10 Best Galaxy A01 2020 Cases and Covers

Entry-level Android phones from Samsung for 2020 are on a league of their own. If you aren’t gaming or aren’t looking for a phone with a spectacular camera, you can get away with the Galaxy A01 without any problem. In this article, we will be looking at the Best Galaxy A01 Cases and Covers. Let’s get to the list!

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Idea Line Hard Case with Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy A01

idea line hard case for samsung galaxy a01 tempered glassFirst up on the list of 10 Best Galaxy A01 2020 Cases and Covers, we have this hard case by Idea Line. This case is constructed out of hard PC material, which is designed to withstand impacts and shocks and bumps. The hardback is also matte brushed to give it a cool metallic look!

Also, there are rubberized coating around the sides to protect the edges and also grip the phone to keep it a snug fit. In addition to that, the rubber coating also helps to put it on and off easily without the use of any tools.

Furthermore, another good thing about this case is that it also comes with a screen protector as well. So, you’re getting all-round protection for your Samsung Galaxy A01 with this case for a comparatively lesser price!

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GSDCB Air Cushion Soft Clear Case for Samsung Galaxy A01

gsdcb air cushion clear case for samsung galaxy a01 softIf you’re not a fan of cases that cover your whole phone, then, this clear case might do the trick for you. This clear case is also a product of a combination of two different materials – a mold of both soft TPU and hard PC.

The back of the case is TPU material which absorbs shock upon impact whereas the edge is made out of PC to provide protection against impacts and drops to where phones are most vulnerable. Also, the TPU back features anti-slip and anti-scratch features.

The Air Cushion design gives the case the ability to absorb shock better even in a very thin and slim profile, Plus, the front bezes are raised for screen protection for lay on the table design.

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Teayoha Carbon Fiber Protective Case for Samsung Galaxy A01

teayoha shock absorbing case for samsung galaxy a01 carbon fiberNext up, we have a cool looking phone case with carbon fiber design for your Samsung Galaxy A01. The case is a TPU constructed case with shock-absorbing capabilities to protect against drops and impacts. In addition to the TPU material’s own properties, the inside of the case features tiny air bubbles to enhance shock absorption, making for a drop resistance protection.

The carbon fiber design at the back not only looks cool but also adds grip and a good-touch feeling on the hands while also making it scratch resistant. Also, this case, too, comes with a screen protector just like the first one on the list. Therefore, it also makes for all-round protection – from the screen to the body – everything is covered.

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M Maikezi Liquid Floating Cute Case for Samsung Galaxy A01

maikezi liquid float cute case for galaxy a01 bling caseNow, this one here, on this list of 10 Best Galaxy A01 2020 Cases and Covers, is for those who want a little bit of glitter in their lives – mostly for the women – who this case is intended for. But it’s also usable for the men – we’re not judging! What makes it most suited to the ladies is the bling and glittery design on the back. The liquid floating glitter inside makes for an eye-catching jacket for your Samsung Galaxy A01.

Other than that, this case is constructed out of TPU material which is known for its shock-absorbing qualities. Plus, the corners are extra strengthened to protect the most vulnerable parts of your phone. In addition, the liquid float inside contains little heart sequins that flow freely inside and look cute on your device.

And since it’s leakproof, you don’t need to worry about it.

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Gesa Ultrasoft Ultraslim Crystal Clear Case for Samsung Galaxy A01

gesma ultrasoft ultrathin galaxy a01 case crystal clearSpeaking of the different types of cases, here is something for those who want minimal weight and bulk added to their smartphones. This ultraslim case is highly form-fitted to clamp on to your Samsung Galaxy A01 – you won’t even feel the thickness on your phone. Also, it is so lightweight that you’ll forget you have a case on your phone except when you’re using it.

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But even with the minimal bulk and weight, the TPU construction is strong enough to withstand most impacts and scuffs through shock absorption. In addition, since the case is also crystal clear which preserves the original color of your phone.  Plus, it features raised lips on the front to protect the screen from scratches while laying it flat on the table as well!

