10 Best Huawei Mate SE Cases and Covers

If you are looking for various design phone cases for the Huawei Mate SE, you have come to the right place. Be it slim cases, transparent cases or even rugged cases for the Mate SE, this post has all of it (and more covered). Here are the 10 Best Huawei Mate SE Cases and Covers that you can buy right now. 

Huawei Mate SE is the most recent smartphone launch from Huawei. Internationally known as the Huawei Honor 7x, the Mate SE without any doubt is one of the best phones for the phone in the US right now. Without wasting your times, let’s directly dive into the 10 Best Huawei Mate SE Cases and covers that are available today:

1) Spigen Huawei Mate SE Slim Armor Case


On the top of the list, we have the Huawei Mate SE Slim Armor case by Spigen. Spigen has been my favorite case manufacturer for quite a while now. It is not the low price of the case but also the design and makes of the case that surprises me.

This Spigen case, in particular, has a dual-tone finish to it. ON the top of the bottom, we get a carbon fiber texture whereas, in the center, we are treated with a smooth black finish.

On the front too, the company has done something clever. The case is raised above the screen so that the screen doesn’t crack in the case of a frontal impact.

Check out this Mate SE Spigen Case here>>

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2) Huawei Mate SE Slim Rugged Case by Omoton


If a rugged yet stylish case is your style, this Omoton case is something you will definitely fall in love with. The case comes with three colour options: Rose Gold, Black and Space Gray. So, if this rose gold in the image above isn’t your pick, there are other colour options available.

This case is a dual layer case and is made from two materials. On the front, there’s a soft TPU material which absorbs the impact in case of a drop. Whereas on the outside, there’s a hard PC outer shell which stops the phone from being physically damaged.

The case costs under $10 and for this little money, there’s very little to complain about this Mate SE Case.

View it here>>

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3) KuGi Huawei Mate SE Premium TPU Case Cover


KuGi is another case manufacturer which comes to the back of my mind when I am looking for a phone case. They too make excellent quality cases and the thing to love about them is that the design of their cases is quite unique too.

This case right here without any doubt is one of my favorite cases in this list Best Huawei Mate SE cases. This Mate SE comes in 4 color options which include Navy, Black, Gray, and Red. I personally think that this Kugi cases look most striking in Navy color option.

This KuGi case too comes under $10 and is one of the cases that I whole-heartedly recommend.

Check out this Premium Huawei Mate SE Case>>

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4) Huawei Mate SE Rugged Case by Linkertech


While these rugged cases with kick-stand may not be in fashion anymore, I am pretty sure that there are a few of us left who simply love these cases.

This Huawei Mate SE Rugged case is function over form. Sure, this case adds quite a bit of bulk to the phone but in return, you are getting much more robust protection.

And what’s more, you can also flick that kickstand and enjoy a movie in that gorgeous 5.93″ Full HD+ display of your Mate SE. This case comes in Black, Blue, and Red in Colour.

Check out this Rugged Huawei Mate SE Case>>

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5) Huawei Mate SE Slim Transparent Case


If carrying a phone without a case is what you like, this is as close as it gets. Phones today are extremely vulnerable. One good drop and get ready to shower a couple of hundreds of dollar. This is where this Huawei Mate SE Transparent Case comes handy.

Sure, this case will not provide Rugged case quality protection but coupled with a good-tempered glass screen protector (see No.10), this case can definitely protect the phone in case of a drop.

And you can get these for dirt cheap prices too! This one here costs under $5.

Get this Huawei Mate SE Transparent Case here>>

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6) Huawei Mate SE Case for Girls


Not everyone is a fan of stealthy cases. People like colors too. This Huawei Mate SE Case, which specifically is made for girls comes in this really good design. This has to be the best decorative case in this list of Best Huawei Mate SE cases. Period.

This is a transparent pattern case and adds minimal thickness to the phone. This case cover comes under $10 and is well constructed unlike many of the flimsy transparent cases.

Not a big fan of this flower design? Guess what? There are 4 designs to choose from. Pretty sure you will like one of them.

Check out all the designs for this case here>>

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7) Huawei Mate SE Designer Case Cover


This is another designer case for the Huawei Mate SE. This Huawei case looks really upmarket and is available in 5 designs. The one pictured above is called grid and the colors are arranged in a grid. There are also cases with other designs and patterns.

Do not, however, this is a thin case and won’t provide the best of protection. If you plan on using this case on a daily basis, make sure to apply a screen protector as well.

See this designer case here>>

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8) Tudia Huawei Mate SE Case Rugged Case


This is yet another Rugged case for the Huawei Mate SE. But this one is special. Unlike other rugged cases which are dull and boring, this one clearly isn’t! This Tudia rugged case comes in 4 color options: Mint, Matte Black, Slate Black and Rose Gold. I personally find the Slate Black to look the best.

This case snaps into the Mate SE securely and is built like a tank. The Tudia Rugged case is capable of protecting the phone even in case of a drop from 5M. There’s also a frontal lip which will protect the screen from shattering in case of a drop. You can get this case for under $15.

Check it out here>>

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9) Easy Acc TPU Huawei Mate SE Case Cover


If a minimalistic design is what you prefer, you are bound to love this EasyAcc Huawei Mate SE case. This case is currently on discount at Amazon and maybe the perfect time to buy it. Apart from the pricing, this case carries a stealthy look. The black matte finish of this case makes it stand out from the crowd.

Unfortunately, these Mate SE case only comes with this matte black finish. If you are looking for something fancier, you should check out other cases on this list.

View this Stealthy Mate SE Case here>>

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10) LK Huawei Mate SE Screen Protector


On the end of the Best Huawei Mate SE Cases list, we have a screen protector! Sure, this is not a case but something that you should definitely not miss out on. Most of the folks just put on a phone case and not care a bit about the frontal protection- where most protection is required.

This LK Huawei Mate SE Screen protector is the best one I found. It comes in under $10 and comes in a pack of two. If you mess one up, there’s this peace of mind knowing there’s another left too.

And this is a full-screen coverage which protects the screen right from the top-bezel to the bottom-bezel. The entire front of the phone is covered and not only the display part.

Get this Huawei Mate SE Screen Protector here>>

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  1. Great reviews, thank you.

    Are there any cases fore the Huawei mate se that include a belt clip. I prefer to carry my phone that way.

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