6 Best Internal SSD Deals Black Friday 2019

There are a lot of SSDs out there and in recent years, all brands are making one. There are good SSDs out there but also ones that are really not worth the money.

While I mostly recommend people buying from a popular brand, there are some exceptions. Whatever be the case, you need to make sure that you need to buy a reliable SSD. SSDs are where you store all your files, phones, and other media and you certainly don’t want to get a one that will malfunction in a year or two.

The holiday season is around the corner and here’s the 6 Best Internal SSD Deals Black Friday 2019. I have also shared the links through which you can buy the SSDs for a lot less price.

Note: If you are looking for Portable Solid State Drive (SSD), click here.

Types of SSDs

But before you get on with this article, there’s something you should know. Not all SSDs will be compatible with your computer. There are two types of SSDs covered in this article:

  • SATA III Internal SSD
  • M.2 Internal SSD

SATA III Internal SSD is 2.5″ in size and will fit most of the laptops and even gaming consoles as well as PCs. In fact, you can install the Solid State Drives mentioned below on a PlayStation 4 (I did!) and significantly cut down the game loading times.

SATA Internal SSD can be installed on most of the laptops which have regular hard drives and most of the motherboards on the PCs have a SATA slot so chances are that SATA III Internal Solid State Drives will work for you.

The M.2 Internal SSD is a newer standard wherein the drives are faster and the SSD itself is quite small. If you have got an ultrabook or a modern desktop computer, you are likely going to have an M.2 slot. Make sure to check if you have the slots on your device before you jump out and purchase the SSD. The SSD No.2 and SSD No.6 on this list are M.2 Solid State Drives.

Best Internal SSD to Buy Black Friday 2019

1) Samsung 860 EVO 2.5-Inch SATA III Internal SSDbest-internal-ssd-deals-black-friday-2017-4

Samsung was the one to bring the Solid State Drives to the mainstream but that’s not the only reason why this SSD is on the top of the list. The Samsung 860 EVO is priced really well and manages to bring out a lot of performance to the table.

With read and write speeds of 550MB/s and 520MB/s respectively, you really can’t go wrong with this SSD.

The SSD comes with a lot of storage options including:

  • 250GB
  • 500GB
  • 1TB
  • 2TB
  • 4TB

If you are coming from a conventional hard disk and just migrating to the Solid State Drives category, the differences you will see is day and night!

That’s not all. This Internal SSD is extremely reliable too. Samsung gives a 5-year warranty and promises 1.5 million hours of reliability.

View this Samsung 860 Internal SSD here>>

2) Samsung 970 PRO Series PCIe NVMe M.2 Internal SSDbest-internal-ssd-deals-black-friday-2017-4

Here’s one of the fastest SSD you can get for your new machine. The Samsung 970 Pro NVMe M.2 SSD. But be aware, it may not be perfectly compatible with your system. Make sure that your system can take in M.2 SSDs. If you rock a fairly new system, the motherboard is likely to have the slot.

The Samsung 970 Pro SSD can easily reach speeds north of 3500MB/s (read speed) and 2100MB/s (write speed). Also, while not all the laptops will have an M.2 slot, many of them do. Be sure to check if your laptop or your ultrabook has an M.2 slot where you can stick this thing in. This SSD is available on the following disk sizes:

  • 500GB
  • 1TB
  • 2TB

The reliability of the Samsung disk is also second to none. From all the reviews I have read a lot of reviews of this drive and I am yet to read a review regarding the failure of this M.2 nVME SSD.

Check out this Samsung M.2 NVMe SSD here>>

3) Kingfast SSD 2.5 Inch 120GB Internal Solid State Drivekingfast-internal-ssd-cheap-black-friday

If you are low on cash but want to join the SSD bandwagon, this Kingfast SSD is the way to go. If Kingfast is something that you have not heard before, you are not alone. It’s not an immediately recognizable brand and it has its share of not-so-good news looming around the Internet. But you really can’t go wrong with this 240GB SSD which can be had for under $40.