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Gorgcase Graphic Design Case for Samsung Galaxy A01

gorgcase ultra slim designer case for galaxy a01 cute caseThis case is for those who want to add to the looks of their phones. If you’re not a fan of those plain cases or want to rather spice up its looks than preserve the original color with those clear cases, then, these should do the trick. And these are pretty unisexual – meant for both men and women.

With designs like these, anyone can use them on their Samsung Galaxy A01s. The coating is durable enough to withstand minor scratches and won’t fade away for years!

As for the protection of your phone, the PC material is strong enough to safeguard your phone against most of the impacts, while the TPU bezels make for good shock-absorbing on the sides and edges. Also, the TPU bezels make for easier snap-on/off.

Available in a variety of cool, modern 3D visualization designs to choose from.

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Fingic Hard Protective Designer Stylish Case for Samsung Galaxy A01

fingic hard protective case for galaxy a01 designer stylishAnother one for the stylish looks department in this list of 10 Best Galaxy A01 2020 Cases and Covers. This one, here, is exactly as it looks like – irregular but symmetric marble patterns on the back looks pretty stylish on your phone. Also, there’s glitter on the lines of the marble patterns which feels just right – not too much blingy but just enough to make it look classy and highlight the marble design!

As for the construction, the case is made out of hard PC material which resists shocks and impacts easily. Whereas, the sides are molded out of soft TPU to make it easier to snap on or off while also making for shock-absorbing protection on the edges.

In addition, the paint on the back is also resistant to scratches and long-lasting so that your phone case doesn’t lose it’s a cool look for years.

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SFMN Military Armor Case for Samsung Galaxy A01

sfmn military grade protective samsung galaxy a01 case hard armorNow if you want the best kind of protection, and I mean, the best kind of protection there is for your Samsung Galaxy A01, then, this is as close as you’ll ever get!

This is a hybrid dual-layer case offering military-grade protection for your phone. The dual-layer comprises a magnetic metal plate on the outside that resists impacts, and a soft TPU rubber material on the inside to absorb the shock upon impacts. Also, you get the 360-degree ring on the outer part which acts as a multi-angle kickstand as well.

The metallic shell on the outside also makes it easy to place it on magnetic car holders and magnetic wireless chargers. But, at the same time, it also comes off easily once you pull it. This one here is built protection, style, and convenience. Checks all the boxes!

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Halnzinye Leather Wallet Flip Case for Samsung Galaxy A01

halnziye leather wallet flip case for galaxy a01 convenient caseNext up, we have this case built mostly for convenience that also reflects a bit of style and class. Now, leather cases, as most can agree are stylish and classy, but with additional features, they are also convenient. This case is made out of PU leather on the outside that gives it the premium look and feels and that soft-touch-feel on the hands. On the inside, the TPU material keeps the phone snug and safe from most scuffs and impacts.

Also, the convenient features here are the pockets on the inside which you can use to store debit/credit cards and some cash, thereby, eliminating the need for wallets. In addition to that, the case also has a kickstand function for consuming media. Convenient and stylish features added to your phone!

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PULEN Tough Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy A01

pulen tough tempered glass for galaxy a01 screen protectorLast on this list of 10 Best Galaxy A01 2020 Cases and Covers, is not a phone case, but something that complements your phone case very well. Of course, your screen’s protection goes hand in hand with that of your phone, and so, some cases come with a screen protector. But most don’t. So, this one is a screen protector with 9H hardness that is graded to handle some very touch impacts and mishaps.

Also, this tempered glass offers crystal clear retina clarity on the screen and 99.9% touch sensitivity as well. In addition, with bubble-free adhesive, it is also very easy to install on your phone. And even if this screen protector is durable for long, it comes in packs of 3 on the off chance you might need another.

There you go. These are the Best Samsung Galaxy A01 2020 Cases that you can buy right now. As we hear about new cases for the phone from case manufacturers, we will make sure to update this list.

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