7 Best Chinese Websites for Shopping Electronics Online

Shopping in Chinese websites can be tricky. There are a lot of them and many of them seem fishy and trust me, some of them really are! I have been shopping using Chinese websites for over 4 years and here is my list of 7 Best Chinese Websites for Shopping Electronics Online.  gearbest-bangood-geekbuying-dx-honorbuy-aliexpress-techxchinaIf you an international buyer, when you shop, it’s not the just lowest price you should be looking out for. The first thing you should look after is authenticity.

The No.1 rule while shopping in Chinese websites is to make sure that the website is natively in the English language and it’s not Google who is translating the page into English. That is the first indication that the website is catered to International buyers. Also, if you decide to buy any electronics from a website that is built using the Chinese language, good luck getting after-sales support.

Okay, without wasting your time, let’s get down to the 7 Best Chinese Websites for Shopping Electronics Online.

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1) GearBest


GearBest is one of the popular names when it comes to buying gadgets from China. The beauty of GearBest is the sheer number of electronics on offer. And that’s what GearBest is, a really large store to buy gadgets and electronics. If you are looking to buy clothes or cosmetics, you should look elsewhere.

The products that sell really well on GearBest are Smartphones, Tablets, Tablet PCs, Powerbanks, Bluetooth speakers, Drones, Cameras, Routers, Smartwatches, Smart Vacuum Cleaners, Keyboards, Mouse, etc. 

If you are planning to buy gadgets of some sort from GearBest, the first thing I recommend you do is a signup for their E-Mail List. The company sends out discount coupons to its E-Mail subscribers every two days or so. And you can really get some good discount using their Mail service.gearbest-best-chinese-websites-for-tech-shopping

The unique features of GearBest over all the other Best Chinese Websites for Electronics  Shopping include:

  • Worldwide Shipping
  • Free Worldwide Shipping on most products  They have now started charging a small amount (usually $2-$10) for shipping on 70% of their products
  • Frequent Coupons and Discount on products
  • Membership benefits and points on every purchase
  • Lucky Draw and Games for winning products
  • Above Average Customer Support
  • Honour ‘Package not received’ claim

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However, it’s not perfect with GearBest. I have used GearBest for over 3 years and this is what I don’t like about shopping from their website:

  • Prices on products have slowly started to rise up when compared to its competitors
  • Customer Support could definitely be better
  • Shipping time of products have taken a big hit in recent times (now usually 30-45 days from 15-25 days)
  • Shipping fees at times don’t make sense ($2 product and $3 shipping fees)
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2) GeekBuying


GeekBuying is my personal favorite website and the one I use when making online purchases for Chinese products. This list of ‘7 Best Chinese Websites for Shopping Electronics Online’ is not listed in chronological order and hence GearBest is in No.1 doesn’t mean that it is better than GeekBuying in anyways.

Okay, let’s start with all the kinds of products that you can get in GeekBuying. As you must have guessed, this website too is focused on technology and hence it provides an excellent range of gadgets and gizmos. The products that are on offer on GeekBuying includes Smartphones, Tablets, Portable chargers, Smart Home Devices, LED Lights, Smartphone accessories, Laptops, and many more.

The things that you will love while shopping on GeekBuying are:

  • Really Good pricing on products
  • Excellent Customer Support ( I had the customer service provide me certain percentage cashback on the product I ordered just because the shipment was late.)
  • Free Shipping on most products
  • A wide range of products availablegeekbuying-best-chinese-websites-for-tech-shopping

Well, everything’s not good with GeekBuying either. Here’s a list of things that is not perfect with GeekBuying tech shopping experience:

  • No E-Mail deals and discounts
  • No crazy deals and discounts on products
  • At times, dispatching products can take time ( While most of my products got shipped within 4-5 days, I had an experience once where I had to wait for a month for my order to be even shipped. Finally, reached my address on the 50th day of order.)
  • No incentives or coupons to loyal customers
  • Horrible mobile app
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3) AliExpress


AliExpress as I know it is the Amazon of China. It seems people get confused between AliExpress and AliBaba quite a lot. Here’s what you need to know: AliExpress is for consumers and AliBaba is for wholesalers. So, if you are looking to buy a product or two, Aliexpress is the one to go for and if you are looking to buy products in bulk, Alibaba is the way to go.

And with that out of the way, let’s talk about AliExpress. Aliexpress is the largest online store of China and is undoubtedly one of the Best Chinese Websites for buying electronics online.

The best thing about shopping for gadgets and gizmos at AliExpress is that the selection of products is really huge. In fact, the website solely offers more products than many of the other Chinese websites combined.

