Review: Best Cheap Digital Vernier Caliper under $10

There are a lot of Digital Vernier Calipers out there. And choosing a good one isn’t easy. They all look the same and their price range is just crazy. You can get one for $5 and a very similar looking caliper for $100! And your question may be, “Is paying more going to give you more accurate results? Is pricier always better?” Not really! And I will tell you just why in this Best Cheap Digital Vernier Caliper review.

This is an electronic Digital Caliper that I bought off GearBest about 3 months ago and it has been working exceptionally well. You can grab one for as low as $6 on GearBest. If you live in the United States, you can get the same Digital Caliper for $7 on Amazon.

Here are the key features of this Digital Vernier Caliper:

Specs Overview

  • Large Monochrome LCD Display
  • Good Measuring range of 0mm- 150mm / 0inch – 6 inches
  • Excellent Battery life (haven’t had to change the battery since my purchase)
  • User-replaceable LR44 battery
  • Lightweight yet durable
  • 4-way measurement: Inside Diameter, Depth, Step and Outside Diameter
  • Measurement in either inches or mm (Can be switched from one mode to another with just click of a button)
  • The measurement reading can be set to 0 at any length/position
  • Minimum reading on 0.01 inch / 0.1mm

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Pros of this $6 Digital Vernier Caliperbest-digital-vernier-caliper-length

The best thing about this Digital Caliper is that it is very accurate. It constantly gives the same reading when the same object is measured. I also found out that varying temperature while testing doesn’t give different results. I had taken the Digital Caliper scale in the snow and it gave solid readings. And in the scorching sun too, the scale didn’t vary its

The price of this thing is unbeatable. The price of only $6 has to be one of the many reasons why this is the best cheap Digital Vernier Caliper around. Today, there are only a few things that you can get for that much money. Heck, even a lunch at a decent restaurant will cost you more than this caliper!

The other thing that is worth noting about this digital vernier caliper is its durability. Never has this caliper given up on me. This Carbon Fiber Digital Vernier caliper comes in a hard plastic casing which comes handy when you are moving from one place to another with this caliper in your bag.

But there were times when I just placed the Digital Caliper in my bag without the case and this measurement tool survived without any fuss or issue. I once dropped it off 1 floor and had the battery cover come out. And that is about it. I just put the cover back on and this thing worked like a charm.

Cons of this $6 Digital Vernier Caliper


Reading in inch

Well, nothing’s perfect and this $6 Digital Vernier Caliper definitely isn’t. And the fact that there are digital calipers that cost 10x more money, there must be something that is missing out, right? Well, there definitely is.

One annoying thing about this Digital Vernier Caliper is that for one reason or another, the reading shows some measurement (10mm-20mm) when the reading should be zero. And to solve this issue, I have to press the Zero button to reset the electronic caliper. Not a big deal but annoying none the less. 

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The other thing that I am not really fond of is the quality of the slider. Over time, I have found out that the slider has gotten a little loose and I need to apply some pressure to slowly move between my measurements.

Apart from these small issues, there’s not much left to complain. What surprised me with this digital caliper is the level of fit and finish. No wonder it is one of the best cheap Digital Vernier Caliper at any given price.

Who is this cheap Digital Vernier Caliper for?


Reading in mm

This is a general-purpose Digital Vernier Caliper and it has its wide range of applications. So, if you are a lookout for a measurement tool, this device is the one for you.

As a tech enthusiast, I specifically use this Digital Caliper for measuring the thickness of devices and also to measure the dimensions of various tech products.

It is also a handy tool that can be used to measure various parts of the body and I use it for measuring the length of nails while making custom furniture.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, you can use this cheap Digital Vernier Caliper for:

  • Engraving
  • Fitment of Furniture
  • Mechanical Maintainance
  • Carpenter Work
  • Automotive Measurements
  • Technology Measurements

The Packaging of the cheap Digital Vernier Caliperbest-digital-vernier-caliper

Talking about the packaging of the Digital Vernier Caliper, it is plain Jane. In the box, you will find a very basic instruction manual, a battery and the caliper itself. The caliper is enclosed in the box which acts as a case when you have to take the Digital Caliper around.  That’s all you get in the box.

Verdict: The Best Cheap Digital Vernier Caliper

There are a lot of Digital Calipers out there. There are some that cost over $100 and look extremely premium. But here’s the thing. They are work (almost) the same. If you are a professional who works with these Digital calipers all the time, it’s best to get a high-quality caliper because you make money out of it. If 0.01mm of difference affects your workflow, it’s best if you look at higher-priced more advanced Digital Caliper.

For the rest of us who use these Digital Calipers as a tool to make out lives simpler, the one mentioned in this article is going to be more than satisfactory. Make sure you know your requirements before you go all out and buy accessories be it vernier caliper or anything else.

The Expensive $150 Digital Caliper: Mitutoyo 5 Absolute Advanced Onsite Sensor (AOS) Digital Caliper

best-digital-vernier-caliper-Mitutoya-originalIf you are a professional who does government level work, you may want to have a look at the Mitutoyo 5 Absolute Advanced Onsite Sensor (AOS) Digital Caliper which also comes with Certificate of Traceability to NIST. The Calibrated caliper comes with a measurement of 0 to 150mm, a resolution of 0.01mm and accuracy of + or – 0.001-inch.

Some of the unique features of this Digital Caliper includes Absolute measurement, incremental measurement, scale contamination alert and also low-voltage alert.

This Mitutoyo Absolute Digital caliper comes with Mitutoyo Certificate of Calibration which shows that the tool has been calibrated and meets the International Organization for Standardization for testing and calibration laboratories. The caliper comes with SR-44 battery which has a life of around 3.5 years with normal usage.

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