Anker PowerPort Wireless 10 Qi Charger In-depth review

Anker makes some of the best mobile accessories out there. Having used Anker products starting in 2012, I can confidently say that they produce an excellent high-quality product without you having to break the bank. This is not a paid review of the Anker PowerPort Wireless 10 and I will also mention the drawback of getting this wireless phone charger. So, let’s dive right into it.

First of all, let me start by saying this PowerPort Wireless 10 Qi-compatible is an excellent wireless charger and works surprisingly well. This wireless charger retails for around $25 but can be found on discount for as low as $16 at Aliexpress.


Anker makes two Qi-compatible wireless chargers at the moment. The Powerport Wireless 5 and the Wireless 10. The difference between them is that the Wireless 5 only outputs 1A who makes it incapable of fast/quick wireless charging. The Powerport Wireless 10 is the beefier of the two capable of 2A output and also supports fast charging on phones that support it.

That means the Powerport 10 can fast charge the Samsung Galaxy S9, Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, LG G7 ThinQ, iPhone X as well as the OnePlus 6. Using this wireless charger, the charging speed of your phone is similar to the speed you get while charging using a cable.

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The Anker Powerport Wireless 10 is one small wireless charger. You need to see it in person to realise how small it really is. For reference, the charger easily fits in my mid-sized Asian hands. It’s also very thin. Using my Digital Caliper, I found the wireless charger to be just 7.1mm thin.

The design of the wireless pad is minimal. It’s black all around with 4 feet on the back. On the front, there’s a gripped mat which sits on top of the single wireless coil. The sides of the Powerport Wireless 10 pad are transparent and make way for blue LEDs which light up when you connect it to power.

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The Anker Powerport Wireless 10 works just as advertised. As soon as you place your phone on top of the wireless charger, the phone starts charges. If the phone is capable of fast charging, the phone will indicate “Fast Charging Wirelessly” or else it will show up, “Wireless charging“.

On my Samsung Galaxy S8, I was able to fast charge the phone without any issue. The wireless charging pad isn’t perfect though. Unlike some of the wireless chargers which have two coils for wireless charging, the PowerPort Wireless 10 has only one. So, you will need to put the phone approximately on the center. Put it a little too top or a little too down, the phone will refuse to charge.

Using this wireless charger, I was able to charge the Galaxy S8 from 0-100% in less than 1 hour and 45 minutes. Not as fast as using the USB-C cable but pretty close.

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Pros and Cons of Anker Powerport 10 Wireless Pad

Like everything, the Anker wireless charger isn’t perfect. Here are a few pros and cons of the product:



Don’t charge when the phone is not placed on the center

  • Priced really well
  • Minimal Design
  • Fast Charging Capable
  • Compact
  • Matte finish on the front


  • Single Coil
  • Micro-USB port instead of Type-C
  • Short Cable length
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My Verdict on the Anker Powerport Wireless 10

anker-powerport-wireless-10-side-profileI have set up this wireless charger on my Volkswagen Polo. I have connected it to a Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 compatible charger and now I can wirelessly charge my Galaxy S8 without having to play with the cables.

I have also placed one beside my bed so that I charge the phone while I go to sleep. Also, the blue LED I was talking about turns itself off after a couple of seconds of charging. So, it’s not an issue.

So, if you are looking for a very functional high-quality wireless charger, this Anker charging pad may be the want to go for.

Have you tried any other wireless charger that works better than the one mentioned in this article? Do let us know in the comments section down below.

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