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AliExpress, unlike all the other websites mentioned in this article ‘ Best Chinese Websites for Shopping Electronics Online’, doesn’t only sell gadgets but other products including beauty and apparel, auto parts and accessories, clothing and much more.


And since AliExpress is run by Alibaba, the world’s largest online shopping website, you get excellent pricing on products and the customer support is exceptional. The website features stores that are individually run by other sellers and AliExpress basically looks after the proper functioning of the stores.

Here are some of the reasons why you should shop for technology products from China:

  • Largest selection of electronics including smartphones, gadgets, and accessories
  • Frequent new deals on products
  • Quick stocking of new products upon their release
  • Coupons and promo code that actually makes sense
  • Excellent Mobile App
  • Free Coins and Games to encourage the use of coupons (using the Mobile app)
  • Trust-worthy network
  • Buyer Protection Programaliexpress-best-chinese-websites-for-tech-shopping

Aliexpress is one of the best websites to shop in China online and is definitely my top three on this list of Best Chinese Websites for Tech Shopping. However, it too has its disadvantages. Some of them include:

  • Not all products are shipped worldwide. I found out many of the branded products don’t ship in many countries of the world.
  • Have to deal with the seller+Aliexpress team if something goes wrong with the product (in case you can’t resolve the issue with the seller alone)
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4) Banggood


I have used Banggood for shopping electronics internationally quite a few times and I have mixed opinions on this website. On one part, the website offers an excellent list of products and gizmos. The pricing of the gadgets on Banggood is also equally good. But what lets the shopping experience at Banggood down is customer support.

Once I had one of my debit cards fail and my order didn’t go through. There was nothing wrong with my card or the bank. There was something wrong on their end. The customer service didn’t bother to check into the issue and instead insisted me to try some other card. When I said, that’s the only card I have, the customer support told me I was out of luck. 


And there goes my excellent deal on the Xioami Mi5 :/

The website itself is really good and the user interface of Banggood is also really clean. The website offers a host of gadgets and gizmos which can be shipped worldwide. Some of the popular and best-selling products on Banggood include: Smartphones, Tablets, Smart TV Box, Phone Chargers and Data Cables, Smart Watches and LED lights.

I had a bad experience once at Banggood doesn’t mean that the website is bad by any means. The prices on phones and tablets on their website is really good. And no wonder that this website made it into the list of 7 Best Chinese Websites for Shopping Electronics Online.

Here are some of the pros of shopping on Banggood for Chinese smartphones and other tech products:

  • Good pricing of products
  • A wide range of products available
  • Excellent Mobile app
  • Discount and coupons are updated on a regular basis
  • Free Shipping worldwide on most products
  • Good website user interface
  • Excellent E-Mail Deals (Make sure to subscribe to their mailing list for exclusive offers)

And here are a few reasons on why you would want to try some other website out for shopping in China online:

  • Customer Support could be better
  • Slow update on the latest launch of products/ Slow inventory update
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5) Honorbuy


Notice the error the website threw when I tried adding the product to card

Honorbuy is a Chinese online shopping site that focuses on smartphones particularly. And if you know about the brand Xiaomi, Honorbuy has all of it. Honorbuy made it into the list of 7 Best Chinese Websites for Shopping Electronics Online thanks to the extremely competitive pricing of the products and also because of the customer support.

Some of the products that Honorbuy specializes in include: smartphones, phone accessories, repair tools and parts, keyboards, mouse, phone holders and whatnot.

The best reasons on why you would want to shop on Honorbuy for Chinese products is as follows:

  • Excellent Pricing of products
  • Wide range of phone accessories
  • Deals and Discounts on productshonorbuy-best-chinese-websites-for-tech-shopping

And here are few of the reasons why I avoid Honorbuy while making a purchase of Chinese products online:

  • Shipping charges for all products
  • Website buggy at times

The biggest problem with Honorbuy has to be the shipping fees. Paying shipping fees of $10 or more for a cheaper item doesn’t make much sense. Also, the website can be buggy at times and throw unusual messages.

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6) DX (DealeXtreme)


I had been shopping at DX.com / DealeXtreme.com since 2016 and my gadget shopping experience there has been mostly good. DX.com isn’t as big as the other China gadget shopping sites but offers products that other websites just cannot match.

DX is mostly for the hardcore geeks out there. While all the other Chinese online shops focus on selling smartphones and other portable gadgets, DealeXtreme is something different. The website focuses on tools and gadgets like Wrench, Drills, Modular computer components, Stylus, 3D Printers, Testing Boards.

