10 Best Dell XPS 15 Covers and Sleeves [2020 Updated]

Dell XPS 15 has been on the market for quite a while. With a solid build quality, great display, compact form factor, and excellent battery life, the Dell XPS 15 is one of the best 15″ laptops out there for 2020. In this article, we will be checking out the 10 Best Dell XPS 15 Covers and Sleeves.

The XPS series design has remained unchanged for quite some years now. The only revision we have seen is the change in the placement of the webcam from the bottom of the display to the top. So, if you had got a sleeve for a Dell XPS 15 from previous years, it will fit the new laptop just fine. Anyways, if you are looking for a new cover, here are the 10 Best Dell XPS 15 Covers and Sleeves.

This article contains mostly covers, and sleeves for the Dell XPS 15, plus some cases as well. Note that the covers and sleeves mentioned for the Dell XPS 15 will likely fit most of the other 14-inch laptops and not the 15.6″ laptops. The XPS 15 is quite compact and the size of somewhat similar to that of a 14″ laptop. So there’s that.

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1) Ztotop Spill-Resistant 14-15.6″ Laptop Sleeve

10-best-dell-xps-15-covers-and-sleevesFirst on the list of 10 Best Dell XPS 15 Covers and Sleeves, we have this sleeve designed so well that you immediately want to go ahead and buy one. It is also a perfect fit for your Dell XPS 15. This sleeve features ultra-thick cushioning to ensure safety from bumps, scratches, and spills, but at the same time, it is lightweight as well. There are also extra pockets to store your extras comfortably.

You can choose from among three color options which include Gray, Dark Gray, and Pink. And the thing to note really has to be the inclusion of a separate pocket where you can store in your charger, smartphone or other accessories. Many of the laptop bags have just one compartment making it not so useful for storing other items in it.

I personally like the Dark Gray color option with the contrasting orange color combo. It really looks neat!

Check out this XPS 15 sleeve here>>

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2) AmazonBasics Form-fit Laptop Sleeve

10-best-dell-xps-15-covers-and-sleevesNext up on the list of 10 Best Dell XPS 15 Covers and Sleeves, we have another perfectly fitting sleeve for your Dell XPS 15. It is made out of neoprene material, which makes it durable and lightweight. It has top-loading access, so, its also quite easy to get your laptop in or out. With a very slim design, you can carry this sleeve in your backpack easily too.

There are five different colors to choose from. And the best part about this Amazon Basics Laptop Bag has to be the fact that they cost under $15. With over 9,788 Amazon customer review with 4.8/5 rating, you really can’t go wrong with this one. This XPS 15 compatible cover comes in Black, Blu, Navy, Grey and Purple color option.

View this Slim sleeve here>>

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3) Vangoddy Premium Laptop Sleeve Carrying Case

10-best-dell-xps-15-covers-and-sleevesLet’s check out the Vangoddy premium carrying case for your Dell XPS 15. It is made out of high-quality neoprene material which is also water-resistant, so, no worries in the rain either. When you have this case inside your bag which will certainly resist water to some degree and then have your Laptop sleeve to protect the laptop, think of it as your ultimate armor against rain.

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This sleeve also protects your device from bumps, scratches and other damages. In addition, this sleeve features dedicated accessory pockets for phones, cards, etc. and whatnot. I also personally happen to like the case design pattern which looks quite unique.

You can get these in five different colors for under $30. I will admit it’s not the cheapest case out there but it’s certainly worth your money. You can get this case in either Black color, Pink color, Blue, Grey or in Purple color.

Look at this carrying case here>>

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4) Tomtoc Laptop Briefcase Shoulder Bag

10-best-dell-xps-15-covers-and-sleevesNow, this one here on 10 Best Dell XPS 15 Covers and Sleeves is a fully-fledged laptop bag and not just a sleeve. It features multi-functional compartments, with multi-functional storage pockets on the inside as well as outside to house your laptop, charger, mouse, and other articles comfortably. The bag has reinforced stitching and premium material design which provide your laptop with shockproof protection as well.


