bags the company has on offer. The bag is made from 100% nylon and it also resists water. The nice thing about this laptop bag has to be the fact that it can store a lot more than just your laptop.

For instance, you can carry your 15″ laptops including the 15-inch MacBook Pro as well as the 10.5″ iPad Pro in this bag without any issues.

The Icon’s biggest compartment is in the center of the bag which includes a lot of slots, pockets and pouches. The sides of the bag have pockets too which is ideal for holding powerbanks and other smaller stuff.

Check out this InCase Icon Pack here>>

2) Case Logic 15.6″ Laptop Casebest-laptop-bag-deals-black-friday-2017

Okay, not everyone likes bag pack that you carry behind your back. Maybe you are one of those people who like to carry your bag at the hand or maybe you are someone who is used to carrying a handbags, and if that’s the case, you should definitely check out the Case Logic 15.6″ Laptop case. Not only does it look good, but it is also really well made.

Having used the Case Logic 15.6″ Laptop Case for months, I can say it with you with confidence that, the laptop is indeed really well made and deserves a look.

Unfortunately, though, you can only get the Case Logic laptop bag in Black color. From what I know, this laptop bag was designed to be taken to offices and Black seems to be the ideal color option.

View this Case Logic 15.6 Laptop Case here>>

3) Life Boost Vintage Satchel Messenger Laptop Bagbest-laptop-bag-deals-black-friday-2017

Did you really like the Case Logic bag for laptops but didn’t like the looks of it, you should check out the Life Boost Laptop Bag. The laptop bag is available in Coffee color and in Black color as well.


Be warned though, this Satchel holds computers up to only 14″ in size. So if you carry laptops which are bigger than 14″, look for another bag. This one isn’t going to cut it out for you. 
The Life Boost Vintage Bag is made from Canvas and is water-resistant. Other parts like the straps as well as the lining are made out of leather. The zippers are all made out of metal.

Check out this Life Boost Bag Pack here>>

4) Lifewit Mens Vintage Canvas Leather Messenger Bagbest-laptop-bag-deals-black-friday-2017

If you are looking for a quality product from a non-branded company, the LifeWit will amaze you as a user. This has to be my personal favorite Laptop bag on this list of 10 Best Laptop Bag Deals Black Friday 2017. There are better laptop bags for sure but the reason why I really love it so much has to do with the fact that it costs less than $40.

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The Lifewit Men’s Vintage Bag is available in Coffee colorArmy Green color and in Grey color. This Mens bag is made out of genuine leather and is also washable. What’s more? There’s handle on the top of the bag. 
Another great thing about this laptop bag has to be the fact that this laptop bag can hold laptops as big as 17.3″. The compartment where you put on your laptop is also padded which is great for protecting your laptop in case of a drop. And as you would expect, the straps are fully adaptable according to your needs. The bag is also very easy to travel with and carry for a long period of time.

Check out this Lifewit Leather Messenger Bag here>>

5) Incase City Collection 15″ Briefbest-laptop-bag-deals-black-friday-2017

This is the second InCase product featured on this list of 10 Best Laptop Bag Deals Black Friday 2019 and for a good reason. This laptop Brief will be your best option especially when you have a laptop which is 15″ or smaller.

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This laptop bag isn’t cheap but you know where your money is exactly going. This InCase laptop bag isn’t waterproof but it can resist mild ran with no problem. Also, the compartment where you keep your laptop is padded really well. A drop or two with a laptop inside the InCase laptop bag shouldn’t be a problem.

The InCase City Collection 15″ Brief is available in 3 exciting colors: GunMetal Grey/Heather Black, Dark Khaki, and Black.

See this InCase Brief here>>

6) UGRACE Slim Business School Shoulder Bag for Men/Womenbest-laptop-bag-deals-black-friday-2017

If you are looking for a backpack for your school, The UGACE Slim Shoulder Bag comes in whooping 6 colors which includes Green, Red, Black, Grey, Blue, and Purple.

The UGrace Schoolbag is made from really high-quality Oxford Fabric and has a quilted polyester lining. There’s a main compartment in the bag which can store in a laptop as big as 15.6″. The bag is slim and is recommended to those who take up their laptops to university and school every day.  You can get this laptop bag for under $30. 

View this UGRACE Slim Laptop Bag here>>

7) AmazonBasics Backpack for Laptops best-laptop-bag-deals-black-friday-2017

If you have shopped at Amazon before, you must know that they make some high-quality products and sell them at extremely competitive prices. The AmazonBasics Backpack is no different.

The AmazonBasics BagPack can hold laptops up to 17″ and that’s going to be enough for most people. There are also mesh water bottle pockets at the side. The BackPack doesn’t have any fancy features though. With over 3,226 highly appreciated Amazon reviews, you really can’t go wrong with this one. This backpack is available for under $30 and comes in Black color only.

Check out the AmazonBasics Backpack here>>

8) Swiss Ruigor 9508 Water Resistant Polyester Laptop Backpack best-laptop-bag-deals-black-friday-2017

Swiss Ruigor Water Resistant Polyester Laptop Backpack fits a laptop up to 15.6″. However, through my usage, I can say that the laptop bag gits laptop up to 17(snugly). This laptop bag comes in Black color option only.


This laptop backpack has 3 compartments, 4 side pockets, and 9 inner pockets. There’s also a headphone port on the side which comes in handy when you have your phone inside the bag and want to listen to the music anyways. Also, there’s a loop where you can hook in your sunglasses.
The main compartment is where you put most of your stuff. There’s a separate compartment for storing in your laptop. You can place some books, smartphone, and other accessories in other compartments which is really handy. The bag is made from water-resistant material.

Check out this Swiss Ruigor Case here>>

9) SwissGear Travel Gear Laptop Bagbest-laptop-bag-deals-black-friday-2017

Anyone who knows even a little about bags most probably knows about SwissGear products. The SwissGear Travel Gear is a very high-quality product which can hold laptops up to 17″ in size.

There’s a separate compartment for laptop, a separate compartment for tablets and lots of places to store your things. It’s a medium-sized bag with lots of pockets in it.
This SwissGear Travel bag costs around $70 and if you want a bag that will last for a really long time, get this one, no question asked!

Get this SwissGear Travel Gear Backpack here>>

10) Thule Subterra Daypackbest-laptop-bag-deals-black-friday-2017

Thule Subterra Daypack is one of the most expensive laptop bags in this list of 10 Best Laptop Bag Deals Black Friday 2019. Thule Subterra Daypack is available in the following color options: Drab, Dark Shadow, Sand, and Poseidon.

There are a couple of features that stand out in this BackPack:

  • SafeEdge Construction compartment for superior laptop protection in case of a drop
  • Protective tablet compartment
  • Zippered mesh pocket keeps small items in place
  • Quick Access front pocket for keeping frequently used items such as SSDs, power banks and iPods

Thule is a brand which is more than just a fashion brand. It is known for its rugged design and high-quality products. The Thule Subterra Daypack comes with 25 years warranty. 

View this Thule Subterra Backpack here>>

So, these are the 10 best Laptop Bag Deals Black Friday 2019. We are sure you liked at least one of them from the list. Do let us know which one of the aforementioned list is your favorite and also let us know why.

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