But it’s not to say that the website doesn’t offer usual Chinese stuff like smartphones. It does and in fact, it even sells branded smartphones like Samsung flagships as well as Google Pixel series phones (although at a higher price).dx-homepage-best-chinese-websites-for-tech-shopping

Okay, so, here are the pros of shopping at DX.com:

  • Excellent selection of products
  • Unique products on offer
  • Best website for tech enthusiasts and those looking to create tech by themselves
  • Free shipping in most parts of the world
  • Offers coupons and points on the purchase of products

And here are some of the cons of shopping at DX.com:

  • Branded gadgets from Samsung, Apple, and other brands are priced unreasonably high
  • The user interface isn’t the cleanest
  • Heavy discounts on products rarely seen
  • Customer support is barely satisfactory
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7) LightInTheBox


I started using lightinthebox.com for shopping from China about a year back and the experience I have with them is mostly good. Everything about shopping on LightInTheBox is good except for one drawback. The website charges for shipping of products and hence this website too face the same problem that Honorbuy does. If you are looking to buy a cheap product of $10 or less, LightInTheBox isn’t the website for you. 

Unlike most of the websites mentioned on this list, LightInTheBox not only sells gadgets and gizmos but also a host of other products including Fashion and Jewelry products, Home and Garden products and Sports and Outdoors products.

LightInTheBox may not be as popular of a name when it comes to shopping for tech products in China but it is slowly expanding and the range of products they are putting on offer is getting better every other day.lightinthebox-best-chinese-websites-for-tech-shopping

Some of the reasons why you should shop on LightInTheBox are:

  • Wide range of products available both related to technology and other general products
  • Really good pricing of products
  • Excellent Customer Support
  • Clean website interface
  • Functional mobile app

And here are a few of the reasons why you should look elsewhere:

  • Shipping charges for each and every product
  • Bare minimum discount on products
  • Coupon/Promo code system not integrated well into the system
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The Verdict: Best Chinese Websites for Shopping Electronics Online

I have been shopping online for Chinese products for over 4 years now and I have gathered quite an experience in shopping for electronics including all kinds of gadgets and gizmos in Chinese websites.

From my experience, GearBest, GeekBuying, and AliExpress are the three best Chinese websites for electronics shopping and they are also the ones that I use on a regular basis. All three websites offer free shipping and have good customer support.

If something goes wrong with your order, you can rest assured that the customer service will have your issue resolved. Check the three websites for the best prices and deals and discounts first. If the product you are looking for isn’t available in either of the three websites, it’s best to look at Banggood, Honorbuy, LightInTheBox, and DX.com

And if it is tools and equipment that you are looking for, DX is the way to go. If Xiaomi phones, tablets and fitness tracker is what you are after, Honorbuy is what you should check out.

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Tips and Tricks: Chinese Websites for Shopping Electronics Online

The first thing you should do while shopping in Chinese websites is to make sure that the website is not a scam. The ones mentioned on this website are of no doubt but there are 100s of them that just make money by scamming the consumers. Here are a few of the tricks you should apply while shopping on an unknown Chinese website:

  • Don’t buy from a website with no history anywhere on the web as it is most probably a scam
  • Check if the shopping site has a YouTube channel and also check out for the company’s Reddit page
  • Do a general Google search (such as this one) to know if the Chinese website is worth giving a shot
  • Talk to the customer support before making a purchase

There you have it. These are the 7 Best Chinese Websites for Shopping Electronics Online. Do follow us on Facebook for coverage of all kinds of Chinese tech products.

Dipesh is a geek from the heart. He loves gadgets and is trying out new phones every week. For him, life is either technology or it's nothing!

  1. I think the best website for shopping is Aliexpress. They are the largest. After that I would probably go to Gearbest.

    Great list though.

  2. What about the warranty? Do we get it? How to send the device back if something goes wrong?


  3. What about JD.com? I’m seeing a much wider availability of electronics on that website than the ones you have listed here.

  4. I am looking for a scart to scart video copier which removes the copy protection on a dvd,can you find one for me?
    I look forward to hearing from you as regards the above.

  5. How to buy products on 11.11 Singles day in China? What are the best electronics deal there?

  6. Dipesh, do you have recommendation (or have you researched) on a virtual address service or mail forwarding service in China? For excellent websites such as JD.com that do not ship internationally, my thought is to actually have a virtual mailbox I can use, and they ship it to my country (USA) for a fee. I’ve done this a lot in some European countries.

    Many thanks!

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