8 Best BLU Vivo 8 Cases and Covers

BLU is an American smartphone company known for making good quality phones at affordable prices. And the BLU Vivo 8 is no different. Right now, this phone is available at around $250, and for this price, the specs you get are certainly awesome. The most noteworthy feature is the 16 MP selfie camera that takes high-quality pictures and a huge 4010 mAh battery that can last you up to 2 days! As it has been available for a couple of months now, you probably know all about it. Other specs include a Full-HD (1920 x 1080) IPS LCD display, a 13 MP primary camera, and a fingerprint sensor. It runs on MediaTek MT6755 Helio P10 chip with 4 GB RAM. Let’s not discuss the phone in detail right now, as we’re actually here to talk about cases for the BLU Vivo 8. Here are the 8 Best BLU Vivo 8 Cases and Covers

Here, we talk about 8 cases for this phone because of whats best out of that available in the market. This is an update to a previous article about cases for this phone. From that time, we have some new ones out there. Therefore, here’s the list of 8 Best BLU Vivo 8 Cases and Covers.

BLU Vivo 8 is BLU’s flagship phone and it shows. Not only is the hardware and its raw specs better than most of the Android phones out there, the software is just as good. There’s really little bloat and it actually does make a difference.

1) SLMY Drop Protection Hybrid Protective Case for Vivo 8

8-best-blu-vivo-8-cases-and-coversFirst up on 8 Best BLU Vivo 8 Cases and Covers, we start off with a hybrid protective case for your BLU Vivo 8. Hybrid cases are a very good source of protection for your phone. It has dual layers for reinforced protection.

With TPU layer on the insides that absorb shock and hard Polycarbonate on the outside to resist impacts, you are protected against numerous types of drops, impacts, bumps, etc.  Neat edges make this case a perfect fit on your phone even if its a little bulky. Also, its raised bezels protect the screen and camera as well. Overall, great dual layer protection for your BLU Vivo 8.

You can choose from either Black or a Rose Gold for as less as $8. And both look great on your phone.

Check out this hybrid protective armor case for your BLU Vivo 8 here>>

2) ZLDECO Ultra Slim Matte Hard Cover for Vivo 8

8-best-blu-vivo-8-cases-and-coversNext up on 8 Best BLU Vivo 8 Cases and Covers, we’ve something super slim and hard enough to get you tough protection for your BLU Vivo 8. It is made out of premium rubberized polycarbonate, which makes it between that hard and soft profile, enabling it to resist impacts upon drops and also absorb some amount of shock against drops and impacts.

Even with its super slim profile, it provides solid protection for your phone. Also, its matte texture means that it has that good touch feeling and some solid grip. All of that and with a super slim form that adds minimal bulk to your phone.

It is available in quite a number of bright colors to choose from. But, I think it looks best in red or black. Get this case for less than $10 for now.

Take a look at this matte super slim hard case here>>

3) Gzerma Flexible Soft Skin Cover Case for Vivo 8

8-best-blu-vivo-8-cases-and-coversNext on 8 Best BLU Vivo 8 Cases and Covers, we have something that’s slim form fitting and soft & flexible too. It has a perfect fitting form factor for all the ports and buttons easily. It has a TPU construction with a jelly-like profile that makes it quite soft and flexible.

This profile also helps to protect your phone by absorbing shock easily and effectively. Even though its soft, its scratch resistant and resistant to fingerprints. Also, its flexible form makes for easy snap-on / off as well. In addition, it comes with a tempered glass screen protector and a ring stand too.

You can also choose from a few other colors for as less as $10. And for that, you’re not only getting a case, but also a screen protector and a stand!

Have a look at this sweet deal here>>

4) ZLDECO Elegant Protective Cover for Vivo 8

8-best-blu-vivo-8-cases-and-coversIf you like leather cases, but think that they might be too delicate to protect your phones, then, this one on 8 Best BLU Vivo 8 Cases and Covers can be for you. This one is a TPU case which is ultra slim and durable with an all-around protection for your phone.