The TomToc Multi-Functional Briefcase costs around $40, but for that, you get an all-convenience laptop briefcase. This may not be the kind of ‘sleeve’ you were looking out for, but for it’s worth, it’s really something you should check out. There’s a lot of slots where you can store your things. It’s only available in Black color though. I did get it for my MacBook Pro 15 and I have been in love with this thing since then.

Get this laptop briefcase here>>

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5) Domiso Computer Bag Pouch

10-best-dell-xps-15-covers-and-sleevesNext up on 10 Best Dell XPS 15 Covers and Sleeves, we have a laptop pouch for your Dell XPS 15. Its soft canvas material and fluffy lining material provides your laptop full protection and also prevent scratches, bumps, and shocks. Also, it has two-side mounted pockets to put headphones and accessories.

You can also choose from other colors as well for as less as $20. Unfortunately though, what you see is what you get. There are no other color options other than what you see on top.

View this laptop sleeve here>>

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6) iPearl mCover Hard Shell Case for Dell XPS 15

10-best-dell-xps-15-covers-and-sleevesThis right here is an actual laptop case, not just a sleeve. This case is made out of high-quality DOW polycarbonate material, which is shatterproof and can easily protect your laptop against impacts and bumps easily. Also, it provides good heat ventilation for your laptop. It is compatible with Dell XPS 15 9550 and 9560 series. If you have bought your Dell XPS 15 recently, this is going to be a perfect fit for sure.

There are a wide variety of colors to choose from. You can get this hard Dell XPS 15 case for under $20. And that’s a really good price I would say, especially since it comes from a reputed brand mCover.

View this Dell XPS 15 case here>>

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7) Dell Official 460-Bbvf Premier Sleeve

10-best-dell-xps-15-covers-and-sleevesNow this one here is an official sleeve by Dell for your Dell XPS 15. Since it is already from Dell itself, you don’t have to worry about the quality, do you? This light and fitting sleeve is designed as a special pouch for your laptop and snuggly fits your 15.6″ laptops easily. So, there are no extra pockets, but due to its perfect form fit, this can be worth your money.

You can choose from among various colors for around $50. It is not cheap, yes, but to be really honest, not many official accessories are. If money is no concern and you want the best quality sleeve, this is the way to go for sure.

This official Dell XPS 15 sleeve also fits the Dell Precision 5510 which shares the same chassis. The materials used in the making of the case are really good and you won’t be disappointed in any way whatsoever.

Check out this official Dell sleeve here>>

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8) Evecase Diamond Foam Shock Resistant Case Bag

10-best-dell-xps-15-covers-and-sleevesAnd here we have this diamond foam texture sleeve for your Dell XPS 15. Evecase is known to make high-quality laptop cases and covers. This one is no different.

The Evecase Dell XPS 15 Sleeve is made out of lightweight and sturdy material. Also, it’s diamond style padded foam with extra cushioned interior provides the ultimate protection for your laptops. It features shock-absorbing material construction for extra protection against drops and such.

You can choose from among three different colors for less than $20. The design of the Evecase Dell XPS 15 Case is what stands out. The texture looks quite different and something I would happily hold in my hands.

View this shock-absorbing sleeve case here>>

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9) Conze Water-resistant Laptop / Tablet Pouch

10-best-dell-xps-15-covers-and-sleevesThis is not a laptop case/sleeve per se. From the description from the seller at Amazon itself, it does say that it is a tablet cover that can hold the Dell XPS 15. It’s slim and small form factor enables you to carry it in your backpack as well. There’s a small pocket for storing other things too but truth be told, I couldn’t comfortably put my laptop charger in it. Also, its waterproof neoprene construction material can withstand small water drops and rain as well.

There are four different colors to choose from for as little as $15. Funny that it shows a tablet in the picture but I can guarantee that it will comfortably store the Dell XPS 15.

