Of all the phone releases of 2017, the ZTE Axon M is the most interesting one. It may not be the most streamlined smartphone nor may be the most powerful one but it surely is my personal favorite. I have cool and quirky stuffs and in the smartphone world, the Axon M gets the highest marks. Since there’s screen on both sides of the phone, a two sided screen protector is a must. However, here are 5 Best Cases and Screen Protector for ZTE Axon M.

1) ZTE Axon M Leather Case Pouch best-cases-screen-protector-zte-axon-m

ZTE Axon M is a phone with displays on both of its sides. As such, forget about getting a phone case for the phone. In fact, I highly recommend you to get a phone insurance for the phone. If you drop the phone chances are you will break it.

The ZTE Axon M Leather Case Pouch is made from high quality leather and it really stands out. One thing that I love in particular is the way the texture feels in this leather pouch feels. It’s as though you are holding a pouch with materials of a horse. This one is good! You should definitely give it a try.

View this ZTE Axon M Leather Pouch here>>

2) TopAce ZTE Axon M Screen Protectorbest-cases-screen-protector-zte-axon-m

If you have already bought or are planning to buy the ZTE Axon M, this screen protector is a must. Not only does the phone have 1 screen but 2! And the good thing about the TopAce case is that, it is a pack of 2 tempered glass screen protector which means you don’t need to get different glass one for the back and one for the front.

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Installing the tempered glass is also a very easy affair. Also, putting on this tempered glass on the ZTE Axon M won’t affect the responsiveness of the phone screen in anyways.

Get this ZTE Axon M Screen Protector here>>

3) ZTE Axon M Leather Belt Pouch Case Coverbest-cases-screen-protector-zte-axon-m-3

This is another ZTE Axon M Leather Pouch which has a built-in belt holder. This Axon M pouch securely holds the phone and even if you drop the phone with this leather pouch on, you won’t break the phone. This pouch is available only in Black color but is priced really competitively at under $15.

Check out this ZTE Axon M Leather Pouch here>>

4) ZTE Axon M Leather Case Pouch with Magnetic Flapbest-cases-screen-protector-zte-axon-m

Do you love magnetic flap just as much I do? If that’s the case, you should check out this ZTE Axon M Leather Case with Magnetic Flag. Every time you close the pouch, you can hear a satisfying ‘tap’ click. And I really like what I hear.

Apart from that, the pouch is solidly put together. And there’s a Belt holder slot too. You can check it out below by clicking the link.

View this Leather Case Pouch for Axon M here>>

5) ZTE Axon M Horizontal Combo Case Pouchbest-cases-screen-protector-zte-axon-m

I happen to love this ZTE Axon M Horizontal Combo Case Pouch for more than 1 reason. This freaking thing is available in more than 12 designs and although the variations are quite subtle, you know they are there. You can get it in different quality material and in different designs too. Different color options are available for this Axon M Pouch too.

View this ZTE Axon M Combo Case Pouch here>>

So that concludes our list of 5 Best Cases and Screen Protector for ZTE Axon M. Didn’t find what you were looking for? Don’t worry. We update our articles frequently when new items come out in the market. We will make sure to update this list of 5 Best Cases and Screen Protector for ZTE Axon M once something interesting comes out.


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