I don’t fully recommend you to have this as your only and primary drive. If you plan on using it with some other drive in conjunction, it’s going to be really worth it. If you are looking for an Internal SSD to play games on and have all your save files on the cloud, you can go ahead and buy this SSD without thinking too much.

You can get the Kingfast SSD in 240GB, 960GB, 1TB and 2TB configuration. I only recommend getting the 240GB variant of the SSD. With read speeds up to 550MB/s and write speeds up to 430MB/s, this SSD is plenty fast for running any modern game. 

Check out this Kingfast Internal SSD here>>

4) Crucial MX500 SATA 2.5″ Internal Solid State Drive

crucial-mx500-internal-ssd-black-friday-2019Crucial, Sandisk, Samsung, all are known for making quality drives. The Crucial MX500 is the latest offering from the company and it’s priced really well. This Crucial MX 500 is one of the highest-rated SSDs there is. No wonder it’s Amazon’s Choice for SSDs. The drive has read speed of 560MB/s and write speed of 510MB/s. While it isn’t as fast as the nVME PCI-E SSDs, it’s about 10 times faster than the regular 5400-RPM hard-drives.  This SSD is available in the following sizes:

  • 250GB
  • 500GB
  • 1TB (recommended based on the price)
  • 2TB

If you are looking for a reliable drive that does just more than storing files, you will definitely want to look at this Crucial SSD. The performance of this drive is accelerated by the Micron 3D NAND technology.

The MX500 is a great choice if you are planning to use this internal SSD as your primary drive. The SSD uses Integrated Power Loss Immunity that preserves the work even when the power is cut-off. In addition to that, thanks to the AES 256-bit encryption, you don’t have to worry about data theft.

View this Crucial MX500 SSD here>>

5) SanDisk Ultra 3D SATA III Internal Solid State Drive (SSD)sandisk-ultra-3d-ssd-black-friday

Here’s another SSD in the list of Best Internal SSD Deals Black Friday 2019 that you are sure to love. The SandDisk 3D NAND drive is as good as the Samsung SATA III SSD but costs less. What’s more? This SSD uses the 3D NAND technology which improves the longevity of the drive while maintaining consistent performance.

You can get the SanDisk UltraI in the following storage configurations:

  • 250GB
  • 500GB
  • 1TB (Our recommendation)
  • 2TB
  • 4TB

The 4TB variant of this SSD will set you back $499. But this isn’t the drive we recommend. The 1TB model is the one you should get. Priced at around $100 during Black Friday, this drive a great deal for the money.

Get this SanDisk Ultra 3D SATA III here>>

6) Crucial MX300 M.2 Internal Solid State Drivebest-internal-ssd-deals-black-friday-2017

Crucial M.2 Internal SSD uses micron 3D Nand technology which has higher storage density compared to SSDs that use the 2D Nand technology. Not only that, the Crucial SSD mentioned here can achieve speeds north of 500MB/s. That’s a really good performance for a budget M.2 drive for sure.

Not only is the Crucial M.2 Internal SSD a good deal for this Black Friday 2019, but it is also a really good investment. When you stick it in a laptop, it will consume less power than a traditional hard drive and also less power than what a SATA III SSD will consume.

If you are on a tight budget but really need to get the M.2 SSD, this Crucial M.2 SSD is the way to go.

Get more performance details and price details here>>

So, these are my top picks for the Best Internal SSD Deals Black Friday 2019. Sure there are a lot more options you can look into but all the other SSDs have one problem or the other. Again, as I had said at the beginning of the article, don’t cheap out on SSDs. Solid State Drives are meant to be a long-term investment and you really don’t want to lose all your files and data you have collected in many years in a splash.

Also, the Black Friday deals that I have mentioned in the article are likely to last for a certain period of time only and the prices will be reverted back to normal after Black Friday. As such, do head to the links and get yourself the SSD you are looking for as soon as possible.

As always, thanks for reading this post and hope that this post was helpful to you and helped make you a purchase decision.

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