But this elegant BLU Vivo 8 features the textures of a leather case. Which means that you can have your phone look luxurious while having a tough enough protection against drops and impacts all around. With its rich leathery looks, it has a sharp look to it.

You can choose from a number of colors for less than $11. Out of all the colors available, it looks its best leathery in brown but others aren’t bad either.

View this leather looking case here>>

5) KuGi Ultra Thin BW Style Leather Flip Case for Vivo 8

8-best-blu-vivo-8-cases-and-coversIf you’re actually looking for a leather case, however, then, we’ve got that covered too in 8 Best BLU Vivo 8 Cases and Covers. It is made out of premium quality PU leather, which is resistant to scratches and scuffs. A PC case holds the phone securely while the PU leather covers it securely as well. It is not a wallet case.

The other thing to love about this KuGi Leather Flip case for the Vivo 8 has to be the single compartment for you to store your card or some cash too. Also, the flip cover acts as a stand for easy watching of multimedia and stuff. Furthermore, the imported leather with pearl bottom mix bump clamshell design makes for an outstanding visual as well.

You can choose from among four different colors, but black is the best when it comes to leather cases. It’s my personal favorite anyways. For now, you can get it for less than $9.

Check out this flip-style leather case here>>

6) New Frontier Wireless Accessory Slim Hybrid Armor Defender Case for Vivo 8

8-best-blu-vivo-8-cases-and-coversAnother hybrid armor case in this list of 8 Best BLU Vivo 8 Cases and Covers. This one features a cool looking metallic luster on the back, which makes it appear as if it is made out of metal. This case, too, features two layers:

A solid polycarbonate material on the outside with soft TPU on the inside. The PU resists against impacts while the TPU absorbs shock to protect your BLU Vivo 8 against almost all kinds of impacts, drops and such. Its outer texture is designed so that it has more grip and less slip. Also, the urethane coating on the outer layer prevents discoloration, so, it maintains its color for a long time.

Also available in four other colors to choose from, but it appears its best metallic in Gold and Silver. You can have it for less than $10, for now. Mind you though, I have seen this case go on sale for as low as $7. 

Take a look at this hybrid armor case here>>

7) Oujietong DK-BS Flip Style Leather Case for BLU Vivo 8

8-best-blu-vivo-8-cases-and-coversHere we have another leather flip case for your BLU Vivo 8 in this list of 8 Best BLU Vivo 8 Cases and Covers. Now this case is a leather case but has a somewhat different design to it. It has holes on the front to get better access to the front speaker even while the cover is on.

The Oujietong Leather Style case for the BLU Vivo is made out of high-quality PU leather, which is resistant to scratches, scuffs, and even small impacts. You have to stick your phone on it with a tape, but it doesn’t damage your phone or anything. With UV printing, the color doesn’t fade away either.

And there are a number of colors and designs you can choose from. You have these quite attractive designs too, for the cases and such.

Get it here for the cheapest price here>>

8) KuGi HD Clear Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Vivo 8

8-best-blu-vivo-8-cases-and-coversLast but not the least, in this list of 8 Best BLU Vivo 8 Cases and Covers,  we have a screen protector for your BLU Vivo 8. Now you know that a screen protector is as important as a good case for protecting your phone all around. This screen protector features 9H hardness which is the toughest standard for screen protectors for now. It also has 99% Retina Clarity and Touchscreen Accuracy. So, it won’t affect any of your operations or your viewing in any way. Also, its bubble-free for easy installation and it resists finger smudges and prints as well.

You get 2-packs of this screen protector for as less as $10. No matter if you put on a case for your phone or not, we highly recommend you to put on a tempered glass on your BLU Vivo 8. They are cheap and don’t hurt the responsiveness of the display in any ways. Plus, if they break, they are cheap and easy to replace. The same cannot be said about the Vivo 8 Screen replacement which costs over whooping $100.

View this tempered glass screen protector here>>

So, these were the 8 Best BLU Vivo 8 Cases and Covers. With more availability in the market, we’ll update this list even further. Thank you for reading and stick with us for more such news and information.

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