Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the hot buzz in the phone world right now. And why shouldn’t it be? When everyone thought the Galaxy Note series ended for good with the Note 7, Samsung went “On your face” with the new Note 8. Well, that’s for Samsung to play it out. Anyways, for now, let’s have a look at the 10 Best Must Have Accessories for Samsung Galaxy Note 8. 

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has a ton of exciting stuff to behold. The design is similar to the Galaxy S8 Plus, except for the Dual Camera setup. With Gorilla Glass 5 front and back, the phone looks stunning and feels quite luxurious. The 6.3″ Super AMOLED QHD display is a sight to see! It is powered by Snapdragon 835 supported by 6 GB of RAM.  The dual camera setup features two 12 MP sensors, both have OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) and a front 8 MP shooter. The S-Pen is a different story entirely. But however the phone maybe, you always need some accessories to make the best out of it. So, why not check out 10 Best Must Have Accessories for Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

1) Samsung Gear 360

10-Best-Must-Have-Accessories-Samsung-Galaxy-Note-8First on this list of 10 Best Must Have Accessories for Samsung Galaxy Note 8, we have the Gear 360 on top of the list and why shouldn’t it be? It’s a cool looking useful device which is also great fun to use. Who doesn’t like taking pics, and the idea of a 360° camera for every moment you capture? Also, you can live stream your pics and videos with this camera instantly on the go.

The Gear 360’s battery can last up to 130 minutes on a single charge, and can capture 4K videos! All the photography and videography enthusiasts, how can you not want this? For now, you can get this on discount.

2) Samsung Gear VR with Controller (Note 8 Edition)

Next up on 10 Best Must Have Accessories for Samsung Galaxy Note 8, there’s the Gear VR! Want to get inside the world of Virtual Reality and new experience? If you do, the Samsung Gear VR will give you an experience like no other. The Gear VR lets you immerse into the VR world of games and 360° world and with the Note 8’s display, this will be an experience to look forward to.

Also, in the Note 8 Edition, it comes with a controller that adds tactile experience in VR gaming as well. In addition, the library of applications of the Gear VR is awesome! The Note 8 Edition of the Gear VR is available for as less as $130.

3) Lumion Hybrid Slim Transparent Body Armor Case for Galaxy Note 8

10-Best-Must-Have-Accessories-Samsung-Galaxy-Note-8Of course, no list of accessories is complete without a phone case, so, here we have it on 10 Best Must Have Accessories for Samsung Galaxy Note 8. This case is constructed out of TPU material in sturdy profile combined with hard PC bumpers layered to absorb shock as well as resist impacts. Also, the transparent means you can show off your device around.

It is available in a range of colors to match your phone as well. You can get this case for less than $15.

4) Cambridge Soundworks Oontz 3XL Bluetooth Speaker

10-Best-Must-Have-Accessories-Samsung-Galaxy-Note-8Samsung’s phones have always excelled in many things: design, display, camera, etc. but the sound quality is always sub-par. So, if you want some music and groove going on, you gotta get yourself one of these. With 20W power, it is loud enough to fill rooms, and with rich bass, it’s great for small parties and such. Its water resistance makes it perfect for pool parties too!

Also, it’s super light and small enough to carry in small bags as well, and you can play up to 8 hours in full charge. You can get yours for less than $120.

5) Samsung Fast Charge External Battery  Pack

10-Best-Must-Have-Accessories-Samsung-Galaxy-Note-8The Galaxy Note 8 has some good amount of juice, but with a phone such as that, you can barely keep your hands off of it. So, when you need some power, Samsung’s own battery pack would be a great companion to go along. This 10000 mAh battery pack can charge your Note 8 3 times over. Also, it features fast charge, so, you can get 50% in 30 minutes.

You can also get these in 5000 mAh packs and other colors to choose from. It won’t cost you more than $50.

6) HyaiZLZ  Anti-Spy Screen Protector Shield Privacy Screen Protector for Galaxy Note 8

10-Best-Must-Have-Accessories-Samsung-Galaxy-Note-8Just like a list of accessories is incomplete without a phone case, a screen protector is also a must. So, next on this list of 10 Best Must Have Accessories for Samsung Galaxy Note 8, we have this privacy screen protector. This is a 9H hardness rated tempered glass that will protect your screen effectively, and its Privacy feature makes the phone’s screen visible to the person directly in front of the screen.

Also, comes with a cleaning cloth and a soft clear case for the Galaxy Note 8. You can have this for less than $17.

7) Samsung EVO Plus Class 10 UHS-1 256 GB MicroSDXC  Card

10-Best-Must-Have-Accessories-Samsung-Galaxy-Note-8The Galaxy Note 8 has lots of ways for entertainment. Its stunning display makes for great movies, the cameras capture some of the best pictures and videos. So, if you don’t equip your Galaxy Note 8 with one of these, then, your fun is limited! This microSDXC card enables you to read up to 100 MB/s data with the UHS-1 interface and write up to 90 MB/s. Also, it’s waterproof, magnet proof and resistant to hot temperatures.

Also available in smaller size capacities if you don’t want to waste memory space, and other color choices too. You can have it for around $180.

8) Samsung Level-On Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

10-Best-Must-Have-Accessories-Samsung-Galaxy-Note-8Next up on 10 Best Must Have Accessories for Samsung Galaxy Note 8, we have a pair of wireless headphones for music lovers. Of course, earphones are great,  but the headphones’ sound experience is quite something else. These On-ear noise canceling headphones provide a rich, crystal clear audio experience. You can connect it via Bluetooth or 3.5 mm headphone jack. A single charge can give you 11 hours of talk/music time with Active Noise Cancellation feature on and 23 hours without.

Also, available in attractive colors like Silver,Blue and Red.

9) Samsung DeX Station for Galaxy Note 8

10-Best-Must-Have-Accessories-Samsung-Galaxy-Note-8The DeX by Samsung is quite a unique accessory for Samsung phones. So, we included it in this list of 10 Best Must Have Accessories for Samsung Galaxy Note 8. This turns your phone into a desktop computer by allowing you to plug it into a monitor, keyboard, mouse and other accessories with its multi-ports. Also, has a built-in fan to keep your phone cool while docked.

The Dex feature for Galaxy Note 8 has been more optimized for a better experience. You can get this in a discounted price for now.

10) Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Smartwatch

10-Best-Must-Have-Accessories-Samsung-Galaxy-Note-8The Samsung Gear S3 Frontier is a really cool looking smartwatch. It has many features and functionalities from making calls to playing music, etc. It offers its own set of features into your lifestyle. With a 768 MB RAM and Exynos 7270 SoC, it’s quite smooth to use while the Tizen OS makes it easy to use. Also, it’s IP68 Water and Dust Resistant. The battery can last up to 3 days on regular usage.

The International version has some limitations though. This smartwatch is available for around $317.

Check out the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier here >>

So, this was the list of 10 Best Must Have Accessories for Samsung Galaxy Note 8. If you think we missed out something, please let us know what could’ve made this list richer. Also, we will make sure to update this list of 10 Best Must Have Accessories for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 as new accessories come out for the phone.Thank you for reading, and stick with us for more such news and information.


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