Take a look at this tablet/laptop sleeve here>>

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10) Professional Bags Shoulder Bag Sleeve Case

10-best-dell-xps-15-covers-and-sleevesLast but not least on the list of 10 Best Dell XPS 15 Covers and Sleeves, we have a laptop sleeve + shoulder bag for you. It is compatible with 15″ to 15.6″ laptops easily. This isn’t the most professional-looking laptop bag you can carry around and not everyone wants to. This Dell XPS 15 laptop bag is for those who like to carry cool looking bag and not boring branded bags that we see so often. Also, you can get this laptop bag in different attractive designs as well, which won’t fade away with washing.

There are plenty of other attractive designs to choose from for as little as $25. You should definitely check out the other color options and design options too.

Get this laptop sleeve bag here>>

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**Update: April 2020**

There are quite a lot of new covers and sleeves for the Dell XPS 15 since I initially wrote this article. Here are a few that are worth a mention.

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11) Everki Versa Premium Laptop Bag

This is one of the best laptop briefcases you can get for the Dell XPS 15. Sure, it is super expensive, but if you are after quality, this has to be it. The Everki Premium Laptop bag is made from a high-quality water-repellant Ballistic Nylon Exterior. There’s also a leather handle which makes carrying this briefcase a lot easier and adds a premium touch to it.

Unfortunately, you can get this briefcase in only Black color option. The interior comes in leather color.

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12) LENTION Split Leather Sleeve Case for Dell XPS 15

While I was looking for the best sleeves and cases for the Dell XPS 13, I came across this sleeve. And it clicked! This case wasn’t there in the Best Dell XPS 15 Covers and Sleeves article. So, I am updating this post with this sleeve as well.

The beauty of this sleeve is the color options that you have. You can get this leather sleeve in whooping 5 colors: Brown, Black, Red, Black with Gray and Brown with Gray. This case looks dope in Black with a Gray color option. And if you are a girl, the Red sleeve is the one to go for.

With this sleeve, the only thing you will be able to fit in is your laptop and nothing else. And ye, it will fit inside your average-sized bag. So, there shouldn’t be any problem on that front.

View this leather sleeve here>>

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13) Ideal Laptop Tote Bag for Women

I got several comments about how this list focuses on sleeves and bags that are only focused on me. So, here you go, I added this laptop bag for ladies.

I didn’t just add this bag for the sake of adding it to the list. I did check around the review of this bag around the internet and the reviews are just great.

This laptop bag is made out of genuine leather and is very durable. You can expect this bag to run for years without major scuffs or scratches.

You can get this ladies laptop bag for Dell XPS 15 in either black color or in Brown color option. I personally think that this bag looks great in Brown color option. 

This laptop bag can hold laptops up to 15.6 inches. So, fitting in the Dell XPS 15 shouldn’t be of any issue. Also, as you can see, this laptop bag has a lot of compartments. So, there’s enough space for all you will need to carry.

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Verdict:  Best Dell XPS 15 Covers and Sleeves 2020

If you are really low on budget and just want a sleeve, I personally think that Amazonbasics sleeve (On No.2) is the way to go. It’s slim, costs less than $15 and protects the XPS 15 really well. It is my go-to recommendation if you have a limited amount of money to spare on such an accessory.

If you want something like a briefcase and money isn’t your concern, the No.11 Briefcase is a solid choice.

This list has all kinds of cases, sleeves, bags, and briefcases. Make sure you are getting what you want so that you don’t regret it later.

So, these were the 10 Best Dell XPS 15 Covers and Sleeves. This list includes covers and sleeves for all Dell XPS 15 models and not only the 2020 model. Thank you for reading and stick with us for more information and news. Once we hear of any new covers and sleeves for the Dell XPS 15, we will make sure to update this list.

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  1. Will all 14-inch cases work for the XPS 15. I want to know particularly about the Amazon Basics case.

  2. What about the dell Professional sleeve 15 that’s on their website? Any good?

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